What is Holder’s end game? VDH from PJ Media gets close. Holder has a special kind of madness.

Victor Davis Hanson does a great job rounding up the edges on the Ferguson/Garner/Martin/Cambridge effort by Obama and Holder to reinvent how police and SOCIETY deals with black crime and “outrage” in America.  I suggest you read the article. But even VDH is too civilized to really grasp Holder’s madness.  But he does get close.

Note further that the community of Ferguson dissenters was not much worried that strong-armed robbery occurred, or that a town cannot long exist with youths walking in the middle of the street under the influence or assaulting police officers, or disobeying orders to cease and desist, or postfacto rioting and looting as much as the fact that in the shoot-out, a white policeman shot a black unarmed assailant.  That fact, too, will be silently noted.

Will some law enforcement officials now surmise that it is wiser to ignore some crimes in the inner city on the practicable logic that the denouement for the officer will likely be negative — either by stopping the assailant through force or not stopping the assault and thus being assaulted? If the suspect is unarmed but attacks, the post-Ferguson choice will either be to suffer physical harm or to respond in ways that may equate with the end of a career. So it may be preferable that the suspect is armed, at least in the sense that any resort to armed self-defense at least offers the hope of dodging the first bullet or two, while still escaping the specter of Ferguson justice. (Note the near contemporaneous case of an off-duty officer in St. Louis who shot an African-American assailant who had first fired but missed. The key fact of the case was that the assailant got in the first three shots and thus the protests that followed fizzled out before rioting.)

Critics might rightly point to Eric Garner and argue that he posed no threat to policemen; certainly, his misdemeanor merchandising of cigarettes was hardly worth a violent confrontation. Perhaps New York City policemen should have been able to find a way of arresting the obese and asthmatic 300-pound suspect without the use of a chokehold. And Garner’s pleas to allow him to breathe should have resulted in an end to pressures on his neck and throat. All that is true. But the fallout also suggests that if policemen cannot subdue a large African-American unarmed suspect — with 30 prior arrests including larceny, resisting arrest and assault —  who resists arrest, without using force that in theory could threaten his safety, then they logically will just ignore the crime.

Holder and his people of like mind have given up in the effort to pull a certain element of black society up into the light of civilized behavior.  It…just…isn’t…going…to…happen. So, what Holder wants is federal control OVER how the police interact with them.  Not change the bad guy’s behavior- that turned out to be too tough- but to change how the police handle that behavior- which in Ferguson we realize is basically getting out of the way.

What we call in police work “The thugs rule the street” method of policing.

It is an extension of the “getting mine” mentality taught to certain elements of black society by a large segment of our country- from activists, to community organizers, to media, to entertainment, to college, and now our political leaders and our President.

Black staffers protest. How many mentor young black males in inner cities? How many LIVE in the inner cities? I’m betting not that many, and that’s the real problem here.


Years ago- and I’ll make this  a quick story- I read an article where black “community leaders” complained about how crime was rampant in the black neighborhoods. That was a fact.  They wanted the police to pay more attention to the problem. So the Chief sent in a bunch of cops.  As cops do, they started stopping people, making traffic stops, making contacts.  They found drugs, guns, warrants and illegal activity and cleaned up the neighborhood quickly.

THEN the black community organizers complained that the white cops on that detail were racists.  Why? Because they were stopping a large percentage of drivers who were black- in a black neighborhood.  So they must be racists.  The Chief checked and much to his horror it was TRUE! White cops HE sent there were stopping black drivers and pedestrians in that BLACK neighborhood. So he allowed an investigation to go forward.

The cops were none to happy.  They didn’t want the heat, they were ordered there, told to do a job and did it.  How did that go sideways?  So they did what all good cops do, they went on “tourist patrol.”  That is basically when the cops go 10-8 in service, grab a coffee, a paper and find a nice tree to sit under all day.  They will answer any citizen complaint, but will not initiate contact.  Because that could be construed as racist.

Guess what? The black “community leaders” complained the police weren’t doing their jobs anymore!  When asked about this, a watch commander, a black Lieutenant, said (and I paraphrase)  “I don’t blame them one bit! You ask them to do a job, then charge them with racism! And expect them to do anything for you again? That is ridiculous!”

The reporter was shocked, the black community leaders were shocked.  They just didn’t get it.  One leader said, “They should be professional enough to be able to do their jobs and take the criticism along with it.”


Over at American Thinker, Patricia Dickson wonders out loud what many are thinking to themselves while watching Ferguson on TV.

I never imagined that we would reach a point in this country where facts would be ignored on a national level. We seem to have reached it with the Michael Brown case.

As I watched the spectacle of our elected official in the Congressional Black Caucus stand on the house floor and use the debunked “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture, I realized that black America has reached a point of no return.  Every day since the Grand Jury decision was released (along with the autopsy findings and witness testimonies),  our so-called black elected leaders along with black academics have appeared on network news programs making absurd pronouncements as though there had not been a Grand Jury proceeding.  They outright ignore the facts and pretend as though Michael Brown did not commit any crime at all.  They are able to continue such foolishness with the help of their cohorts in the left-wing media.  Even some of the so-called black pastors are continuing the lie.  It is obvious that these individuals are living in some alternate universe different from the rest of America.

Missouri state senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, who represents Ferguson in the state legislature, went on national television and declared, “This is our race war.”  If the rioting and looting that took place in Ferguson were indeed their race war, whom were they fighting?  It appears that they were at war with themselves, since they burned down their own community.  They surely were not at war with white America.

She provides a link to an article written by a black man on a black website. I’ll put it here.

Then she concludes with this,

As I witness black leaders’ and left-wing political pundits’  blatant attempt to ignore the facts that led to the Grand Jury’s decision not to charge officer Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown, Jr., I am wondering: what is the outcome that black leaders are seeking?  Why are they so invested in a lie?  What could they possibly gain from ignoring facts that the rest of America has accepted?

She asks a good question.   What is the goal?  Is it the permanent acceptance, under threat of federal force, of the bad behavior of a small segment of society as it punishes and preys on the rest of us? Has Holder and the others just given up on turning black thugs into good people and basically want to protect them? (Notice he is not seriously talking about any other minority- just blacks.)  Is this the people we now ignore under the PC threat of being called a racist? (On a side note, the video maker was contacted by the news and thought the incident was funny and suddenly “justified” by saying the white man called them a racist name.  Holder’s lessons are learned quickly.)

VDH points out what Holder and others don’t address. They give it the “and yes we need to work on our own problems” pass of a hand comment, before swerving back into everybody else is a racist meme.

If you are a libertarian, a street full of enterprising Garners, even if prior felons, working, profiting and breaking senseless laws is a tolerable thing; if you are a traditionalist of the broken-windows school of law enforcement, then openly defying the laws, even petty laws, undermines all law. I point this out again not to judge the police or Garner, but simply to note the likely effect of all these cases is for police to red-flag these landscapes and to pull back from certain criminal scenarios, both major and petty —  a fact that will be known to society at large.

That 5,000 to 6,000 African-Americans are murdered each year, the vast majority by other blacks — more than the aggregate American dead in Iraq from of five years of intense fighting — is not so important as the single death of Michael Brown, at least as evidenced by media and community reactions. Also not important is the disproportionality of African-American crime rates in which a small fraction of the population — young, male African-American — is largely responsible for 50% of annual homicides committed. The disturbing lesson is not that it is an outrage that African-Americans are gunned down in catastrophic numbers, or that African-Americans commit and suffer murders at rates far higher than other ethnic and racial groups, even allowing for comparable low-income population subsets, or that in rare white-black crime, African-Americans are far more likely to be the perpetrators, or that police fatal shootings of suspects are relatively rare and do not disproportionately focus on African-Americans, at least in light of crime statistics that might explain the more likely landscapes in which police are confronted with violent criminal suspects.

Instead, in the world that Al Sharpton envisions, the rules of police and citizen conduct that unleash popular furor would be something like the following. Of all the many racial and firearm-related violent scenarios — armed blacks shooting armed or unarmed blacks or whites; unarmed blacks attacking armed or unarmed blacks or whites; armed whites shooting armed or unarmed blacks or whites — only one merits national, even global outrage. Whatever the circumstances of the confrontation or the level of prior violence inflicted, armed whites, either private citizens or law enforcement officials, must not under any circumstances shoot unarmed blacks.  Again, that is an empirical observation, not one of judgment.

Note well that last week a Bosnian immigrant was beaten to death by young African-American and Latino teens. Other such black-on-white cases are said to have preceded and followed the murder.  The usual official bureaucratese followed the shooting: that such targeted violence had nothing to do with race, that it could not be a hate crime, and that it was not associated with Ferguson, etc. Was there rioting or a Justice investigation over the unwillingness of authorities to cite this as a hate crime? Certainly, two messages were implicit about the killing of Zemir Begic: had he been African-American and his assailants white, Ferguson-like violence may well have followed; and had he had a gun and shot his hammer-welding attackers, he might well have found as bleak a future as did George Zimmerman or Darren Wilson for shooting and killing an attacker who did not wield a firearm.

In a sense, “if you can’t beat them, join them.”  Nice. And Holder went to Harvard??

In the defense of the people in Ferguson, I’ve seen the stats and they are horrifying about how many people get tickets and fines. It literally generates income for that city, and it hasn’t learned at all apparently.  But remember, government will survive at all costs, no matter what it destroys in the effort, a warning we received from our founding fathers!

However, that isn’t a police problem, that is a government problem!  Garner in New York would be alive today had not Cuomo and NYC mayor DeBlasio supported huge taxes on small things like cigarettes in an effort to make money for the State and modify your behavior (and you voted them in remember!).

Remember, GOVERNMENT IS FORCE and if your government wants something from you and you don’t want to give it up, they will come and take it.  One of the methods of taking is the police, who aren’t any happier about it than you are, trust me. You will NEVER see Cuomo on the street arresting someone for a crime his bureaucrats thought up.

Laws are the ROEs for cops.  You allows bad laws, you get bad interactions with the police.  It is really that simple.  And right now there is a conversation starting with just how big and intrusive government has gotten within our lives.  But you don’t see Holder or Obama or Cuomo or anyone on the Left making that point.  They like the power, they just don’t like the mess it causes.


This photo is from the article linked to by Dickson. People watched the fires and just can’t fathom why anyone in today’s society would be so angry.  The author of the article, Raynard Jackson talks about it.

I am a native of St. Louis and have spent lots of time in Ferguson throughout my life.  Even before Brown’s death, Ferguson was a bomb waiting to explode. All these pathologies didn’t happen overnight.

St. Louis County (which includes Ferguson) has a Black unemployment rate of 17.8% while the White unemployment rate is only 5.7%.  Ferguson and St. Louis County has been ruled by Democrats for well over 30 years.  Ferguson didn’t just happen, it has been waiting to happen and Democrats didn’t give a damn.

Let’s be honest about this situation: Michael Brown was no angel and had he not stolen those cigars, we would not be having this conversation.  But liberals like Al Sharpton, Michael Dyson, and the membership of the Congressional Black Caucus refuse to acknowledge this fact.

Everything cannot simply be blamed on racism and White folks.  What have we, in the Black community, done that society as a whole has so little value for a Black person’s life?

I do believe that war has been declared on Blacks, especially Black males; but who has made the declaration of war?  I would argue that Blacks have declared war on their own people. White folks haven’t, nor racists, or the KKK.

Before going to war, the first thing that is needed is to create a psychological operations campaign (i.e. psy-ops). This is a tactic that the military uses to marginalize its targeted population so that when the troops are sent in to destroy this group, there is no public outcry.

Just look at how the U.S. military vilified and demonized former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein and terrorist Osama Bin Laden before we set out to kill them. Upon their deaths at the hands of the U.S. military, the American people cheered because we had devalued and marginalized them before the American people. I can’t help but ask the Black community, have we unleashed a psy-ops campaign on our own people?

We have created our own Frankenstein monster.  This new Hip-Hop generation has experimented in the laboratory called a recording studio; and by exercising their First Amendment Right of freedom of speech and expression through music, they have lost control of the very monster to which they gave birth.

In the beginning, like with Frankenstein, people marveled at this new creation and people were willing to pay to see and hear it. There was “Rappers Delight,” there was “The Message,” and there was “Fight the Power.” Then, the imagery and lyrics took a twisted turn under a perverted interpretation of the First Amendment called “keeping it real.”

Now, the establishment, especially the police, had become the enemy. Hip-Hop became a counter-culture movement that turned into a monster that could no longer be controlled. Women became “bitches and hoes,” men became hyper-sexualized thugs who were only out to force themselves on your daughters and to “get rich or die trying.”

When rap music started, it was a verbal extension of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s in the spirit of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; it was about the uplifting of our community and providing a voice to those often without a voice.

Then in the 1990s, rap took a more militaristic tone with the creation of “gangsta rap.” This too, was a verbal extension of the Civil Rights movement; but more in the spirit of Malcolm X on steroids. These artists represented those in the “hood” who felt trapped and abused by the system. They felt like no one cared about them and that life was about the here and now – immediate gratification; so screw the future. They wanted to “get theirs now.” They wanted to live fast, even if it meant dying young.

This ultimately led to the “thug” culture, personified by hit movies like Scarface, New Jack City and Carlito’s Way; each glorified the criminal lifestyle.

Then you had the crack epidemic of the 1990s with the violence that it brought into the hood. All these factors combined to create a narrative that Black life was worthless and Black youth brought no value to society.

If it’s okay for Blacks to devalue the lives of our own people, how can we demand that Whites value us?  White folks don’t need to do anything for Ferguson.  They have all the power they need.  The issue is will they exercise it?



No value or respect for anything or anyone, including himself. How do we start a conversation with him?

He’s right. I grew up with black friends in the seventies. I worked with the first black deputies in our county- all good men.  I saw two cities degrade in the quality of life as a direct result of black thug culture.  I watched drugs and crime and violence become glorified in music and movies and in the thug community, and the result of that was black kids emulating their “heroes” of the street, instead of emulating all of those successful black men and women in America.  Many of whom I sure hauled butt out of those very neighborhoods the first chance they got!

Even a local gang in my sister city actually began making YouTube videos of their angry gangsta rap life.  No kidding.  One was killed shortly thereafter.  As it was predicted.

And it led to other parts of our society emulating the bad behavior because others got away with it.

Thugs are not limited to race or color or class or income. It is a mindset. Makers vs takers.


And there is no way a white person can get through to a black thug in an environment that Holder and Obama continue to promote.  Had Obama come into office, took a look around, and said to every struggling young black who wants a better life “Look at me! Look where I am!  You can do it too and I’ll help you.” Then instead of Michelle starving kids in school with stupid meals, those two could have started a nationwide initiative to change the minds of blacks.  To bring them into the larger culture without feeling like they lost their “blackness” and truly help to end the last of our racial/cultural divide.

But that  didn’t happen and was never going to happen. Instead, Obama and Holder decided to declare war on our civilized society, starting with the police, but they will end up with you.

And you will suffer for it.










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