Mississippi Burning- The Jessica Chambers murder the MSM/Sharpton/Holder won’t talk about. Is Holder’s thumb on the scale of justice?


I’m linking the day #6 post from theconservativetreehouse website. They are a group of amateur sleuths that mine data and compile evidence quicker than my old intel techs.  They have been right about Zimmerman, IRS, Ferguson and Benghazi long before the rest of the MSM or anyone ever caught on.  Here, they are following a murder, a horrible murder, of a young white girl Jessica Chambers. (And there is a reason I point out she is white.)

jessica chambers angel image

Read the full link. The short of it is the old story of a young white girl hanging with gang bangers and dope dealers.  I’ve seen it a million times, so has any other street cop.  Why they do it can range from rebellion to drug addiction to a fascination with the “bad boy” element.  It almost always ends badly at some level. In the gangs I worked one girl ended up a street prostitute hooked on black men and crack. She was a skeleton the last time I saw her, turning tricks for ten dollar rock.  Not how she taught her life when would end up.

Chambers did the same thing. The difference is she tried to get out and when she did, they killed her.

So why aren’t the local police arresting the bad guy? She apparently whispered a name to the responding fire department chief identifying her murderer.  That is a good question and it is addressed by the TCTH people quite well.

Here is a video of District Attorney John Champion and Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby giving a press conference on Thursday. If you pay close attention you can hear cause for initial concern. What we outline after is jaw dropping.

First concern – given the current framework and national sentiment around racial crime, you can quickly identify why DA John Champion would be the absolute worst possible person to seek Justice for Jessica Chambers.  Once you know about his own racial issues, given his racial controversies in the Johnny Lee Butts case, well, you can see how he would be easily leveraged/pressured by the professional grievance industry.

Second, recently gang crime has exploded within the towns of Batesville and Courtland.  Apparently the gang culture from Memphis has spread to Panola County Mississippi, and metastasized into a local gang violence dominated by a group called “The Black Squad”.

Apparently, the gangs have swept into the small towns taking advantage of the lack of resources and talent in the local PDs and the desire for drugs.

According to the website, The DA is already under investigation for not bringing hate crime charges in a murder case.  So the DOJ is already screwing with the guy, which explains his odd statements about how all blacks and whites are helping out in this case.  He sounded like a man with a gun to his head.

Now he is handling a case that is being observed by the DOJ/FBI.  So what would be a great opportunity to “burn the gang to the ground” may sadly turn into the protect the narrative (all blacks are victims, NEVER the perps) and in that protect the murderer.

I strongly suggest you read the whole thing. TCTH group snagged social media and in that exposed the main witness to her disappearance as a drug dealing, gun toting banger.  He knew her. She had just been released from a rehab/abuse center, and then she shows up gets gas and something was said. Because an hour later her damaged (by apparent rear ending incident) car is found on fire a few miles from that convenience store, and she is on fire- 98% burned, fuel poured down her throat (if that is accurate- it is a message).

So, what is going on?  A Yahoo report and a comment about from an author may give us a clue.

Chambers graduated from South Panola High last year and worked in sales at a Batesville clothing and gift shop.

Alabama author Linda Oliver said Chambers had recently asked her to help write a book about her life.

Oliver, of Birmingham, said Chambers approached her while she was packing up after a speech about her own book at an Oct. 25 church conference in the Batesville area.

“She thanked me for sharing some of the horrible facts of my own story” and then asked for help with hers, Oliver said. “She said, ‘I want my story to be told.'”

Contacted later by email, Oliver was asked by an Associated Press reporter if she spoke with Chambers long enough to learn her story.

“No, sadly – there was not enough time that day for a long visit,” Oliver replied.

Chambers wanted to tell her story.  She probably already “shared” her story with others. What is her story? She was inside a black thug dominated, organized,  violent gang life.  Her abusive ex-boyfriend is now in Iowa. Why is a good question.  Did she file charges? Was he afraid she would rat out the entire crew?

Listen up. The hard truth is white girls think they are accepted by black gangs. That is not true. Black women HATE white girls hooking up with black men. And I mean HATE IT!!!  I’ve been privy to that conversation a dozen times.  Nothing nice is said.

Also, black gangbangers do not respect their bitches.  A white bitch, especially one that may rat them out, is simply an object to be abused and eliminated.

So, can a group of black people be so violent and malevolent?  Just ask the couple from Tennessee how bad it can get. Oh, you can’t, they were kidnapped, tortured, raped and set on fire, suffocated and murdered by six black people (including women) – for fun.

I heard Sharpton was going to address that soon…not.

Point is that there is an out of control underbelly of black culture that is filled with violent evil thugs. The national narrative we are having shoved down our throat cannot, repeat CANNOT be allowed to be sidetracked by the harsh reality of the thug life.  In that atmosphere comes the horrible murder of Chambers and the stripping back of the large migration of black inner city thugs into the rural areas. The question why it happens is really simple- there is nothing left to feed on inside the city and rural America is easy and often willing prey.

How bad is it around Batesville? Look here, here and here for examples.

They are screwed.

Here are some captured social pics by TCTH group, including the infamous Ali.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter


Jessica Chambers invest - ali-alsanai-facebook

The “witness”. Last person to see Jessica alive and who took pics of the burned out vehicle AFTER it was seized by the police. He knows too much.

Jessica Chambers scene M-M first stop gas station

Where is Holder’s tailor. You want to not look like a thug, quit dressing like one. Oh, and stop flipping gang signs. This is your underbelly.










Jessica 1

I’d slap that silly hat right off his head, and he’d tell me who did it. Girl in a gang dress.

Seventeen year old kids don’t have this kind of cash from selling cigarettes and Mountain Dew.

jessica chambers invest 21 ali-alsanai-facebook-7-cash


And on the other side, these guys trying to figure it out.

jessica chambers invest 14

I’m not encouraged…

Now everyone is asking why they aren’t arresting the person she identified.  Because the guy who is the volunteer fire chief who witnessed the statement is this idiot.

cole haley

Jeezz,  can you see a high profile civil rights attorney grilling this guy on the stand?? He is not a good witness alone.  They will need other witnesses, phone records, etc.

Oh, BTW- everybody knows who did it inside the black gang community.  They have heard the story already.  They just aren’t going to talk. Why?

Simple, they don’t want to end up like this guy.

DeAndre Joshua

Shot in the head while sitting in his car, then set on fire. By other blacks. Where are you Eric and Barack??













Remember the rule inside the black thug culture.









This case needs to make national news, and is now being shown on Fox a little, but it is NOT getting the play it needs to get.  Imagine if this was a black girl dating a white gang member… .  Anderson Cooper would be running this night and day.

Race and political correctness may prevent the police (and the good  federal agents inside the investigation) from bringing her killer to justice. Just another example of the unintended- or intended- consequences of the Obama Presidency.




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