Quick note on the Clintons. Nothing new to see here.

I followed the Clintons since 1992.  I was a great fan of the American Spectator.  It covered Whitewater, the Rose law firm records, Vince Foster in great detail.  The simple takeaway from that period, as well as Clinton’s two terms, is this.  Bill Clinton likes money and power and being loved by people.  He has no moral center, but his intent is never really evil.  He is that buddy who is a used car salesman who only wants to be loved and have fun.  You would hang out with him, but you would never let him date your sister!

Hillary is bad.  She wants it all and will do whatever she feels she wants to do and can get away with (by hiding behind the popular husband) that will allow her to reach her goals.  The Rose law firm billing records hid in her bedroom for years is an example (and a prelude to her current email scandal.)

She is truly a Alinsky acolyte, who decided to corrupt from within. But not for the goal of destroying America but to gain power OVER America.  Think Obama, without the charm.  Hillary has always been strident in her beliefs and has that personality which demands adherence to her way. I met a family who knew the Clintons just after they were elected.  The family was from Arkansas. In a conversation with them, they said this “You have no idea what you have done!”  They said Hillary ran the government while Bill just kinda hung out making friends.  That has never really changed.

So, to the issue of her emails/hiding data from the government and from the people.  Of course she did!  It is her way! Her team also realizes that asking forgiveness is far more effective if you are a Clinton than asking permission.

However, things are different now.  Hillary and Bill have a new enemy- Obama and Jarrett.  And frankly, I think Jarrett is better than the Clinton “cleaner” Cheryl Mills.  Old school vs new age.  It is Jarrett that released the email scandal.  Obama claims that his administration is the most transparent, which is a lie.  He hates the idea that Hillary brings up his bad acts, so he’s pissed.  As a It is rumored that Jarrett has prompted six investigations into Hillary.  That would be unbelievable if it were not for the fact that Jarrett fears Hillary would undermine Obama’s legacy and her agenda for Iran.  Which she would.

Obama adviser behind leak of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal

New vs old.


So, Jarrett is wanting another far left progressive to take over Obama’s mission.  Think for a minute that there is a farther left candidate out there than Hillary.  Yikes!   They want a weak leader that will influenced by Jarrett and Obama after they leave office.  Also, don’t forget, Jarrett is Iranian (Shia) and Hillary’s chief of staff is Muslim Brotherhood (Sunni).  I know, who would have thought that would even be part of any American political equation!!

Point is, Republicans need only to pop popcorn, get a cold drink and sit down while this works out.  Throw in a few subpoenas and watch the new age, left wing cat fight.

Booom! Done!

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