Why didn’t the fourth American want to be identified. Because he lives in France.

For days after the thwarted attack, the “French-American” was not identified.  He wanted to remain anonymous along with another Frenchman.  While our guys were doing victory laps and looking over their shoulders to see Obama breathlessly sprinting to catch up (He does love victory laps!), there was nothing about the other people involved in the rescue.

I wondered why and a few article eluded to the fact they didn’t want their names out there.  Then it hit me- they have to LIVE in France!

The American teacher and artist who has lived in France for more than two decades has emerged as another hero in the high-speed train attack thwarted by a group of quick-thinking men. According to French President Francois Hollande, a Frenchman was the first to encounter the gunman as he left the toilet, alerting others in the area. That person, Hollande said, wished to remain anonymous.

Moogalian remained hospitalized Tuesday in the northern city of Lille, and his sister in Virginia said his role in trying to stop what French authorities are calling a terror attack was in character.

Mark would give anything for anybody,” Julia Allen told NBC News. “He’s just that kind of person.”

Risacher said U.S. Airman Spencer Stone came across the wounded Moogalian and stanched the bleeding by holding his finger on the wound until paramedics could take over.

Moogalian runs a language school from a houseboat in the outskirts of Paris, according to the school’s website. Music and art are clearly his passions, as his personal website attests, with its range of sculpture, paintings, photos and downloads of music he performs in a duo with his wife. In the duo’s biography, they describe themselves as “largely bicultural, bringing the best of both worlds.”


I’ll cut to the chase here, Moogalian sounds like a nice peaceful beatnik kind of guy.  The last thing he needs is to be attacked by vengeful jihadis bent on making him “pay” for the sin of trying to stay alive.

Worse, apparently in France, the only armed people are the jihadis and the police- who are always about five minutes late to any gunfight. So now, because he stood up, he’ll have to worry about his life, his family’s lives and even his business, because the French wussies over there would fear any attack might come at their business location.

Too bad.  But another lesson for Christians here. If the Muslims have successfully carved out a safe zone with their violence….well?

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