Hillary and the truth, the two shall never meet unless by accident.


I watched the hearing.  The Republicans did their best to stay focused.  The Dems did they best to yell and scream and whine.  And they looked just like that was what they are doing.

What I found the most offensive, outside the fact we are still talking about the video, is that now the narrative is the currently dead Chris Stevens did it to himself.   HRC says she knows this because they were friends, they talked all the time, he set up the whole thing, BUT they never talked about security.

Yeah, right.

Greg Gutfield got the closest to the truth.  The committee just received Stevens emails, after three years.  She denied ever seeing or hearing or being informed about any security problems, even though that was her job- directly.  To refute this, they will have to go through the emails and see if any got to her. I’m sure on her side the emails were scrubbed. So, when the link appears, expect her to suddenly not remember them.  She did  a lot of that when cornered, like when asked if she knew where her long time friend, Sidney Blumenthal, worked- which turned out to be the Clinton Foundation.  (Some of us are old enough to have followed the “White Water” investigation back in the nineties. She did the same exact thing. )

Also, she practiced this day over and over so not to laugh out loud or get angry. But her “tell” is the chin in the hand and the rolling of the eyes when the truth is being told.  She moved her hand to her face to force everything into  neutral, except for her eyes.

So what? I lied. It’s what I do! Have you not been paying attention for the last thirty years?

When cornered a little, she would lower her voice and talk with sincerity about how those poor brave men should be honored for their sacrifice (of course not with the truth or her contrition, but with other things- like voting for her)

Then when the lights were out and her friends were cheering that she didn’t confess we get this.

Happy Hillary Benghazi Hearing Twitter

Hey look, nobody laid a glove on me. I lied and nobody caught it!








But we did catch it. And it is one hell of a campaign commercial for the other side! Imagine showing her all upset and then “scoring touchdowns”off screen.  “Do you trust her to be sincere?” tagline.

She got into a back and forth with Gowdy and that lasted about two minutes before he beat her into submission.  In fact, several of the representatives were very good and very focused, but Gowdy is not to be trifled with. And it makes me wonder if McCarthy’s  verbal flub was a mistake after all.  Sellouts abound in D.C.

One of her lies is that the CIA and the State were in Benghazi to recover weapons, including manpads, in order to destroy them.

Now she blames Gadaffi for causing that problem, even though it was her “rebels” that seized the weapons from his armories- after they killed him.  So, in a sense, she is blaming two dead people for her problems.

What nobody touched was the lie about why even after all the risk, she wanted Stevens and the CIA to stay in Benghazi.  It was about buying guns, but not to “destroy them”.  It was to transfer them to Libya for her other secret war.   Everybody knows, even Senator Paul has openly complained that the seizure and transfer of Libyan weapons to Syrian rebels was borderline criminal.  The trouble is a bunch of Congressmen knew about the program and didn’t say a word. So… do you open that can?

My takeaway is that HRC did what she needed to do, she was focused, lied smoothly enough and didn’t have another meltdown.  What the Republicans managed to do was get her to lie in public, kick the responsibility to dead people, and open up a number of new inquiries- like who was in these “meetings” she held all the time about Benghazi.

Sidney Blumenthal is just icing, and the exchange between her and the congressman asking if she knew where he got a job after Obama didn’t want him was priceless.  She acted stupid and he told her “Clinton Foundation”- like she didn’t know.  She was speechless. Hilarious.

Her guy! More important that Stevens’ life.

So lets get this straight. Her friend, her confidant, her supporter, needed a job after the State couldn’t hire him, so the Clinton Foundation gave him one- and she didn’t know. Then he started sending her intelligence documents she admitted he did not have the skill or knowledge to complete and she never questioned HIS source.  But she did redact his name and pass the document around to get immediate input from everyone- including Stevens who was busy ducking IEDs at the compound- and even the White House.

Further, the Republicans exposed the lie on the video quite effectively.

They pushed her to admit it was her responsibility – PERSONALLY- to make sure her people were safe.  But she refused, instead laying the blame Stevens and the unknown “security experts” as the fall guys.   Since the committee did not have Stevens’ emails yet, the chain of security requests and responses are missing.

But not forever.

Another critical point that will have to be fleshed out is the photo one Congressman put up showing a meeting between an AQI member and our people. He asked if she knew about this meeting and she was genuinely stunned.  Either she knew and was shocked he knew, or she doesn’t and her “oh shit” meter just pegged.

There was a ton of other things, hopefully Gowdy was making notes and lists.

I have a few:

  1. It is obvious there are still missing emails between Stevens and HRC or emails dealing with the security.  Gowdy just got 1300 Stevens from the State after three years- a crime in of itself, but who’s counting.
  2.  She is lying about knowing the security was bad. She tried to push it off on “security experts” she trusted-  but can’t name.
  3. She is lying about the reason why State and the CIA were in Benghazi.
  4. She lied about the source of the attack.  That was proven today- whether the dems want to admit it or not.
  5. She did not know or did not know they knew about the meeting between our people and AQI- “The rebels”. (Hey guys in the media, a little follow up would be nice.)
  6. It was HER plan all along and her people- including Blumenthal- wanted to make sure she got credit for her political future (and theirs).
  7. She back-doored Sidney Blumenthal into the process after being told by Obama not to. She employed him, listened to him and tried to get him business- while running a secret war.  That is important.
  8. She knew there was a security problem, laughed about the comment Stevens said about a fire sale (because he had such a good sense of humor don’t you know) until that fire sale was him trying to scrounge up barricades for securing his unsecured compound.  So she knew, but won’t admit it until there is a document forcing her.
  9. She is trying to blame the “hero” Chris Stevens for basically volunteering to get himself killed.  We can’t ask him, he’s dead. Until documents force her to tell the truth, she’ll wrap herself in his corpse.
  10. She denied Cheryl Mills, her long time confidant and lawyer, and Chief of Staff, never told her the State Department had contacted Mills about the emails. It was such a bad and cheap lie, it took Congressman Westmoreland off guard a little.  Which he did not handle well.

I am still going through the third set of the questioning.  Fox decided it was more important to let O’Reilly bloviate than follow the last part, so I had to turn to and tape Ugh- CNN!  From what I gather there were a few gems in that last segment. Too bad Fox didn’t care enough to follow through.  Breitbairt has some headlines.

 (This is important. Her email traffic literally disappeared once the situation fell apart.  I didn’t say it quit- it disappeared literally as in “wiped with a cloth”. )

Hillary Cared Deeply About the Human Cost.

Hillary kept claiming that she cared deeply about her good friend Chris Stevens. At one point, she whipped out her pre-planned righteous indignation to complain, “I would imagine I’ve thought more about what happened than all of you put together. I’ve lost more sleep than all of you put together.” This was salt in the wound, the equivalent of Johnny Cochrane lamenting his worries over the fate of Nicole Brown Simpson.

Hillary Thought The Attacks Had Something to Do With a YouTube Video.

Hillary maintained on Thursday that she believed the attack still had something to do with the YouTube video, “The Innocence of Muslims.” But the night of the attack, she emailed Chelsea Clinton and told her that an al-Qaeda-like group had killed the ambassador. As Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said to Clinton, “You tell the American people one thing. You tell your family an entirely different story.”

Hillary Didn’t Use Sidney Blumenthal As an Advisor.

Hillary Clinton had reams of email exchanges with hitman Sidney Blumenthal. Blumenthal had been banned from the Obama administration for his corruption and Clintonian loyalties. Hillary said that the emails were unsolicited.Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) shot that idiocy down easily: “You wrote to him, ‘Thanks and please keep them coming,’ ‘Greetings from Kabul and thanks for keeping this stuff coming, any other info about it?’ ‘What are you hearing now?’” Hillary then tried to amend her statement by saying they began as unsolicited emails. Hillary used Blumenthal as an advisor, and she routinely corresponded with him. Any implication to the contrary is absolutely fals

Hillary Was Transparent About Her Emails.

Hillary insisted again on Thursday that she’d been fully transparent about her emails. Even the State Department has rejected that nonsense repeatedly. The hearings did provide some perspective into just why Hillary might have deleted 30,000 emails, however, she claimed that her correspondence about Libya, which dropped dramatically from 2011 to 2012, was not because she cared less about the country—it was because she had people shuttling documents to her in suitcases. In fact, she said, she didn’t even have a computer in her office. A State Department email address could have confirmed whether any of that was true. Now we will presumably never know.

Chris Stevens Was Responsible for His Own Death.

The most despicable lie of the day came from Hillary’s defense of her own conduct via ripping Chris Stevens, the dead ambassador. She spent virtually the entire day suggesting that Stevens knew the risks of his job, that he accepted those risks, and that he died knowing those risks. She even said that Stevens “felt comfortable” on the ground. If that is true, it’s certainly odd that the State Department team in Libya asked for more security over 600 times. Hillary said she didn’t receive any of those requests and blamed her security team for not granting more security—all the while saying she took responsibility for what had happened.

This last point is the classic look into Hillary’s mind. She really believes she has taken responsibility- be even being bothered by this.  And that Stevens is to blame for her being bothered by this.  It is really amazing and a great window into her arrogant personality.  You could see the “How dare you!” written all over her face all day.

Do you want the next President of the United States to think the deaths of her citizens are a bother to her royal life?

That’s what you should take away from this mess.  She only cares about herself.  She’s waited forty-nine years to get here.  She will walk over the corpses of her people just to get to the finish line- and blame them for ruining her shoes.

Bill Whittle has warned us what will happen if we follow her.









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