The changing world of politics through the eyes of Nixon and Hillary Clinton

Here is Hillary, a young ideologue, working to prove Nixon should not be President because he is a liar and a crook.

Back then, you could not remain a crook or a liar and be President. So Nixon left.

His crime? Covering up a third rate burglary he didn’t plan, targeting his political enemies. The nation went crazy over eighteen minutes of erased tape PROVING he was a crook and guilty of obstruction of justice.

Kind of like the IRS scandal, Benghazi, White Water, Rose law firm records, the FBI records of Republicans ordered up by HRC while first lady?

Heck, even Nixon didn’t have a foundation or a husband taking bribes from nations and companies.

Or using a private server and scrubbing 30,000 emails?

But he’s gone?  And he didn’t get anyone directly under him killed??

And she’s the front runner for President forty years later?

Wow, how times have changed.




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