Terrorism, cultural manipulation, socialism and which is worse.

Paris France.

Everyone on the planet knows what happened. Most know why. It isn’t the terrorists that did this, they were only the end result, but it was the widely suicidal Western culture that is being led by arguably insane leaders.

They are insane, because as a group, (exemplified by Obama) they refuse and deny that there is a current worldwide clash of civilizations.  And because of that denial, they continue on the same murderous path.  Not THEIR murder of course- but your murder.

If it were theirs, reality would be pounding on the door much harder than it is now. But they are safe, surrounded by their Praetorian guards, loved by their sycophant supporters, all of whom wish only to be the last one surviving when things get ugly.  It is simply history repeating itself over and over and over.

But this is our history.  The one we live in, our kids live in, our grandchildren live in.  So it matters to us.  Frankly, like many, I’ve had enough.

Enough of a President lecturing me on my bias when I say don’t bring fighting aged men from the Middle East, who worship a religion that demands they either kill me, enslave me, or convert me.  That’s just dumb. There is no “religion of peace” and if the situation were reversed and Christians were killing Muslims and demanding conversion, you can bet nobody in the Middle East would let me live there.  Our leaders are made bag of hammers stupid by Political Correctness!

I’ve had enough of a group of people on a continent across the Atlantic ocean telling me that I’m wrong on this whole clash of civilizations thing, when they are being killed- en masse- because of that very reason.  By the way, there are less people telling me that now than there were Thursday. Same with the “you don’t need guns” crowd.  They are either dead, or smarter, this week.

I am really tired of people like Ben Rhoades, who gets on television and lies so badly his voice squeaks.  Seriously.  “Oh we have a robust vetting process!”  He reminds me of this guy.


But mostly, I am just tired of watching unqualified people try to run things, half the time with only a half-hearted effort.

Today, “Winter Soldier” Kerry felt an empathetic understanding for those terrorists who shot up the cartoonists. They did insult Mohammad after all, so killing them made sense.

Seriously, you can’t make it up.

Well I’m insulted, so if I get to bomb Muslims in the Middle East until I run out of jet fuel and ordinance, is that okay too?

Jeezz… It is getting to the point, with Obama’s last year looming like a plague of locusts on the horizon, that I just can’t wait to get rid of these people for at least four years and hopefully longer.

Enough. We have all had enough.


This guy lectures us? He fell off his bike for the love of God!


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