Trump, terror, the Constitution and how it could work right.

What can you say?  He’s not dumb, but he says dumb things.

He should not be winning, but he’s winning by a large margin.   And yes, against Hillary he will slaughter her outright.  In fact, any Republican will beat her. And she knows it.  If she even gets to the finals, which is doubtful.

So what is a Trump?  He’s not a Republican, not even close, just running as one because the other side is too cluttered with one designated candidate.   He’s a businessman, a corrupt one by his own account, but corrupt in the way that all business in America is run.   Yet, he complains about it- as he does it- because in the end it is all about the deal.

Is he honest?  No.  I’m afraid he isn’t.  He is a narcissist, but not in the vein of the malignant manner of Obama or HRC. But if you listen if people like him, they are great, but if they don’t they are losers.  Everything is filtered through the Trump lens.

What he is doing is exploiting the phenomenal frustration and anger that has been stoked by the Left’s generations long abuse and use of political correctness and progressiveness.  At this point almost any rope, or a chain, can look good to a drowning nation.  Trump may be a little of both.

One of Trump’s problems his he is inarticulate to an almost painful level.  And he is not a serious thinker beyond what he knows.  Some of his comments are so wrong in content that you just shake your head, like the “I’ll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.”  No he won’t.  He can’t.  And the fact he’ll waste time talking about something he can’t do, and not what he can do, is disheartening- and a little scary.

In the case of the “Wall” somebody must have taken Trump aside and showed him a Google map image of the area, because he went from across the border to “where the wall was needed.”  Something a few hours of thought and research would have taken care of.

But that’s Trump and his half-assed open air mental processing.  I think that is part of his problem. He pops off and then is too narcissistic and proud to admit he overstepped.  But in his verbal musing he wanders into some serious territory and makes the other PC beaten down politicians stand up and take positions- exposing them for what they are.

Which is very, very good. People are tired of being force fed canned and polled politicians.

What is bad is his fans just jump all over his comments like they were words from Jesus himself.  With that kind of blind fandom, he will not be forced to improve. And he needs to improve.

Is the issues he brings up important? Damn right!  But to Trump, who loves to hit everything with a bombastic hammer, everything looks like a nail.  For example, the recent terror attack exposed the failure, and there is not other word for it, of the system we have in place that approves people coming into our nation.

Just now, FOX reported that the FBI has no idea what process Malik went through- whether her background was checked or whether there was a face to face interview- as required.  The immigration division told the House committee that they do not do face to face interviews unless there is a problem.  Then State department representative says they did full interviews, bio-metric checks and full backgrounds.  So three agencies have three versions of what should be a standard process.  THAT IS THE PROBLEM!

Worse, and I’m sure it will come out. the State’s “full background check” is not even close- probably hampered by international communications and CAIR instilled policy restrictions.   It was only a few days after the attack it was reported one of her addresses was wrong.  And that she was known to frequent a radical mosque in Pakistan, that being told to us by Pakistan. So if they knew beforehand, why didn’t we know when we were checking her out?  THAT IS THE PROBLEM!!

Of course the FBI complains they don’t have enough tools, like being able to see all our communications, and that is why they have trouble.  That is like a person complaining the reason their car won’t go fast is because it doesn’t have cool trim, when the real reasons is the engine is in pieces on the ground.  Just dumb.  Fix what you have, then we’ll see if we want you to have more.

Trump made a mistake going after Muslims and Hispanics.  He needs to go after the fact that the Left has changed the argument from


Here is the problem.  Focus on this and then get back with me when you have accomplished that goal.

Short of that stop bitching and start working.

And enough PC.






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