The inexplicable Obama security madness

You want to lose your mind just a bit this morning?

From Drudge headlines. Seems the DHS felt uncomfortable searching social media when vetting potential terrorists- thus allowing the female terrorist into our nation and killing 14 of us!

“…Had the authorities found the posts years ago, they might have kept her out of the country. But immigration officials do not routinely review social media as part of their background checks, and there is a debate inside the Department of Homeland Security over whether it is even appropriate to do so. …”

Same government that argues it MUST have the ability and right to sweep up its citizen’s data to “protect us from terrorist attacks” exemplified by this:

“…Federal investigators looking into the San Bernardino massacre deployed a spy plane overhead after the attacks in an apparent attempt to find additional suspects, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

The Department of Homeland Security is said to have put up the single engine craft over the California city and ordered it to make repeated circles overhead.

The craft would likely have been equipped with ‘Dirtbox’ technology which can scan tens of thousands of phones in one go to identify suspects.

The report adds to the intrigue about whether or not there were accomplices in the San Bernardino attacks, which took place last Wednesday and were the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11.

Sofrep, which first reported the plane’s use, said the use of the spy plane showed that law enforcement was ‘actively searching for other members of a terrorist cell.’ …”

Uh…what &^&%& freaking terrorist attack?! The one the FBI denied for a day or two UNTIL the “non political” FBI was told by the WH it was okay to say it?

So they got a lot of Bambi wannabe starlet conversations about what they had to do to get the movie part while searching for cell traffic, Buuuuuuttt, they couldn’t run a Google check on two people with suspicious travel patterns and what appeared to be a fake marriage because…..???

It gets worse.

In an era when technology has given intelligence agencies seemingly limitless ability to collect information on people, it may seem surprising that a Facebook or Twitter post could go unnoticed in a background screening. But the screenings are an example of the trade-offs that security officials make as they try to mitigate the threat of terrorism while keeping borders open for business and travel.

“We run people against watch lists and that’s how we decided if they get extra screening,” said C. Stewart Verdery Jr., a senior Homeland Security official during George W. Bush’s administration. “In cases where those lists don’t hit, there’s nothing that distinguishes them from people we would love to welcome to this country.”

Ms. Malik faced three extensive national security and criminal background screenings. First, Homeland Security officials checked her name against American law enforcement and national security databases. Then, her visa application went to the State Department, which checked her fingerprints against other databases. Finally, after coming to the United States and formally marrying Mr. Farook here, she applied for her green card and received another round of criminal and security checks.

Ms. Malik also had two in-person interviews, federal officials said, the first by a consular officer in Pakistan, and the second by an immigration officer in the United States when she applied for her green card.

All those reviews came back clear, and the F.B.I. has said it had no incriminating information about Ms. Malik or Mr. Farook in its databases. The State Department and the Department of Homeland Security have said they followed all policies and procedures. The departments declined to provide any documentation or specifics about the process, saying they cannot discuss the case because of the continuing investigation.

Ah yes, the “continuing investigation” dodge.  It used to be a true statement. Now it is simply another stall while the Obama administration hopes you all forget just how corrupt and incompetent they are.  And you will…

But the continuous malfunctioning is not completely due to the bad employees and their personal bias.  It is also a policy decision.  Remember, those people dead and wounded in California are a DIRECT result of our government’s decision not to do the right thing.  Sometimes their actions- those of our national leadership- are so dysfunctional you have to suspect it is an intentional effort to drive us nuts.

I’m not suffering from Alzheimers, I’m dying from loss of functional brain cells because they are being fried by this administration’s inexpiable- but surely schizophrenic – actions.

And the pundits are confused as to why people are rejecting Jeb and hooking up with outsiders like Trump.

“Pop”…another brain cell….

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