Obama’s mindset

You have to admit, sounds about right.

So as we see an onslaught of different efforts, almost overwhelming our senses, this one is particular is an immediate threat to tens of thousands of people- including us here in America.


“…Obama’s good friends in Turkey are setting up the Islamic State to be a new buffer against Iranian expansionism. In addition to our NATO “ally” Turkey, which is turning into a true fascist state, the Sunni oil dynasties in Qatar and Saudi Arabia are financing ISIS to protect themselves from the mullahs, aided the international Ikhwan and Obama.

It all makes sense with just two words: Sunni and Shi’ite, the ancient watershed of Muslim history.

If you put like with like on the map, you can see the new Middle East to come. Turkey wants to restore the Ottoman Empire, still remembered with horror in Greece, Armenia, and the Balkans. Iran is already an “Islamic Republic,” and only needs to change the word “Republic” to “Caliphate.” ISIS has declared its goal of becoming an Islamic State. Unstable Pakistan is already a sort of a state, with an estimated 100 nuclear weapons. ISIStan is the final keystone in the new Muslim arch. …”

His ideological madness has killed and maimed hundreds of thousands, displaced millions and put our own citizens under direct threat of injury and death- random death.

He’s not alone, he had to have help by other like minded elites.  From my blog:


“…When you read them, you can grasp the anger of the last major revolution in France, when the French just purged themselves of people they thought were so morally corrupted they could not be turned around.  Now the French revolutionaries were wrong in what they did, but I can emphasize with their frustrations. We can now imagine what it was like to be ruled by a band of out of touch, elite fools and charlatans.

The Trump, Cruz, Tea Party, Ben Carson phenomenon is the non-violent purging of our  dysfunctional level of leadership we now recognize cannot be saved.   But they will fight, find allies in what we thought were conservative elements, and they will lie and cheat- whatever it takes.  It used to be them and us, now it appears to be them OR us.

When I see the nature of the world economy and the way these people are hoarding resources, I’m reminded of that very bad and overblown movie “2012”.

It seems like we are seeing the gang of elites gravitate closer together in one last desperate attempt to keep the whole Ponzi scheme going a few years longer.  I can only imagine out of the Climate change meetings in Paris they will discover they need to take more of your money to keep them in G5 jets and chateaus in the Swiss Alps.

I really get the French about now. …”

If somebody went into the guillotine business, he’d clean up about now!

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