Is Ryan’s deal with the democrats that bad? Sen Sessions thinks so. And he’s not alone.

From The Conservative tree house.

Thank you Senator Sessions. In the dead of night after 2am this morning, Congressional leadership unveiled a more than 2,000 page ‘omnibus’ year-end funding bill which would, among other things: fully-fund the President’s refugee expansion; fully-fund sanctuary cities; fully-fund the resettlement of illegal aliens youth and their families crossing the border; lock-in tax credits for illegal aliens; and quadruple the highly controversial H-2B foreign worker visa being used to replace Americans as truck drivers, construction workers, theme park employees, and in blue collar jobs across the nation.

Everyone shouldMUST watch this senate floor speech today:

So what is the deal?  Ryan is taking the position that he will take what he can get, pay off the people who will get what they want regardless of who is in Congress, as long as Obama is President, and then punt.

Could the Republicans play hard nose like the Dems do when a Republican is in the White House?

The simple answer is no.  The reasons for the no are lengthy.

First, THIS President is a liberal, media supported, narcissistic ideologue!  He will burn the house down over anything he disagrees with- and the media will blame Republicans for it in an election year.  (Now for DACA, the courts are handling that- so Ryan doesn’t care about funding. Just step out of the way and let the court decide if Obama has gone too far.  Issue is off the table…for now. This is sausage making 1o1. )

Second, and this is important, there are MILLIONS of people, greedy and single issued, that will vote their pocket first, and Ryan knows this.  From Bill Whittle.

Third, So what you say?  Well, using Bill Whittle sarcastic video on the 2012 election, let me point out that Obama- after YEARS of bad acts- got reelected.  Easily. Because voting people are greedy and no longer citizens of our nation with ITS best interest at heart. From 2012.

(Hey, forty years of progressive public education and the destruction of “civics” in our schools produced this end result. Not an accident. Maoist moment here folks- know your enemy.)

How did he get reelected?

That is the question many ask and the answers are as varied as the corrupt and spoiled special interests occupying our politics.  I gave a list, a small partial list, on my answer at TCTCH website.  But the prior video- The Vote Pump- lays it out pretty well.

So, in this environment- our collective population- Ryan has to find margins to work at, and he got some.  Not nearly enough and I think he is doing the bidding of the Republican Establishment.  They think they can push this off, not taint the election, and get their guy in. They are wrong.  But it doesn’t matter because if they are, they are still happy with HRC.

They can work with Hillary. She is their kind of corrupt!

Cruz or Trump scare them.  Because, like Obama, they may eagerly burn the establishment playhouse down over a principle.

Which many non-special interest (but tax paying) citizens would support.

Then the game is over.



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