Explaining Benghazi through the lens of bureaucrats. They followed procedure, so it wasn’t their fault.

Let me cut to the chase here.  First, for those of us who have been in government, we all know that “government bureaucrat.”  He’s the guy who follows policy and procedure, no matter what, because he knows that doesn’t get him fired and his retirement is not at risk.  Beyond that, he’s a flaming idiot because he has learned to rationalize his actions as valid within the world of policy and procedure.


men who don’t worry about policy before lives

In the “defense” of the CIA, the CIA allowed the station chief to be interviewed. His explanation to what happened isn’t that he told the operators to “stand down” but that he told them to wait twenty minutes while he went down the approved list of things to do- like try to get help from a militia who he had to know wasn’t going to show up.  But that was the DC approved policies to follow. The militia was on strike for one thing, and as we know in the ARAB world there is no honor- just survival and power- so none of them were going to get in the way of AQ attacking the compounds.  That deal had been struck long before the attack.

Also, remember the policy was based on the POLITICAL line that the war was won, peace abounded and the Obama/(future President) Hillary were successful in their “smart power” wars.  The truth was different. Everybody tried to tell them.  But they were not interested in the truth or the reality, only their personal ambitions.  And that is also why they let the men die, hoping for a small concealable loss and not the mess they ended up with.  (Which is why no military was allowed to be sent in.  They could not send in a warplane into a sovereign stable nation, without permission, to save a group of people operating an illegal covert gun running scheme to supply the Syrian rebels, and THAT not get out! See their conundrum?)

According to the book and the movie, the security contractors assembled their weapons and jumped into vehicles to begin a rescue mission. Bob, they said, ordered them to wait.

Bob acknowledged that he was “concerned about an ambush” and that a departure by the security team would have “left our base more vulnerable to attack.” But, he said, “there was never any question that there was going to be a rescue mission” and no instruction by him to hold off.

Instead, Bob said he spent much of the immediate period after the attack began, about 20 minutes, standing beside the leader of the GRS team — who still works at the CIA — scrambling to enlist local security teams.

One of the things he wanted was a gun truck and support. “Technicals,” Bob said. The militias they contacted were evasive. One offered to shelter the U.S. personnel at a nearby militia compound, Bob said, while others “didn’t necessarily want to help us, and some just didn’t know what to do.”

When the team leader realized reinforcements weren’t coming, “he left” with the contractors. “If there was any delay, it was a matter of minutes. It took a good 15 to 17 minutes just to get ready,” Bob said.


So let’s get this straight.  The CIA whines there was no “stand down order” but there was a twenty minute delay in allowing the contractors to leave the compound….?  To this I say, “what’s the difference exactly?” ( I feel so “Hillary”!)

The CIA chief said he wanted militia help.  But he knew, the operators knew, the CIA knew that the militia was not going to help.  They are ARABS!  Lying and running is what they do to survive. You can’t blame them. The U.S., under Obama, has bailed out early and often, leaving allies to their fate. Given the choice, I would not have gone either. Those militia members would be left behind to deal with a very upset AQ.  That always ends badly.  So they stepped away and it was all up to the Americans to save Americans.

However, the POLICY was to do what the bureaucrat Bob did.  He made sure he was not going to be held to task.  And it was the same policy and procedures that stopped help from coming, the DOD acting on its own, or even the State people from doing anything.

And what the Obama administration and HRC are hiding was WHO put that policy in place and WHO ordered that the policy not be violated?  To this day, we do not know this because Obama disappeared and so did HRC when that 3am call came in.

They are political cowards, and now everybody knows it.

I might also add the CIA station head was a coward, both politically and personally.

He was worried if his protection left, his CIA compound would come under attack. And he, as a bureaucrat, reasoned it was not HIS job to fix another bureaucratic screw up he didn’t cause.

And he’s not alone.  (BTW- let’s see the emails..mmkay?)

In an email, Zuckoff said that two of the CIA security contractors “heard Bob say” stand down. He added that the base chief’s account should “be seen through the lens of hindsight. It must be terrible for him to live with the fact that he delayed the departure, knowing that the deaths [of Stevens and Smith] were caused by smoke inhalation, which by definition is a function of time.”

Other former CIA officers with no direct knowledge of the case but with experience in war zones chafed at such second-guessing and said seeking reinforcements was the right course. “Did he lose 20 minutes? Probably,” said one former senior agency official. “But that was probably the right solution.”


If they go, they save someone.  If they stay,  people die.  Remember, the CIA annex had veteran agents within. Those men could have grabbed up some rifles and mounted the roofs until the contractors came back.  Buutt… what is the policy on that?

Listen, I “know” this guy. I’ve worked with his type for a generation.

They’ll get you killed.

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