Benghazi movie. A must see!

Alternate title “Hillary’s screwed!”

Seriously, the movie is outstanding.  The frustration of the men trying to protect the CIA knuckleheads from the natives is palatable.  “Bob” the CIA chief, who was trotted out finally after the movie came out to defend the CIA’s actions that night, was one of the knuckleheads. Not a bad guy, but an order follower to the end.

As for the action- it is intense and also frustrating as the good guys can’t tell who are the bad guys!  There are natives running around with AKs all over the place.  One character, Tonto, spends most of the movie asking “Who are you? Are you with us? Are they with us?”  Natives keep popping out on him and he is just losing his mind.  Finally, he gets to kill what everybody agrees are bad guys and he is much happier.  I couldn’t have done that.  I’d be constantly saying- after I shot someone- “I’m sorry, my bad, that’s on me!”

The movie is about men, professionals, doing what they were trained to do, keep others safe.  In doing so, some lost their lives, some where horribly injured.

And after you walk out, you’ll realize they were in fact abandoned. That meme is repeated over and over in conversation and visuals of planes starting to spin up, then suddenly silent, sitting on blacked out tarmacs.

Don’t cheat yourself by thinking it is all politics. This is about men of courage and their love for their families and each other.

Going home, heroes.




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