Davos participant thinks everybody in Africa is going to Europe.

Europe. Imagine one billion.

“…According to Davos leader Klaus Schwab, an impending global economic crisis may very well provoke a tsunami of immigration into Europe that will make today’s waves of immigrants look like mere ripples.

Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), believes that the plummeting prices of commodities signals an economic disaster for the entire developing world, which will have devastating effects on population displacement.

“Look how many countries in Africa, for example, depend on the income from oil exports,” Schwab said in an interview prior to the WEF’s 46th annual meeting, scheduled to begin in Davos later this week. “Now imagine 1 billion inhabitants, imagine they all move north.”

As a solution, Schwab advocates a greater sense of solidarity with the developing world, with the awareness that economic programs that benefit one country eventually benefit all. In order for reason to triumph, Schwab surmises, “we have to re-establish a sense that we all are in the same boat.”

A simple economic analysis of falling commodity prices is insufficient, Schwab suggests. Instead, leaders must examine the deeper causes of the present crisis, as well as the long-term effects both on the economy and on society as a whole. …”

I have taken the time to examine the deeper causes. You and your friends are freaking suicidal morons! (You know, they don’t HAVE to go to Europe, you can say no.)

Man, that was easy. And no, when they take over your continent, you cannot come here. Which you can bet they will when they realize going outside- and not being Muslim- will get you killed.

Freaking idiots.

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