Hillary and being paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

First and foremost we know HRC is nuts and a criminal  There is no two ways about it.  Nuts, and a criminal.  And she’s running for President, which just shows how morally corrupt our nation has become in such a short period of time- thanks you infiltrated commies.

However, being nuts is not an excuse for criminal behavior. Insane? Yes. But she’s not insane, just a paranoid “Nixonian” personality. Which is ironic since she cut her political teeth on trying to chase him down.

What did you say? I know you are whispering behind my back. It was you. YOU!

Yet, we know because of her political paranoia she ordered built an off site personal server with no protection that she ran her political communications through, including classified material, which is a clear crime.  Worse, some of that material was very, very sensitive, and it is thought HRC’s server was penetrated more often than Monica when she was with Bill!

Hillary Clinton’s home-brewed server held at least one email that contained highly sensitive information from human spying, according to a report Friday.

Fox News, citing two sources, reported that an intelligence agency identified the information as “HCS-O,” the code used to report on human intelligence sources that are engaged in ongoing operations.

“The HSC-O compartment (Operations) is used to protect exceptionally fragile and unique IC [intelligence community] clandestine HUMINT operations and methods that are not intended for dissemination outside of the originating agency,” a policy document released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request explains.

So she may have gotten someone killed…other than the people in Benghazi and Libya and Syria.  Her paranoia may have gotten our spy killed, or at least the operation compromised.

Great. Let me  check is she still running for the presidency?  Yep.  Wow…

Then we get this little bit of info. Seems her smart-alecked response to the question has her server been wiped may not be so funny now.  The rumor is the FBI did recover some of it, if not all.

At this point, nuts or not, she has to be feeling a little paranoid.  On the upside, at least for her (not America), Andrew McCarthy points out there is a missing piece in this investigation- the grand jury.

First, there is one other thing you should know about the designations “target” and “subject” — one of those things so obvious it is easy to miss. These are not just random words. They indicate that a suspect is a target or a subject of something. That something is a grand-jury investigation. In an ordinary case, that would not be a point worth making. The FBI routinely conducts major investigations in collaboration with Justice Department prosecutors — usually from the U.S. attorney’s office in the district where potential crimes occurred. That is because the FBI needs the assistance of a grand jury. The FBI does not have authority even to issue subpoenas, let alone to charge someone with a crime. Only federal prosecutors may issue subpoenas, on the lawful authority of the grand jury. Only prosecutors are empowered to present evidence or propose charges to the grand jury. And the Constitution vests only the grand jury with authority to indict — the formal accusation of a crime. In our system, the FBI can do none of these things.

No Justice Department, no grand jury. No grand jury, no case — period. As a technical matter, no matter how extensively the FBI pokes around on its own, no one can be a subject of a real investigation — i.e., one that can lead to criminal charges — unless and until there is a grand jury. That does not happen until the Justice Department hops on board.

Obviously, the DOJ not convening a grand jury is a delay tactic as the White House watches to see how far HRC will implode. And that appears to be a increasing downward cycle, like the spinning of the water in a toilet. The American Thinker reminds us politics is the law of the jungle.

Hillary Clinton claims the email scandal that hovers over her presidential campaign is all about politics. She’s right, but not in the sense that she would like people to believe, i.e., that a “vast right-wing conspiracy” is persecuting her — again. In fact, she has undoubtedly violated the laws of the United States with her reckless and dangerous use of a private email account that exposed the most highly classified documents the country possesses to foreign intelligence services. That she has not already been charged and locked up (as would have happened to almost anyone else who did the same) is because of politics. Under the “law” of the political jungle her status and power have protected her. But the law of the jungle only protects the strong. And as Hillary grows weaker politically, her vulnerability to the laws of the United States grows considerably. If this trend continues, Hillary’s down-trending political weakness will intersect with the up-trending evidence against her, and when that happens, the jaws of American justice should snap tight on Mrs. Clinton.

It would be fair to ask at this point- in the Petraeus investigation was there a grand jury. He did far less for far less nefarious reasons.   I’m thinking Obama would be happier than a pig in shit if HRC fell over dead from a stroke, thus releasing him from what will be a no win situation.  There is far too much open communications going around in the Net now to hide the fact he knows we know he knows what happened. So, he can’t just wash his hands and walk away without a dark cloud of political corruption hanging over his head. He doesn’t mind making his own trouble.  He DOES mind carrying someone else load.

(And I might add, HRC is not alone as being a “subject of the investigation”. That server was used by a lot of folks, including Cheryl Mills and Huma.  And they knew it was illegal. So, add them to the list. )

The high stakes rattle not only the Clinton campaign but also the Democratic administration in which Mrs. Clinton worked when she engaged in the work-related conduct being investigated. On the one hand, the Obama administration does not want to be seen by the public as obstructing the FBI; on the other hand, President Obama does not want to be seen by his base as tanking the Democrats’ best shot at retaining the White House — the likely fallout if the Obama Justice Department signals that a formal, very serious criminal investigation is underway.

So Obama is hedging his bets. He is letting the FBI investigate, but on its own, without Justice Department prosecutors and the grand jury. This frees the administration and the Clinton campaign to be, by turns, ambiguous and disingenuous about whether there really is a formal investigation going on. As long as it is only the FBI doing the digging, everyone can play along with the farce: The investigation is very “preliminary,” it doesn’t even have “subjects,” and it may even be a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy sabotage (in which, somehow, the saboteurs are Obama appointees and non-political law-enforcement agents). I don’t think it’s going to work.

And of course there is the whole “she knows things you don’t want out” deal.

I’m wondering if Obama is thinking of calling Putin.  “Hey Vlad, you have any of that “special green tea” you guys use? If I were HRC and Obama called me over for brunch, I would make sure to turn off the lights and look to see if anything is glowing.




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