In all fairness to the candidates- the Trump financial and the hard question his fans won’t face- why would he do anything different?

Trump is a salesman.  Trump is selling that he can challenge the establishment. The people who feel that Leviathan is crushing them are all looking for a rope.  To a drowning man, even a chain can look like a rope.

Trump says he hates what is happening to his nation.  I believe him. But during the time it was happening, Trump was making money dealing with the players that were making it happen.

So ask yourself this hard question- If the guy is made himself a billionaire using the tools the Leviathan offers, why would he change anything? We have already seen just how far the rot has gotten when dealing with HRC and her treasonous emails.

Imagine the conversation to a banker from one of the many major banks he deals with AFTER his Presidency.

“Hey guy, how’s things? Man, I loved being President. Huh, listen I’m sorry about those laws I passed that cut hundreds of billions of dollars from your profit line and imprisoned some of your friends. Fun times huh!  How’s that hundred million dollar loan coming along?”

The Trump fans seem to be blocking out this part of his life based solely on his word. A word that can and has changed to suit his objectives.  Trump isn’t a bad guy, but he is a constantly hungry guy who covets.  On his bucket list is the White House and he is serious this time on obtaining it.

Will he do a good job? I don’t know.  I think Trump is so self absorbed he doesn’t realize at times he is the bull in the China shop.  I personally do not favor a man who has constant negative reactions to critics or challengers like Trump does, it is tiring.  The New York Times took the effort to link to all of Trump’s criticisms of lesser humans, on Twitter no less.  But only people that disagree with him.  If you love him, he loves you – as he said about Mike Huckabee who flipped to his side.  That all or nothing mindset- all built around whether you like HIM or not- is frankly erratic.


On top of that, we have Trump’s financial statement.  Take the time to read it, even if you aren’t an expert. It is fascinating.

Trump is a billionaire and by definition is wrapped up into thousands of different economic and business ventures, often with the same companies and countries screwing us over; like Dubai, Merrill Lynch, Halliburton, JP Morgan, Apple, etc.

Trump is a businessman who intends to pass his business onto his kids and through that will love forever.  Do you think he will burn his own playhouse down?  Something his supporters so desperately want to happen?

If this was Cruz in the group instead of Trump, some websites would lose their minds!! But it is what it is.

Just keep an open mind and remember, if given the choice between Trump an any democrat vote Trump.  At least he loves his country. And Davos fears him.





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