Well, Lewandowski did it, lied about it, refused to apologize and now is arrested. Good job Trumpites!

That is sarcasm of course.  Here’s what I posted over at TCTH website, it says it all. 50/5o they censor me again, like the good Stalinists they are.  The video shows Lewandowski grabbing Fields.

I noticed Sundance didn’t address the Lewandowski arrest.  Now we have video showing him grabbing her and yanking her back.  That makes Lewandowski a liar, and worse when he went after her instead of just apologizing like she asked he unleashed the hordes of Trumpites to trash her and taunt her into filing charges. That showed his character.  A real man apologizes and makes sure she’s okay. Regardless if she is a drama queen or a snowflake. It isn’t about her character, it is about his character.

The fact he refused to apologize and the fact Trump backed that play reflects poorly on both of them.  I knew from the outset- because I’ve arrested plenty of people for this exact crime- that Lewandowski should have stepped up and made this go away. A one day story instead of this mess.

Also, before you cry about the amount of “battery” allow me two points; 1. In Florida, it doesn’t matter. The statute is clear and plain for a reason.  No touching means no touching.  Dumb for Lewandowski’s legal crew not to quietly tell him to apologize.  2. Before you drama queen the girl, and she is a snowflake for sure, ask yourself this-  If someone grabbed your wife, your mother or your daughter hard enough to yank her back and leave bruises what would you do?

That’s a fair question.  Hopefully, you dropped a pair at puberty and would confront the guy and ask for an apology and if he told you to p*ss off, much like Lewandowski did, then I would hope you would “touch him” on the point of the chin at least once- firmly- or until the point was made.

You know that to be true, as I do.  This is all on Lewandowski.  Dumb move compounded by dumb decisions and a reflection on HIS character.

If you want, censor me, but you know I’m right here.  It’s a matter of honor.  Men are supposed to be better than this. That’s all. Backing him lets him get away with bad behavior and does nothing for either you or him.

Now he’s in the criminal system.  Thousand dollar lawyers will try to make this go away.  But the truth is the damage is done.

And all over a simple grab that was too hard, and a deserved apology- which apparently was also too hard to say.


Upate: TCTH held true to their censoring.

Doesn’t matter. Self inflicted wound here.  And it hurts in two ways. It “proves” Trump’s people are crazy liars who destroy people.  And those “people” are women.


Which all plays into the political narrative.  Wait to HRC uses it in the general.


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