Trump’s self immolation moment. His mouth and his ego are the gas and the match.

There is a story written by a young woman who claims she was a communication director for one of the PACs behind Trump. In it she says early on they were told Trump never wanted to win, but to create a protest campaign, come in second and make a point.

When he jumped out into first place, his ego took over and he started to make a more serious effort. Sadly, he is unprepared for a run, his people were unprepared to actually manage a national race.  Instead, Trump went populist as a strategy and shut down the PAC, hoping basically to “wing it” to the White House.

Is it true or a bitter ex-employee? Watching Trump maneuver, if it is true, his methods and manners supports the idea that Trump just isn’t a serious candidate.

What is the Constitution? Could I use my life line call please?

Charles Krauthammer does not like Trump as a presidential candidate, mostly because he does not have a curious mind. I’ve noticed Trump gets a lot of “facts” from places often visited by conspiracy theorists and others and seems to accept them as gospel.  Worse, when given the chance to get better he just chooses not to, as Krauthammer pointed out with the nuclear triad issue and Trump getting caught on the abortion issue.

What is driving Trump?  I think he loves America and hates seeing it being abused.  That much I’ll give him. What Trump doesn’t grasp, and neither do his supporters,  is if he wins, he’ll continue the abuse. He can’t help himself.

He’s not a constitutionalist. By some of his comments recently, he is a big government guy- who thinks HE’LL run it better than ever before!  Which is what scares the DNC and the RNC.  Not that he’ll burn their playhouse down, but that he’ll remodel it and put a big “T” on the door! I’m not the only one thinking it either.

The Obama years have brought America to the brink of transformation from constitutional republic into an empire ruled by secret deals promulgated by edicts. Civics classes used to teach: “Congress makes the laws, the president carries them out, judges decide controversies, and we citizens may be penalized only by a jury of our peers.”

Nobody believes that anymore, because no part of it has been true for a long time. Barack Obama stopped pretending that it is. During the twentieth century’s second half, both parties and all branches of government made a mockery of the Constitution of 1789. Today’s effective constitution is: “The president can do whatever he wants so long as one-third of the Senate will sustain his vetoes and prevent his conviction upon impeachment.”

Obama has been our first emperor. A Donald Trump presidency, far from reversing the ruling class’s unaccountable hold over American life, would seal it. Because Trump would act as our second emperor, he would render well-nigh impossible our return to republicanism.

Donald Trump Is Everything that Has Ruined Us

Today, nearly all the rules under which we live are made, executed, and adjudicated by agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and countless boards and commissions. Congress no longer passes real laws. Instead, it passes broad grants of authority, the substance of the president’s bureaucracy decides in cooperation with interest groups.

Nancy Pelosi’s remark that we would know Obamacare’s contents only after it passed was true, and applicable to nearly all modern legislation. The courts allow this, pretending that bureaucrats sitting with their chosen friends merely fill in details. Some details! Americans have learned that, as they say in DC, if you are not sitting at one of these tables of power, “you’re on the menu.”

Trump’s claim to be an enemy of rule-by-inside-deal is counterintuitive. His career and fortune have been as participant and beneficiary in the process by which government grants privileges to some and inflicts burdens on others. Crony capitalism is the air he breathes, the only sea in which he swims, his second nature. His recipe for “fixing” America, he tells us, is to appoint “the best people”—he names some of his fellow crony capitalists—to exercise even more unaccountable power and to do so with “unbelievable speed.” He assures us that, this time, it will be to “make America great again.” Peanuts’ Lucy might reply: “This time, for sure!”


So what to do?  Frankly, there is no perfect candidate.  Cruz is probably the closest.  The RINOs hate him, truly hate him.  Kasich is a moron, whose dad was a mailman.  HRC is a thug/criminal/paranoid with a Muslim Brotherhood assistant.  Then there’s Bernie, who was only able to secure permanent employment when he became a professional politician.  Scary thought for sure.

I’m going Cruz. He’s smart, learns, seems mentally stable, isn’t an egotist, and he is hated by the RINOs.

Trump will continue his downward spiral.  He can’t help himself and if I didn’t know better I’d worry he is a Trojan Horse sent by the DNC to undermine the Republicans.  But is ego would not let him be a dupe, so that leaves the only other theory- he truly is an idiot.



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