Guns are like boats. The unhealthy fixation of the progressive liberal on firearms as the evil they fear

At some point in an argument with a liberal about the reality of the world, you realize you are either talking with an insane person or a liar, or both.

In Orlando madness took the stage in a gay nightclub that had been featuring harmless and entertaining stage acts.  Immediately, the usual suspects began to surface on the Left controlled media and political environment.  Even before the facts were released we get the
typical “the white guy did it” meme from at least one foolish commentator.

Then we get the President mumbling past the obvious culprit in order to blame the access to firearms, military types of firearms (please, by all means define that), even though it was military type firearms that stop the threat as well.

It got me thinking about history.  If the tool is the culprit, then we should outlaw boats.  Boats are what brought slaves to America Mr. President.  So it must have been boats which were the culprits in the slave market.  Right?  So if Lincoln had burnt all the boats he had, the war and slavery, would have been stopped.

But wait. It was the same boats that also allowed the Northern forces to blockade Confederate ports helping starve out the supply line and end the war between the states.  So maybe boats aren’t so bad? Maybe?

Or, maybe, once again, we admit that boats and weapons are tools.  Just inanimate objects that in the hands of good guys are put to good use, and in the hands of bad guys can do great harm.  Really, it’s simple. Really, a “follow the bouncing ball moment here” simple.

In Florida, it is against the law to carry your CCW firearm into a bar.  That is the law, passed by politicians in hopes to avoid what they feared would be drunken shootouts- because they watch movies and such- and think everything ends in gunplay.  But I digress. The law says no guns in bars.  Except the jihadist that night broke that law and killed people who followed that law.  THAT should be something we focus on. Not the gun, or access to the gun.

And here is why. In Europe, where guns are nearly banned from ownership by law abiding citizens, the bad guys- i.e. common criminals, organized crime members and terrorists- have FAR more guns than they know what to do with. In fact, in Europe BECAUSE of the foolish mindset of the society there, even the police are outgunned! There was a recent article where our own SOCOM asked if any American gun manufacturer would want to make AK47s.  In reaction, the first question the makers asked was pricing.  Why? Because they cannot compete with the international supply or the cheap manufacturing of the weapon by other nations.  In the article it says this-

The AK-47 was designed to be produced quickly and cheaply. Between 70 million to 150 million of the weapons are in use around the world, said Aaron Karp, a senior lecturer at Old Dominion University in Virginia and senior consultant with the Small Arms Survey, a nonprofit organization that monitors the international arms business.

Estimates of the global count of other weapons in the SOCom solicitation are virtually impossible to make, Karp said.

The economics might make it hard for SOCom to find U.S. manufacturers who are interested in producing the weapons, Karp said. In a major small arms purchase during President George W. Bush’s administration, for example, foreign-made weapons like AK-47s were going for just $100 apiece.

Greg Frazee, CEO of the Tampa-based Trident Arms, agreed there would be a number of hurdles for U.S. manufacturers in trying to provide the weapons as cheaply as they’re available from manufacturers in Russia, China, Bulgaria and elsewhere.

“It is cheaper to lay hands on a couple containers of foreign AK-47s from overseas than manufacturing them and then exporting them,” Frazee said.

Talk about trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube moment when the Left- Obama et. al.- say they want to stop the possession of military type weapons by citizens in order to fight crime.  Ah, yeah…not happening any century soon!

Mindset is the key here. In the Charlie Hebdo attacks, there is video of ARMED Islamic terrorists stalking down and killing an unarmed police officer.  The frustrating irony of that scene is the officer had chosen not to arm himself that day because he didn’t think he needed it. Boy, was he wrong.  That day, the terrorists armed themselves because they had a goal. On the same day, the police officer, under pressure from his LIBERAL society, did not.  And he died for his foolishness. That is the reality we live in.

Recently, a person who should know better argued that it wasn’t Islamic terrorism but just another nut that got those poor people killed in Orlando.  This person is a Barack Obama supporter and now  Hillary supporter and actually implied the real culprit in this was Donald Trump.  As everyone knows, I’m no fan of Trump.  But to blame him for this is like blaming some elderly woman on a farm in Iowa in 1941 for Pearl Harbor!  For the love of God!  At what point do we just throw up our hands and call for the guys in the white coats and butterfly nets to come and just sweep up all the liberal crazies in this nation!

And here’s the real tragedy, as highlighted by a gay activist and writer over at Breitbart, gays are being sacrificed by the Left in order to achieve another goal- the immigration and infiltration of Muslim fundamentalists into our nation.  Why that’s the goal is a mystery.  We on the Right have our suspicions, none of them good.  But to be a supporter of HRC and Obama on this and be gay at the same time must be a mind blowing experience.

Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos appeared on Breitbart News Sunday with executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon to discuss yesterday’s deadly Islamic terror attack in Orlando, Florida, which left 100 dead or wounded at a gay dance club in the city.

Milo is currently en route to Orlando, Florida to give a college talk on Islam, and the threat it poses to freedom and equality in America. Speaking to Stephen Bannon, Milo outlined his thoughts on America’s “Islam problem.”

“It’s not just about terrorism, it’s not just about Islamism, it’s not about radical Islam, it’s not about political Islam, [or] any of the other euphemistic phrases that the media uses to try to distract attention from the fact that we have an Islam problem” said Milo.

“It is horrifying to me to see the greatest, the deadliest, the bloodiest mass shooting in America’s history being Muslim-on-gay crime. This is what I’ve been writing about for years. The minority wars that the progressive left has put into

“It’s mystifying to me why the progressive left has put Muslims at the top of the victimhood hierarchy … It’s particularly worrying because the Muslims want to kill everyone else on that pyramid. They want to kill the gays, the trannies, the blacks, you name it. They don’t have much respect for women. This is going to be a problem for America for decades to come.”

Mystifying? Maybe.  Or maybe just a sad hard truth that somewhere someone(s) decided that undoing the fabric of the greatest most advanced and civilized societies was a good idea- for them, not us.  And trust me on this. The first victims of this move will be the most trusting and hopeful people in those doomed societies.  I call them “zombie food” because they just don’t realize they are surrounded by a horde of zombies until it is too late.

In Orlando, a gay hating, Muslim “zombie” showed up and killed over fifty innocent men and women- all because they were gay and his religion taught him all gays must die.

Think about that for a minute.  Let it sink in.  And realize that your political leadership is inserting more and more “zombies” into our nation every day, without vetting, without background checks, and with a bias towards only one religion.  The one religion which rewards its followers for killing non-believers.  Like what happened in California and now here in Florida.

Insane, right?  Right?




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