Hillary says certain people shouldn’t be able to have guns- including her.

I watched as much as I good. Then I put down the sharpened pencil I was thinking of driving into my ears and considered just how bad this person is for our nation.

Of course she wanders around the issue of terrorism, which by the way, she is more than a little responsible. Her “smart power” theory of war and desire to “punch up her resume” destroyed Libya, got four Americans killed and us run out of a country.  Of course now she looks around stunned, acting like she wasn’t even the least involved.  And since her people control the news, as George Orwell warned,

“Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”

She might get away with it, except for this nagging video.

I guess the “we” consists of NATO, Obama and the mouse in her pocket!

Her and Obama’s policies destroyed Libya, destabilized Iraq and Syria and led to the environment that created ISIS.  The same group the shooter pledged loyalty to before killing unarmed, innocent gays in Orlando.

That’s just the hard truth, but don’t let that slow her down. No sir.  She thinks no American  should own “weapons of war” which of course nobody does without a lot of background checks and fees.  But it is catchy.  “Weapons of war.” Hmmm… Like a musket that was used in the first American war for independence? Or, a lever action Henry that was used to defeat the South and reunite the country? Or the old classic bolt action Springfield from WW1 or the M1 Garand from the war that saved the world from Hitler?

Nice phrasing, but a little confusing.

But that’s not the fun part.  The fun part is when she said she believed people on “lists” should lose constitutional rights.  Lists!  Like the no fly list Senator Ted Kennedy found himself on.  We all know Ted was dangerous, but only in a sedan, swilling a bottle of scotch and mostly only to young women.  But…

Then she said “And if you are being investigated by the FBI you certainly shouldn’t  be allowed to get a gun.”  I was just disgusted. Just because the police talk to you should are banned from a constitutional right? Why not the fourth and save all that warrant paperwork! I know Tommy J and the boys back in 1790’s may disagree, but just remember, she and her people are just sooo much smarter.  Man, frustrating…

Then a friend pointed out “Does that mean her?” And I fell over laughing.

Hillary just took away one of her OWN constitutional rights.  She’s under investigation, and somebody should ask her exactly that question. If she’s cleared, is she still on a list?

I meant “those OTHER people, not me!”

Unless of course George Orwell intrudes again.

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Trump should jump all over this and make her look weak. She is PART of the problem.  I’m not a Trump fan by any means, but HER as President is nightmarish.  We need someone who has a fresh outlook take the reigns away from those “smart” people.

Their leadership was figuratively killing us, now it is literally killing the most peaceful among us.

Update: she also made reference to making the Saudi leadership do something about other Saudis (not them of course) funding terrorism.  She is soooooo corrupt!

In what may be the pinnacle of hypocrisy, moments ago Hillary Clinton, while speaking live on national security and addressing the Orlando shooting took some time from her constant bashing of the Second Amendment and calling for a ban on assault rifles, to say some less than kind words about Saudi Arabia whom it accused of supporting radical organizations. This is what she said:

 The third area that demands attention is preventing radicalization and countering efforts by ISIS and other international terrorist networks to recruit in the United States and Europe. For starters, it is long past time for the Saudis, the Qataris and the Kuwaitis and others to stop their citizens from funding extremist organizations. And they should stop supporting radical schools and mosques around the world that have set too many young people on a path towards extremism. We also have to use all our capabilities to counter jihadist propaganda online. This is something that I spend a lot of time on at the State Department.

There is nothing wrong with that statement, as it is the whole truth – Saudi Arabia’s involvement in supporting terrorism stretches from Sept 11 all the way through to ISIS – however, where there  is a big, and potentially law-breaking,  problem is what Jordan’s official news agency, Petra News Agency, reported on Sunday citing the Saudi crown price, namely that Saudi Arabia is a major funder of Hillary Clinton’s campaign to become the next president of the United States.

As MEE notes, the Petra News Agency published on Sunday what it described as exclusive comments from Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman which included a claim that Riyadh has provided 20 percent of the total funding to the prospective Democratic candidate’s campaign.

You can’t make it up.  Just can’t.








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