Washington Post writer goes full racist in order to help cope with Brexit.

The article from the Post, written by one Kim Soffen, argues that what happened in Britain can’t happen here, because Britain has more whites than any other race.  Now, how she missed Ireland and Scotland overwhelmingly voting for “Remain” is a mystery.  And there isn’t a whiter group of whites out there than red-headed Irishmen!  So, the argument doesn’t hold just along racial lines.  Breitbart points out her mistake.

The Washington Post is reporting that U.S. might not be able to follow in the U.K.’s footsteps in reclaiming its economic independence because of the nation’s demographic makeup, which is the result of four decades of record high green card issuances to foreign nationals

In a piece entitled, “No, Brexit Isn’t A Good Sign For Trump,” Washington Post’s Kim Soffen writes:

“There are certainly similarities between the referendum and the [Trump] campaign. Both are largely driven by immigration… Both are nationalist movements. Both are an instance of the will of the people going against the wishes of the elite… And their demographic support looks quite similar too.”

Yet Soffen writes that Brexit may not be a harbinger for Donald Trump’s future electoral success because the U.S. does not have as many white voters as Britain does.

“Largely at issue here is demographics. The British electorate is overwhelmingly white – 87 percent of its population is, according to its 2011 census. That’s compared to the United States’ 74 percent in 2014. That difference is significant for what direction each country votes.”

Indeed, while establishment media has pushed the narrative that immigration is a much more significant issue in Europe than it is the U.S., the facts do not bear this out. The U.S. has accepted 10 million more migrants from outside its borders than the European Union has absorbed from outside its borders, even though the EU has 200 million more people than the United States. Indeed, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, minority babies now outnumber white babies in the United States.

She makes the assumption that ALL foreign born or second generation immigrants are socialists, or like distant big government bureaucrats telling them how to live their lives.  That is a big assumption.

While it is true blacks in America have been educated and socialized by liberal whites to hate and distrust America while being told they deserve any handouts, there are many black people, especially in the growing middle class that pays taxes, who do not like the idea of a government bureaucracy telling them how to live.  It’s a HUMAN thing, not a race thing!

I have a friend who is Haitian by birth, American by choice, works hard, believes in GOD  and does not like Obama’s vision of America.  I think he’s a Trumpster. I know he hates the vision of America Hillary offers.

Further, it is more the current media/education/politics that is setting the tone of what people think here rather than their skin color.  Do you think any Venezuelan who just got out of that nightmare thinks having it happen here is a good idea?

The Asians are  a culture of hard work, sacrifice, family and getting ahead with education and focus. Do you think any of that even sounds feasible in a EU type of governance? In fact, a recent SCOTUS decision that diversity is the key to education will screw Asians more than whites!   Do you think they are happy eight moron in DC just cost them a scholarship after they  aced all their classes?

Now don’t get me wrong. Comparing Trump to the Brexit victory is a mistake. And a shallow one for the WP writer. But it is her way of coping. Truth is Trump will lose because he’s Trump.  Clinton is a nightmare. But the hot mess who is Trump may be just a little worse.

And that’s the key. Not race.




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