Thomas Pickering of the famous Benghazi “investigation” turns out to be part of the Iranian/Boeing deal. When is enough, enough?

Corruption that is.

There is no way around the “connect the dots” moment here.  Whether it is a good idea to allow Boeing to make billions off of a deal with Iran is up to debate.  What is NOT up to debate is how they got to where they could make the deal.

To follow this mess, which is more than likely symptomatic of hundreds if not thousands of similar “elites connected” deals going on around the world,  you have to go back to the whole Obama/Valerie Jarrett effort to remove the sanctions on the Iranian regime.

What do we know?

We know that Valerie Jarrett is Iranian by loyalty has she has said earlier in her career.

We know Obama is a Muslim sympathizer in the manner that he thinks America has a troubled past, Islam is a peaceful religion, and being a globalist type thinker, he is hell bent on reversing America’s “mistakes” and punishing her just a little- or a lot.

We know that there were 150 billion dollars of Iranian assets frozen by our government years ago that the Iranians, and as we see now, American companies, wanted to get to.

We know that the “Iranian deal” had been in the works almost before Obama took office in 2009, so this is a long range plan.

We know Hillary Clinton was part of that plan as the Secretary of State.

We know intertwined in this new way of handling foreign relations in the Middle East was the whole “Arab Spring” effort by Obama, Hillary, Powers and Rice.  Of course, the effort has led to Obama supporting regime change in Egypt to unseat a leader who kept the peace for generations in order to give the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood, (of which Huma Abedin- Hillary’s bestie and advisor- is one), total control of Egypt and influence throughout the region.

We know it also caused Obama to ignore the Green Revolution in Iran, led by freedom loving Iranians sick of being abused by their theocratic Mullah leadership (not to mention insane leadership, who want to start an Apocalyptic war in the region). We also know that decision caused the deaths and torture of thousands of those same freedom loving revolutionaries.

We know as part of that revolutionary zeal Hillary Clinton and Obama (but if you ask Obama he says she talked him into it) decided to jump on the idea of “defending” terrorists against Gaddafi- who was defending his nation against those terrorists. And the terrorists hunted Gaddafi down and killed him. Then with no follow up plan, Hillary and Obama sent Libya into a tailspin of anarchy and terrorist driven civil war, killing and displacing hundreds of thousands of Libyans.  Hillary calls this “smart power.”

We know that during that nightmare, Hillary Clinton sent Chris Stephens and others into Benghazi,  the center of terrorist held territory, and four Americans were killed trying to defend themselves from attacks by the very same terrorists Obama and Hillary “protected” from Gaddafi.

We know during the attacks the Americans begged for help and were abandoned by their country’s leadership, who were more worried about reelection and future Presidential runs.

We also know Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama conspired to hide these acts by blaming a video and hiding evidence from Congressional and media review.  It took YEARS to uncover what we know now.  During which time the compliant media did everything it could to say “nothing to see here- move on.”

We know part of what the media used to cover up the misdeeds was a report sanctioned by our leadership and led by Thomas Pickering, who has “gravitas” and “would never lie.”  That report was called the ARB.  A report that was so badly done that they didn’t even interview Hillary Clinton, who was the Secretary of State at the time the Americans were killed!  Nor, did they read emails, or ask any real probing questions of anyone who was there that night  during the attacks.  Seriously, “whitewash” is a nice word for it.  But he still defends his work.

“I am aware that no report will ever be perfect. But I am proud of this one which has always been seen by many as clear, cogent and very hard hitting – as it should be,” Pickering said. “I feel that this report is still on the mark, free of cover up and political tilt, and will personally welcome anything new which sheds light on what happened that helps us to protect American lives and property in the future.”

Pickering said during his investigation of the Benghazi attack more than 100 people were interviewed, not one of them was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Pickering also said the ARB was not a “gotcha, investigative” panel. It was also revealed members of the ARB regularly briefed Clinton and her closed advisors on the status of their probe and that the ARB showed Clinton the report before it was released.

“Obviously this was not a gotcha panel because nobody was ‘gotchaed,'” Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa said.

We know now the fix was in from the beginning.

We figured that it was because our elites cover for our elites, and have done so forever. It just is.  However, there may be more there- there.

A veteran U.S. diplomat who pushed for the nuclear deal with Iran, which allowed Boeing to sell $25 billion worth of planes to state-owned Iran Air, did not disclose that he was paid by Boeing during the time he advocated for the agreement, The Daily Beast reported Wednesday.

Thomas Pickering, a former ambassador to Russia, India, Israel, and the United Nations who served under Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, confirmed to The Daily Beast that he was an employee of the Boeing Corporation from 2001 to 2006, after which he continued his association with the company as a paid consultant until the end of 2015.

During the debate over the nuclear deal, Pickering testified before Congress, lobbied individual lawmakers, and published numerous articles promoting the deal. The Daily Beast could not find any records of him disclosing his ties to Boeing, a company that sought to benefit from the deal.

Neil Gordon, an investigator for the Project on Government Oversight, a watchdog group, told The Daily Beast that Pickering should have disclosed his ties to Boeing. “I think it’s necessary for the public debate,” he said. “It’s necessary for the public to fully realize the participants’ financial interests. Some of them might have a direct financial stake in a particular outcome.”

On June 16, 2014, Pickering testified before the House Armed Services Committee in favor of the nuclear deal and against imposing new sanctions on Iran. In the biography provided to the committee, Pickering only recounted his military and government service, not any business ties. He also co-authored an op-ed for The Washington Post in 2014 and an article for Tablet in 2015 advocating for the deal without disclosing his connection to Boeing. (In the latter article, Pickering dismissed concerns that Iran would use the funds it gained to sanctions relief to fund terrorist groups or the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. In fact, Iran has increased its defense budget by 90% since the implementation of the deal.)

Oops. Forget to mention he was being paid off.

Now a decent man, who really cared about his reputation, when asked to join the panel, should have said, “Listen guys, I have a conflict here. I’m being paid by Boeing. Boeing is supporting the effort to get Iran off of sanctions because they want to sell planes to them. So, it would be better if I just took a pass here.”

But he didn’t. Instead, he willfully conspired to cover up Hillary and Obama’s guilt in the Libyan war and the subsequent deaths of four Americans, who were part of nearly thirty Americans, left to die in place by Hillary and Barack, in order to save their own Presidential aspirations.  (Remember, it was only the heroic efforts of those American fighters that stopped the ENTIRE CIA complex from being overrun and everybody murdered.)

And he is getting paid to be part of that conspiracy.  (And you wonder why the average Brit wants out of anything that resembles this level of corruption. The EU is doing the same thing!)

For those of you who like pictures to help follow the trail, let me assist if I can.

This guy and this gal

conspired with this gal and others

to unseat this guy from power.

They did it for solely political gain

because this guy

was in fact cooperating with the rest of the world and was not involved in terrorism, but was in fact FIGHTING the same terrorists America was fighting.

This led to this gal

sending these men and others

into this place,

without proper protection. Which led to these terrorists attacking this place

and killing these men,


who were abandoned by these two for political convenience.

When questioned by the media this gal

hired, this guy- her buddy-

to investigate her and clear her officially of any wrong doing by releasing this bogus report

so these guys (the media)

could use it to excuse these two

from any wrong doing.

With me so far?

Now it turns out this guy,

is being paid by this company

which wants the money released in order to enrich themselves by 25 billion dollars selling these

To the Iranian Mullahs

who promote “Death to America” every chance they get.

But it also releases money so these guys

can support these terrorists

who are killing innocent people.

All because these guys

are globalist elites, driven by moral relativity, where nothing is wrong or right and are soooo much smarter than we are.

And they say crime doesn’t pay!  Boy, are we the idiots!

It amazes me, truly does, that there aren’t hordes of citizens, carrying pitchforks and torches, marching on the Bastille and building guillotines as we speak!

But I guess it could be argued Trump is today’s version of a pitchfork.

Great, using crazy to attack corruption.  What could go wrong here?


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