James Comey falls on his sword. The “blinking Morse Code” moment.

After a day of reviewing what Comey said about the Hillary conspiracy to hide her activities on private servers we can come to a few conclusions.  Over at American Thinker they agree with me that Comey may have been more a POW blinking out “torture” than a man who is comfortable covering up for HRC- again.

start blinking- “It’s fixed!”

One thing I do believe is true in his statement is they did not know what he was about to say.  That was because he fell on his sword to protect his FBI.

Yesterday, the director of the FBI offered 15 of the most puzzling minutes in the history of American law enforcement.  James Comey spent the first 12 minutes or so laying out a devastating case dismantling Hillary Clinton’s email defense.  Then, in a whiplash-inducing change of narrative, he announced that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring the case he had just outlined, an assertion that was contradicted within hours by luminaries including former U.S. attorney (and mayor) Rudy Giuliani and James Kallstrom, former head of the FBI’s New York office.

How can we possibly explain the FBI director deliberately inducing mass cognitive dissonance?

If, as many on the right fear, the fix was in, Comey did not need to lay out such an overwhelming case that already has provided ample ammunition to refute Hillary Clinton’s many lies about her email practices.

I think it is possible that Comey was grudgingly complying with the reality that he learned in the wake of the covert meeting between Bill Clinton and A.G. Lynch (that became public only because a Phoenix TV station was doing a story on VIP arrivals at Sky Harbor Airport).  I suspect that he learned, directly or indirectly, that no case would be brought against Hillary Clinton.  As Karin McQuillan noted today, he provided a “tell” when he said:

We … engage in productive conversations with prosecutors about what resolution may be appropriate.

This would leave him with a decision to respond the hard way or the easy way.  I have no idea what the hard way would involve, whether it involved losing positive inducements to cooperate and be a good team member or whether something decidedly unpleasant might happen to him or his loved ones, as has happened to so many people inconvenient to the Clintons, by sheer coincidence, of course.  The easy way would be no recommendation for prosecution, allowing A.G. Lynch to keep her promise to follow whatever the FBI recommended.  That would call off the dogs.

So did Director Comey cooperate the way American prisoners of war did, when forced to read statements praising their captors, by in effect blinking Morse code?  He gave exactly what he was supposed to.  But he did it in a way calculated to do political damage to Hillary Clinton.

For those who do not know what Lifson is talking about hit the link above. The POW in that case was Jeremiah Denton,who while being filmed by the North Vietnamese,  blinked “torture” in Morse Code.

I saw the look in Comey’s eyes. He knew he was committing professional suicide.  Either the Right or the Left- or both- would end up calling him a traitor, and he knew it.

So he did what many will come to think is a very smart move. He undermined HRC’s bucket of lies, once and for all and in that gave us this.

If or when the Russians decide to release the emails they have- which were stolen from her server- we’ll see another round of maybe she isn’t fit to govern.

It will be interesting to see what he will say during the congressional hearings.  However, in the end he’ll resign. He’s done and he knows it. Another victim sucked into the black morass that is the Clinton vortex.

The question now is will the American people put aside their petty greed and vote their conscience- such as it is in 2016 America.  That will be the key.



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