The recent police shooting – not all that it appear to be- again.

First off, no more Zimmerman or Wilson type cases.  Assume that all you see is NOT what appears to be.  The BLM/Obama/MSM effort to turn all shootings into bad shootings (especially on video) is a dangerous and lethal thing.

As we speak, five police officers and many more are dead by the hands of black people enraged BY the MSM/BLM/Obama/Hillary cabal.  The actions are incited by two shootings, both caught on video, that seem to show police misconduct.

Of course even the most conservative commentators fall for this trick again.  Like I said at PJMedia do they have the learning curve like the outside edges of the Texas border?

Thank God for websites like the Conservative Treehouse. They trust no one, and will snag social media and police information right after an incident to get a true reading on the players. I discovered them during the Trayvon Martin case.

In the Philando Castile, TCTH and Gotnews have taken on the task to find the truth. Sadly, they will act in a singular fashion as the Dallas shooting will take the attention off of these events.

So what do we know? We know the police acted quickly to shoot Castile. We know the crazy girlfriend went right to Facebook and cemented a narrative that may be unraveling.  Let’s deal with her first.  She’s a hot mess. From Got News and I have not independently confirmed this but..

Once again we broke the news before everyone else: proved that #PhilandoCastile was a Crips gang banger.

We also rightly pointed out that his lying, drugged-up side chick Lavish Reynolds lied about everything, including being his girlfriend, being married, and that Castile had a concealed carry permit.

Reynolds was already lying 10 seconds into the video, claiming that Castile was her boyfriend. There were no references to or photos of Castile on Reynolds’ Facebook page, and vice versa, even though Reynolds was a prolific Facebook user, posting dozens of photos in just the last month.

Castile listed his relationship status on the site as single. Reynolds’ was “married,” although she says she is a single mom. What Reynolds should have said is side chick.

Now remember, this is about controlling a narrative to fuel a black movement to vote for Hillary, just as Zimmerman was for 2012 elections and Obama, and the 2014 elections created the Brown/Wilson crisis.

It is ALL about getting democrats elected! That’s some cold-hearted stuff brothers. Getting people on both sides injured and killed to gain votes.

Over that TCTH they summarize the facts was they have discovered them.

The Falcon Heights, Minnesota police shooting of Philando Castile is based around an entirely false narrative.  Castile and Ms. Diamond Reynolds (Facebook video uploader) were pulled over by police because Castile matched a BOLO Alert for an armed robbery suspect from four days prior.

There is a transcript of the radio calls allegedly from the traffic stop. It reads as a legitimate stop.

A KARE 11 viewer, who gave us audio clips of police radio traffic, claims they captured the moments just before Philando Castile and his girlfriend were stopped by St. Anthony police – which ended in police shooting that killed Castile.

KARE 11 has attempted to confirm the authenticity of the recording with police officials, but so far they have not responded.

We have verified that the license plate mentioned by police in the recording matches the plate of the car Castile was driving.  The location the officer gives also corresponds to the locations of the traffic stop.

“I’m going to stop a car,” the officer says on the recording. “I’m going to check IDs.  I have reason to pull it over.”

“The two occupants just look like people that were involved in a robbery,” the officer says. “The driver looks more like one of our suspects, just ‘cause of the wide set nose,” the officer continues.

A minute and a half later, the recording captures the first report that there was a shooting.

Officer:  “Shots fired Larpenteur and Fry.”
Dispatch: “Copy you just heard it? …   You just heard the shots fired?”
Officer:  (screaming) “Code 3! Shots fired.”
Dispatch:  “Copy shots fired Larpenteur and Fry. Do you need medics?”
Officer:  “Code 3!”
Dispatch:  “Copy. Medics — code 3 to Larpenteur and Fry.”
Officer: “One adult female taken into custody. Driver at gunpoint.”

This is the photos from the surveillance video showing the robbery.

suspect MN 1

From the newspaper.

mn lavish newports 3







Is this the gun? CCW people don’t put their guns in their laps if they are riding in cars and stopped by police.

mn shooting 19





On top of that we find Castile may be in or sympathetic with the Crip gang.

Philando is a Crip

right leg up= Crips

Crips going to crip

The BIG “C”. At what point do we say yep?








Why did Philando Castile praise the Crips if he a good boy?

Everybody does this during the holidays






And to remove all doubt, West side Crip sign












Now is Castile the robber? An active gang member or wannabe?

I would hope regardless of what the weak governor said or any pressure from the politicians they do a serious look into his life, including search warrants on his home and on his devices.  Maybe they find the other guy linked to him and build that case.   It would go a long way to explaining why he did what he did and why the police reacted to him the way they did.

If not, and Castile isn’t the robber, then this is a case of the police stopping a person of interest and either they reacted wrong or Castile did something wrong- like having a gun stuck under his thigh and reaching for it- or this is series of bad inputs that ended up with a somewhat dicey person getting killed.

Update: news clip

But there is one element we may be missing here.  That is the element of a President, media, BLM, DOJ taking a position that there is an inherent racism inside all police departments and it causes police officers – of all stripes- to target blacks.  Further, once they cemented that into the conversation, Obama, et. al, cleverly added that it is the duty of blacks to “resist” this racism whenever possible.  Of course they “mean” (wink, wink) is through the ballot box, laws, peaceful protests and conversation.  But what they did was create an environment about where street blacks think resisting means at the point of contact and not through social pressure alone.

So the result is that the position the President (et. al.) takes turns a simple non-violent contact turns INTO a violent contact, thus upping the number of potential police brutality complaints. It is a vicious and  now obviously intentional cycle.  And it will lead to more dead and injured on both sides. Just as long as Obama can say things like this;

The dramatic shootings are an opportunity to push that agenda, Obama said. “If my voice has been true and positive, my hope would be that… [the panel] surfaces problems, it frames them, it allows us to wrestle with these issue and try to come up with practical solutions,” he said.

Obama began touting the panel’s recommendations in March 2015. The report, titled “President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing Report,” was published in May 2015.

The report urges the federal government to federalize police training and practices, via the use of federal lawsuits, grants and threats to cut federal aid. So far, Obama’s deputies have cajoled and sued more than 30 police jurisdictions to adopt federal rules in a slow-motion creation of a national police system, similar to the slow-motion creation of a federal-run health-sector via Obamacare.

Fighting the police has always been a calculated risk taken by bad guys. Some are smart enough to know the system leans in their direction, so unless they are doing something really bad, they will get some time in jail (if any) and they are right back out again.  Also, we have to admit there is a constant number (or growing depending on your perspective) of criminal individuals in our society.  They are criminal by nature, not by violation, because they are raised in a culture that encourages immediate gratification and rewards criminal behavior.

Since Obama has come into office and brought the allegation of racism to the forefront we’ve see more and more confrontations or examples of the  police backing down and away from their duty to protect innocent people. We all know it is happening, but the Left doesn’t seem to mind spilling blood on both sides for political gain.

Alton Sterling is an example of  either, or both, reasons.  It is easy to say Sterling was a career criminal. His record is here.

Here’s Alton Sterling, the guy they’re making a cause celebre out of.

9/09/96 aggravated battery

10/31/97 2nd degree battery

1/06/98 simple battery

5/04/00 public intimidation

9/20/00 carnal knowledge of a juvenile

9/04/01 domestic violence

5/24/05 burglary of an inhabited dwelling place

7/11/05 receiving stolen things

9/12/05 burglary of inhabited dwelling place

3/17/06 simple criminal damage to property, simple robbery, simple theft, drug possession, misrepresentation during booking, simple battery, aggravated battery

4/12/06 aggravated battery, simple criminal damage to property, disturbing the peace, unauthorized entry

4/04/08 domestic abuse battery

6/03/09  resisting an officer, drug possession, receiving stolen things, possession of stolen firearm, illegal carrying of a weapon with CDs, sound reproduct without consent

10/12/09 illegal carrying of weapon, marijuana possession

8/13/15 failure to register as a sex offender

4/08/16 failure to register as a sex offender

6/14/16 ecstacy and marijuana possession

So was this a good shoot or a bad one?

Work through this for a second. This is a good shoot. I say this as a retired cop. Not a great shoot like people see on TV or expect, but a good one. Why? Because in reality, violence and death are just one micro-second away. If Sterling gets his hands on a loaded gun in a loose pocket he can pull, twist and fire, while both officers have their guns secured in their holsters.  Wrestling a big, strong person- on the ground- is dangerous in of itself. Been there, done that. Put the fact he was trying to get to the gun makes it lethal.

Here’s the facts. 1- he’s a felon- a career long felon. 2. He likes guns. 3. He’s prone to violence. 4. He just got out of jail- so going back may not have been an option. 5. In the last eight years we’ve had national leaders tell blacks they are being picked on and they have a right to resist- which makes every contact possibly more violent. (NOTHING occurs in a vacuum Barack!) 6. At any time Sterling, who apparently already flashed that gun at someone, could have given up. The officer warned him after sticking his duty weapon into the chest of Sterling and only fired when Sterling refused to stop fighting.

Here’s a hint. When the cop puts his pistol over your heart and says if you keep reaching for the gun I’ll pull the trigger…STOP REACHING FOR THE GUN!

Let them cuff you, transport you, book you, send you to county lock up, where all your buddies are, and hang out until your court date or you make bail. Then you can buy another stolen gun, go back to selling dope and counterfeit CD for a cash living on the street corner, and not pay your child support!


Sterling is a clearer case of a man refusing to give up and exposing the police to lethal harm. That’s a done deal.  The other shooting is more dicey. Only because more evidence is needed. If it turns out Castile is the robber and was going for his gun- because resisting is all the rage today- then it’s his fault.  If he had a gun under his leg that was seen by the officer and then moved his hands in the direction of that gun AFTER being told to stop- that’s on him too. The time it takes to grab an un-holstered pistol and point/shot is far under a second.  The officer would lose that gunfight. And they aren’t paid to get killed.

However, if Castile had a gun, wasn’t intending to use it and still moved, it could be argued both sides made a mistake and it was a sad outcome.

In time I hope they’ll do their due diligence and seek the truth through facts and evidence.

Update: As we speak the family of Castile is making money off his death with go fund me campaigns. Even the non girlfriend has taken in over thirty- thousand dollars.

So there is that motive to lie too.

  • Mama Valerie Castile’s account leading the way with $163,674  (link)
  • Big Sis Allysza’s account comes in second with $60,939 (link)
  • Lavish Reynolds account third with a paultry $30,294  (link)







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