What Paris elites won’t tell you, so you won’t see it coming here.

This is a common sight that you don’t see. Why? Because if we saw this every day we’d realize that importing people who will not or cannot assimilate results in violence.  It is who they are, who we are, their form of government, our form of government.   The key to the ascendancy is kitman, a type of Islamic “laying low” until you reach a critical mass.  In Paris, they’ve reached that mass and are now striking out.

The trouble with the French is they have forgotten what they are supposed to be fighting for. The elimination of Christendom by secular socialists have left little for the people to sacrifice for.  Who would fight for the continuation of the EU? Seriously!

So one side fights for dominance, religion, race, culture and power.  The other for what exactly?  Who do you think will win.

And that goes for here too.  I’m not a Trump fan, but in this area he gets it.  HRC wants to bring in a million more- unvetted.  Concentrated into the already deepening pockets of Islam in our cities, they may actually reach a critical mass.

Then what?


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