Cutting to the meat on the “robbery” of the US swimmers. Both sides wrong. One side illegal.

A radio host noted what I saw.  That the US media is so hellbent on finding fault with America they are EAGER to throw four drunken idiot USA swimmers under the bus.   Even at Fox they call this an “ugly American” moment.  Now that is RICH!

Let me cut to the chase. This event was probably going to go into the ether of the world where great Olympic stories athletes told to each other.  “Hey, remember the time when…” stuff.  But somehow it gets out and the media, who had been hammering Rio and the Olympics endlessly on stories of corruption, bad construction, contaminated water, etc. suddenly gets all worked up over the fact that the swimmers, all drunk as cooter brown, tell a somewhat distorted version of their drunken stupidity and subsequent robbery.

The outrage in the crime capital of the world, Rio, is the typical Latino impulsive response, they are insulted because of the ugly Americans making the charge that turned out to be false.  Except, it isn’t. They were in fact, under American law, robbed.  They also may have committed vandalism and public drunkenness if that is in fact a crime in Rio.  We don’t know because unlike here in America, in Rio they don’t have a thing called “due process” – where the suspect is arrested, has a trial, found guilty and forced to pay restitution by the courts. Nope, in Rio, you get a security guard illegally detaining you, pulling a gun, and demanding you give him money for the “damage”.  Of course the money you hand over FAR exceeds any repair costs- because you are being robbed and that is how that works.  Lochte points that out.

US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, who had falsely claimed he and three teammates were robbed in Rio, apologized Friday for his behavior, saying he should have been “more careful and candid” in explaining what happened.

“I should have been much more responsible in how I handled myself and for that am sorry to my teammates, my fans, my fellow competitors, my sponsors and the hosts of this great event,” Lochte said in a statement carried on Twitter and Instagram.

Lochte is still sticking to one element of his original story — that he and his friends were robbed at gunpoint:

“It’s traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country — with a language barrier — and have a stranger point a gun at you and demand money to let you leave,” he said.

That makes this the kind of non-apology apology one normally sees in politics, but Lochte may have a point. The video evidence and later statements by the police in Rio corroborates his claim that they were held at gunpoint, not by the police but by security guards. The guards only let them go after they paid for the damage. As Allahpundit argued yesterday, that certainly might feel like a hold-up … as long as you conveniently leave out all the damage to the property and the argument that preceded it.

But if Lochte and his pals felt like they’d been held up, why not wait for the police to arrive and hash it out that way? That would be especially true if the amount of cash was $400 rather than the $50 Rio police claim changed hands. Their status as Olympic athletes would have given them some leverage with a city that wanted to make everything look as smooth as possible (although an intoxicated group might not have realized that advantage). Telling everyone they’d been held up without explaining the context also makes it look as though they knew then — and still know now — that it wasn’t a stick-up. A “stranger” didn’t just randomly “point a gun at you and demand money to let you leave,” an argument Lochte makes again without an explicit acknowledgment of the context. Sounds like an implicit recognition that his rationalization doesn’t hold water, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Here is where I get off the “They deserved it” train and frankly  I am embarrassed- once again- by our globalist leaning media.  The “offended” people in Rio get a judge to sign an order to FORCE an illegal detention of our citizens, pull them off a plane, hold them in detention, put them in court, threaten them with jail, and then say “But if you give a ‘contribution’ to a charity of 11,000 us dollars, I’ll let you go.”  Which by the way, in America, is extortion.  No trial, no witnesses, no evidence produced, no opportunity for a jury to look at the case, just an overt threat.   Wooo whooo!  Let’s just show the world how corrupt the system really is.

For a small fee can leave. Or as they say in the Rio system of justice “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!”

Oh BTW, a real journalist would ask the judge exactly what “charity” he deems proper. The “pay my cousin, Julio, charity”?

From the LA Times- aka hating America- paper. Note the comment by the Brazilian.

At some point, a gas station security guard drew his weapon to stop the swimmers from fleeing, police said. In the video, one of the four can be seen briefly raising his hands.

“We have no evidence to believe that there was any excess use of the weapon,” Veloso said, adding that the guard was an employee of the Brazilian government authorized to be armed.

Images from another camera next showed the swimmers in a different area of the gas station. One had fallen onto his back and was helped up by a teammate. The four sat on a curb and could be seen in animated conversation with a person out of view of the camera.

The swimmers eventually stood up and left after paying for the damages.

The incident has captivated and angered residents of this oceanside metropolis.

2016 Summer Olympics live coverage: Rio police say two swimmers admit Ryan Lochte’s account of gunpoint robbery was false »

“They owe an apology, not only to the police, but all of Brazil,” said Maria Jose Rocha, an 87-year-old retired lawyer who lives near the police station where Bentz and Conger gave their statements Thursday. “They disrespected us and underestimated our justice system.”

Justice system?…. Underestimated?…Where it’s okay to hold suspects at gunpoint and demand money?  Where a judge, before a trial, demands money?   If this happened here, the security guard, the police who didn’t arrest the security guard, and the judge would all be arrested or fired or jailed, their careers ruined.

In Rio they have a different standard. They look the other way at the out of control crime in their nation- and blame drunken idiots for exposing it. Here’s a taste of Rio’s daily life.

I’d have more sympathy for the Brazilian people if their cops spent more time stopping this than screwing with- and robbing- US swimmers, no matter how stupid they are.


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