What everyone should ask Hillary now.

The HRC campaign says move on from the emails. Okay, so let’s concentrate on her mental acuity.¬† At this point there should be only one question asked of her after¬† we have looked at her defense in her July 2016 FBI interview.

If I were able to ask the question it would be this:

” In July 2016, you told the FBI that your concussion created a gap in your memory where you could not remember taking any classes, being briefed on what is classified material and how to handle it, or being able to even recognize it if you saw it. However, in September of 2016, you tell the American people you have 30 years of dealing with classified material, you are an expert in all of the sensitive areas and that should qualify you for being President. So I ask you Mrs Clinton what pill did you take, or what therapy did you participate in, that provided you this amazing and miraculous recovery within 60 days? Because there are NFL veteran players and military veterans who are suffering traumatic brain injuries and are desperately in need of your medical cure!…. Or are you lying? It is either door #1 or door #2. There is no door #3.”

That is how you trap a liar.


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