Let’s talk about it. Hillary is ill. Seriously ill. Sick people can’t be President.

First of all we deserve better.  We can’t have the world melting down and our President fainting and secluding themselves and hiding health issues.

Second, it would kill her, probably quickly.  The stress of being President is damn near lethal. Just look at the Obama/Clinton/Bush era. They are not the same people coming out as going in.  Obama is the least affected because his “I really don’t give a shit” meter pegged a long time ago. Short of his Soros issued check not clearing when he leaves, he doesn’t have much of a care.

Third, it’s dangerous.  If she can’t respond who will? Her VP? Huma? Cheryl Mills, Bill?  SHE’S supposed to be the President (if she wins) not some lawyer, MB plant or an old broken down war horse.  It is dangerous for bad actors to know, not just think, our President is lame.  They will do bad things.

Here is the video linked to by Daily Caller. There is no doubt she’s all screwed up in a serious way. They trotted her out, after they took her to her daughter’s apartment for treatment, in order to make it look like no big deal. She managed a few waves, a planted child runs up, and she walks TEN YARDS to the waiting van and is whisked away to be secluded in her home. Now a woman who is fainting- a lot- at her age should be taken to a hospital to have a full work up.  But they take her home instead.  Why?  Because they know what is wrong with her.  One theory- Parkinson’s.

Listen, it’s something.  It’s not nothing. And trotting out HRC to do a dog and pony show for thirty feet is NOT fooling anyone.  First of all, Snopes claims there is nothing wrong with that head bobbing moment or the open mouth bug eyed stare.  Dude, Snopes is being run by some lefties who wouldn’t admit the truth if it bit them on the rear! It was taken over awhile back.  So, smart move by their side, but it doesn’t change the fact that outside handicapped people, we’ve never seen such a thing!

She’s hiding at home, getting treatment. I will give her credit for her will, and Trump needs to be careful because she will drag herself across this finish line if it literally kills her!

Pay attention to what I’m about to say here.  Hillary can want something as a personal goal, but it affects the rest of us, that cannot happen.  Let me put it another way.  Take female pilots, both want to be the first to fly around the world.  If one is Amelia Earhart, and she does it alone and gets killed in the process, that’s HER single sacrifice and she has that right. However, if the other female pilot is flying a 777 with four hundred innocent passengers on board, THEY have a say in that decision!  And no, she cannot go!

But HRC is tough, ruthless and at this point stupidly stubborn.  She reminds me of this guy.

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