The fact they are still touting it makes you wonder about their sanity.

Dems still love Obamacare!  Even has it rips the heart out of individuals and families across America.  “More people are insured!”  Nope, different people, but not more as many chose to opt out because they cannot afford it any longer.

Like many other Americans, I got a letter last week. This letter is becoming an annual tradition, arriving on my doorstep in October to inform me of my Obamacare insurance premium hike.

Last year, the letter said my Bronze plan, purchased on the marketplace formed by the, ahem, Affordable Care Act, would increase by almost 60 percent.

 This year, my premium is going up 96 percent. Ninety-six percent. My monthly payment, which was the amount of a decent car payment, is now the size of a moderate mortgage. The president refers to these for thousands of citizens as “a few bugs” when to us it feels like a flameout.

For this astronomical payment, I get a plan with an astronomical deductible that my healthy family of three will likely never hit except in the most catastrophic of circumstances.

If a company did this to a consumer, the feds would swoop in and arrest the CEO for fraud.

It is really that simple.


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