Trump the Trojan Horse, or the DNC’s five second grenade with a three second fuse?

Tomorrow is the big day.  I’m posting this only as a way to get out in front of the big question many are asking; “Is Trump a Trojan Horse working as planned, or that errant grenade that is supposed to have a five second fuse, but goes off in the DNC’s hand on the count of two?!”

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Win or lose he changes the conversation. Now we know who is on our side.

Sadly, the fun of this is tainted by the fact we know the DNC/Progressive movement has managed to seal off a number of states and frankly will steal any that are close. It just is.

We know that by the Wikileaks and by remembering our history.  Can Trump and his minions- the tens of millions that they are- turn this around?  I have no idea.  But then I thought after four years of Obama, Romney, far more decent and stable, should have walked away with an easy victory.  Maybe America doesn’t want decent anymore. Milk toast is boring and there is a desire to uproot the basic stability that is the elite run America. In which case, HRC is in trouble.

The key here is turnout. Those who turn out for Trump and those who stay home because the democratic candidate is a witch, a lying betraying type of witch. I think the fraud and the Hispanics will make a difference this time as the blacks will stay home and the millennials will stay home.  With Obama, the blacks voted race.  The millennials voted for the cool guy.  Neither are running this time.

So can the far more organized and loyal democrats beat a  candidate with a populace following, who exposed their cabal of elites consisting of immoral liars and cheats bent on stealing the wealth of the peasants. Or does America go back to sleep, content to be sheered like sheep.

If Trump wins, this will be the DNC.

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That would be fun to see.

And that would be very cool.  I hate cheaters and thieves, which leaves HRC out.

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