Well, “BOOM!!”

In my earlier post I said Trump is either the perfect DNC Trojan Horse, or a grenade the DNC threw that had a five second fuse, bu went off in two seconds, in the hands of the DNC/Hillary campaign.

Well, “Boom!”

The Hillary Clinton campaign plan.


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The end result of the Hillary Clinton campaign plan. (Or, darling it’s just that nobody really LIKES you!)

Image result for Wile e coyote blowing up

What I said to some friends;

Trump should send a couple of guys in a U Haul to the star’s houses, and have them say this; “Okay, Miley, you grab Rosie and Whoopie and that guy who used to play Meathead on tv, we’ll make one trip of it.  I’ve got maps to Canada in the glovebox.  It’s easy. Basically get on any interstate, turn north, keep driving until you run into a bunch of very nice, but funny sounding, people, who keep trying to sell you real maple syrup.  Come on, load up!”

A friend of mine emailed me from California pointing out there should be some houses available in Malibu real soon!

My biggest take away is that I don’t have to listen to  her lecture me on how to live my life while cackling like a crazy witch from some bad fairy tale! Seriously, put the children down and turn off the oven!

But the best meme I got this morning sums it all up.








Barack, think of yourself and Hillary as lucky.  This is our version of 1791 France.  Lucky for you we left the pitchforks home.

This time.



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