Hillary goes full Dreyfus after seeing this.

Imagine being HRC and watching the news or skimming the internet and you are constantly being barraged with the phrase “President-elect Donald Trump”!  I know, even I scratch my head and expect Rod Serling from the Twilight Zone TV show step out with a cigarette in his hand and say ” This cannot happen can it? Unless we are all in the Twilight Zone.” (Cue the music – Tada dada, tada dada Daa!”)

Every time she clicks on the the TV she sees this.

And hopes this guy steps out and says;

Image result for Image of rod serling twilight zone

Just screwing with you President elect Clinton, you can wake up now!

But we know that’s not how it turned out. Instead, Hillary can now see this website logo on the Web and TV.






And does this to the nearest person!








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