Trump sends a message to foreign nations, it’s okay to investigate the Clinton Foundation.

And that’s a twist for sure.

Foreign governments will be encouraged to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s finances, as many are already turning off money spigots to the scandal-scarred group, The Post has learned.

A source close to President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team told The Post that the new administration plans to pressure the US ambassadors it will name to bring up the foundation with foreign governments — and suggest they probe its ­financial dealings.

Trump said last week that he would not order an investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server or her role in the foundation.

But Trump’s statement didn’t preclude the backroom moves to investigate the group.

“Haiti and Colombia will be key diplomatic posts for this ­because of all the money ­involved,” said the source.

In Haiti, recently leaked ­e-mails indicate “Friends of Bill” Clinton may have been given priority from the State Department as it prepared to spend some
$10 billion in aid after a devastating earthquake hit the country in 2010. The State Department has denied any special treatment.

In Colombia, Canadian mining magnate Frank Giustra pledged $100 million to the foundation in 2005 and later benefited from the foundation’s philanthropic work in the country, where he acquired large parcels of land and set up an oil business, ­according to watchdog groups.

For those who still don’t get why the Clinton Foundation should be looked at, here is another video from a man who did just that and found it to be phenomenally illegal and improper.  Take the time to watch. His major takeaway after analyzing the books?

Wall Street investment analyst Charles Ortel called the Clinton Foundation “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted” before all the newly-exposed emails from campaign chairman John Podesta’s account were released from WikiLeaks.

The leaks have fortified his findings. The Wall Street investment analyst, who retired at 46 and prides himself on researching complex problems like General Electric and the credit crisis, has been fly-specking the Clinton Foundation since the spring of 2015.

Ortel explains why he believes the Clinton Foundation is a “crooked charity cooking the books” with over $2 billion dollars in revenue, in this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Now the fly in this particular ointment is that Columbia and Haiti have their own corrupt governments to work with, which means they may not be interested in chasing the CF.  Heck, I’m betting more than a few bureaucrats within those governments took a bribe to look the other way. That’s how the Clintons roll!

But what is important here, the people of Haiti have a right to have the world hear just how badly they were treated by the Clinton Foundation, with the full knowledge of both Clintons.



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