Trump’s in. His speech honest. The war is on. The Clintons are gone.

It’s been a good week.  Trump’s speech was a direct shot across the bow of the establishment like a pop in the jaw.  If the Republicans and the Democrats backed by the administrative state think they can bend him, they now know the only way back to their comfortable corruption is by destroying him.  That means war.

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Showing where he’s going to hang establishment gonads.

A friend of mine pointed out he read an article where a Republican in an off the record interview simply stated they will wait until he trips up and then impeach him.  The “Leviathan” will not be stopped by one guy who thinks silly things like government serves the people, not the other way around.

I agree. They will. And the press will turn him into Nixon, the loyal Republicans will suddenly fade away and power will be regained by those who fear they have lost it temporarily.  If I were Trump I would assume everything is a trap.

On the bright side, the Clintons -as a national couple consumed by power- are gone.  Gone, gone, gone…did I say gone?  I lived long enough to see their cycle come and go, sadly with a lot of damage in between to our nation and others.  But they are gone.  To that end, let me share some great cartoons.

Obama Gone

Literally Hillaryu


Hillary's Meds

I figured they had an IV of Valium stuck in her. She starts to twitch they hit the pump!Then she sits back down and does the “Queen wave” at the imaginary people she sees in her head!

However, as a final reminder why America could not risk Hillary in the White House we get this wonderful moment.  Bill getting busted by Hill yet once again!

I know right! She has to be thinking “I was embarrassed TWICE by losing an election not rigged by the DNC.  I was found out to be a liar, paranoid and a felon.  I may STILL face civil fines for running a scam charity.  I put up with your mistress for years and you STILL can’t keep it in your pants?! I’m going to grab you by your balls and rip the….aahhhh Valium…”

This is already occurring.  Trump may sideline the MSM for years to come.

Trump Querstions

And lastly metrosexual men may not need to apply moment,


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Semper fi!

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