The smell of fear. Do you know when you have shot an arrow into a pig? It squeals.

When Devin Nunes stepped in front of the cameras on Wednesday last week and said he just reviewed information that indicated the intelligence agencies were in fact spying on the Trump campaign and their information was “unmasked” by people inside the Obama administration, I’m betting you could have a heard a pin drop in certain circles, followed by a collective under the breath “fuck me!”

Congressman Nunes has quickly gained the reputation that when looking into intelligence failures he resembles- as Steve Hayes at Fox puts it- “a dog with a bone.”

If you are inside the beltway DC types who likes the idea of complete control of the populace and collecting all the data on them, this is not a good thing.

If you are a democrat and hoping to protect the Obama legacy that it was scandal free, this is not a good thing.

If you are an American citizen, who fears or worries about the mass collection of data and want it to stop, this may be an interesting period of time, as you see those who want it try to hide the abuses, and those who want it to stop (like Rand Paul) try to expose them battle it out.

Congressman Nunes likes the programs, he thinks when applied properly they works.  That’s why he looked like a kid who was about to admit to his dad he broke the window with the new bat and ball that his dad had just gave him, along with the explicit instructions “Do NOT play around the house, you will break a window!”

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This is not a happy man. He just found out his buddies were cheating.

Of course the press  conference should have been a bombshell and would be if GWB had done it and was when Nixon did it.  But Obama, soon to be appointed a Saint in the annals of liberalism, cannot be tarnished, so the MSM, led by CNN, wanted to deflect on the issue of timing, that he told the President, that he didn’t tell his democrat colleagues, etc.  And it all demands that he resign, go away, stop digging, and just not bust the narrative bubble.

The made up dust up is causing the dust up that they demand be addressed. Sort of a “I will quit yelling like a child if you just go away, because you make me yell like a child.”  Instead, the question is why are you yelling, because Monday, when Mike Rogers and Comey were claiming “no comprende” when asked if they knew anything about the spying and unmasking, you were all steadfast friends!

So what happened?  Simple, somebody exercised the age old decision of all suspects that fear being jailed over what they and their buddies did- they came forward with the documents and said, “Y’know, I would make a far better witness than a suspect!”

Here’s the bottom line- they did it.  They can’t help but do it because the NSA and others make a living sweeping up data from foreign (and domestic) people and governments. It’s HOW they handle the raw data that is the fall back point.  And now, it appears someone in the Obama administration used that system to take a look at and leak conversations between Trump’s people and “targets” (which is anyone else).

Now the questions are- Who knew and when did they know? Who ordered it and who approved it? And “Who unmasked whom, leaked the info, and why?”

You wonder why NSA Rogers and Comey and Yates were all delayed? So..they..can..get..their..stories..straight.  If someone inside the system told Nunes what happened and who did it and provided the documents, this is all about coverups and lawyering up.  If there is a document on file (and the feds document everything) showing an Obama acolyte in fact violated the law, that person has to be exposed and punished- with the resulting scandal tainting the Obama legacy.

Option two is to run Nunes off, show that the “establishment” is still in charge, get a guy who will go along- like another Congressman Rogers who had motivation to “make it all go away”- and hope it all, well, goes away.

That will not work.

“Calls Grow for Nunes to Step Aside in Inquiry on Surveillance,” says The New York Times. “The remarkable calls,” it goes on to say, “by Representatives Adam B. Schiff of California, the committee’s top Democrat,” came after revelations that Nunes had met a source at the White House. Democrats claimed that a “bipartisan investigation” could no longer be achieved.

For starters, the idea that Schiff isn’t a full-blown partisan is preposterous. He’s already made a number of wild and irresponsible claims about Russia “hacking our election.” (The California representative contends to have conclusive evidence of collusion, though he’s yet to share the specifics with the group.) There is no reason to treat him like the guardian of a chaste investigation. Others who went on the record to demand recusal were nonpartisan public servants like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

The Times’ headline, by the way, could just as easily have read “Calls Grow for Nunes to Stay on in Inquiry on Surveillance.” Last night, Rep. Trey Gowdy said that “Jesus would not be a satisfactory chairperson to some of my Democratic colleagues.” Rep. Peter King, just as much (or little) a partisan as Pelosi, came out in defense of Nunes. As did others. These “calls” are just as real. (It’s also important to remember that GOP hawks who have been critical of Nunes — although none have asked for recusal — are also defenders of the NSA’s wide authority under Section 702.)

McCain is part of this unseat Nunes effort and maybe due to McCain’s age he isn’t even trying to be crafty about his subterfuge. Frankly, if they really dig, they’ll find his fingerprints all over the effort to diminish Trump.

I truly hope Nunes stays and keeps flinging arrows.  Enough is enough. And those in power will only reign in their behavior AFTER one- or a few of them- is punished severely.

Besides, nothing sounds better than privileged pigs squealing!





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