Making people accountable. The Susan Rice saga is just starting.

First of all, Susan Rice, like Cheryl Mills, is protected for the following reasons; 1.  She’s black. 2. She’s female. 3. She’s liberal. 4. She’s protecting a progressive icon.

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They got away with it because we let them. Not because they didn’t do it.

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Now she will do her best to protect him.

Second, that does not make what she did right, but it may be “legal”.  But remember the liberal mantra- “The end justifies the means.”

Third, all that said, somebody has to go to jail. They have to. If Trump doesn’t follow through many of his supporters will lose faith in him, thinking he is just like all the others in the past who agree to the old deal struck between parties which is-  “I will not tell on you, if you don’t tell on us”.  Personally, I’m sick of that, because all that does is increase the amount of abuse on citizens by the government.  Think Lois Lerner and the IRS scandal. The Fast and Furious mess from our ATF.

Trust me on this. The government is getting bolder and bolder in violating our privacy and rights. That is because nobody goes to jail. Oh, they may take a political hit or a sanction, but jail? Nope that is reserved for simpletons like us.

Andy McCarthy over at the NRO points out the law that prevents illegal use of NSA is actually designed with great leeway in order to protect the political actors.  They wrote the law to keep from going to jail for doing bad things.  I kid you not.

At her direction, the Obama White House violated the public trust. On Tuesday, in a National Review Online column, I contended that the reported involvement of former national-security adviser Susan Rice in the unmasking of Trump officials appears to be a major scandal — it suggests that the Obama White House, of which she was a high-ranking staffer, abused the power to collect intelligence on foreign targets, by using it to spy on the opposition party and its presidential candidate. It should come as no surprise that the defense Ms. Rice and Obama apologists are mounting is heavily reliant on a fact that is not in dispute: viz., that the intelligence collection at issue was legal. I anticipated that line of argument a week ago.

The issue is not technical legality, it is monumental abuse of power.

This could drive a regular citizen crazy.  And it is something Rand Paul, unless he is a fraud, should demand to be corrected with strong legal (meaning mandatory jail time) penalties.

When I was with our newly developed intel unit it wasn’t long until one of our bosses came to us and asked us to create a dossier on a local citizen. My partner, who was versed in the process and laws, asked what the guy did to merit it.  The answer? “He’s giving council a hard time.”  That was it? He was vocal in the exercise of his 1st amendment rights? My buddy looked at the boss and said, “I could, but I don’t want to go to jail and neither do you.”  It was against state and federal law to use the intelligence tools available to us to go after anyone who wasn’t involved in criminal activity. (Sound familiar?)  The boss thought for a second and said, “Never mind” and left, and did not return.  He didn’t know it was a crime.  When he found out- IT CHANGED HIS BEHAVIOR!

The law is written to protect the political operatives, but they cannot function alone.  So the way to solve this is simply make it a mandatory jail sentence for any bureaucrat to assist in the crime.  That way when some political idiot like the guy in “Office Space” walks by with a cup of coffee and says “Hey, could you unmask this for me?”  the cubical dwelling middle management bureaucrat will nod his head to an empty chair and say, “Fred, who used to sit over there, helped once.  He is coming up for parole in about three years.  He writes and says being a girlfriend for a 300lb guy named “Tiny” isn’t all that bad.  But I think he’s lying…soooo no!”

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Uh, you wouldn’t mind coming in on Saturday, so we can commit a ten year felony together. Mmmkay?

Then you get a handle on this. No more Lois Lerner types.  Make sure every successive administration from each party reviews the last administration for abuses and jails offenders.  The deep state people are just like us; wanting to earn a living, promote their agenda and not go to jail.  Make number three the one they think about most and the first two will stay in line.

Trump’s DOJ has to take a few scalps here, or Trump will be just like every other politician.  That will make him lose support.



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