The outrage over the NYtimes crime scene photos is justified. What are they thinking?

Theresa May is upset.  British law enforcement is upset. The culprits are a leaker and the New York Times.  They have no excuse. I will not link to the story, but the NY Times gave out FAR TOO MUCH information about the  bombing. Then the outrage, because the NY Times overstepped.  So they attempted to justify their decision.  It’s a bad attempt, as they offer readers reactions instead of making a real argument as to why they released detailed photos of the trigger and the battery.  Now they will argue WE need to know.  I guess because maybe we are all bomb experts or the jihadis would look at the trigger and say “Oh golly, that looks like Ali’s work!  Let’s hurry up and call MI5!”


This is what happens when the wrong people get all excited about doing the wrong thing. In their zeal to harm Trump, they screwed up a serious investigation by giving away evidence that may create leads to wrap up other threats.  And they did it for only one reason- to get Trump.

PM May is unhappy.  She complained to Trump, Trump shrugged his shoulders and said, “You ain’t telling me nothing I don’t already know!”

The world’s closest intelligence sharing arrangement is in jeopardy after key details and photographs from the Manchester bombing were apparently leaked by United States’s law enforcement sources to domestic journalists, leaving Manchester Police and the British government — who are collecting and analysing the finds — “furious”.

The United Kingdom has now stopped passing intelligence gathered as part of the investigation into the Manchester bombing to the United States according to claims made by the British state broadcaster BBC.

Hopefully, Trump will come back, get some people identified and arrested and prosecuted for this one event.  The rest can wait until after the Russian mess is cleared up and then they can get fired.

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Get your leaks stopped Donald!





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