Apple-Tree. Tim Kaine’s son get arrested for being a fool.

Thank God Trump won, not so much for Trump but for what we avoided by not having HRC or Kaine in charge.  Don’t believe me? Look at what he created- his son.

Linwood Michael Kaine, a son of former 2016. Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, faces criminal charges for allegedly joining in an anti-Trump riot to attack supporters of President Donald Trump in March in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Authorities charged the 24-year-old Kaine with “fleeing police on foot, concealing his identity in a public place, and obstructing legal process,” according to a detailed Twin Cities Pioneer Press report. “When people seek to prevent others who are peacefully assembled from making their voices heard, it threatens the very foundation of our democracy,” a local attorney said Friday after the charges against Kaine and seven others were announced.

Police said Kaine was allegedly part of a violent, masked group:

Security officers saw five people dressed in black leaving the Capitol, including one who threw a smoke bomb inside, according to complaints filed by the city attorney’s office. They went to a nearby spot and “tried to change their appearance by doing things like taking off their black clothing, putting on different jackets or hats, and turning their clothing inside out,” the complaints said.

When police approached, they scattered and ran. Steve Frazer, who was then a St. Paul police senior commander, chased a man who was later identified as Woody Kaine.

A Mar. 7 Twin Cities Pioneer Press report states that Kaine allegedly fought with police after being part of a group that threw a smoke bomb in a government building during a rally for President Trump:

Clad in black and wearing a mask, the youngest son of Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine wrested himself from the cop and then “squared off” with him.

Woody Kaine, 24, was among five masked, black-garbed people suspected of lobbing a smoke bomb minutes earlier inside the Minnesota Capitol rotunda Saturday afternoon.

Officers had chased him down, but Kaine wasn’t about to submit, according to a more detailed account provided Wednesday by St. Paul police.

In the end, it took three officers, a “knee strike” and a chemical spray to subdue Kaine after he was identified as one of the counterprotesters [sic] who allegedly used fireworks or a smoke bomb to disrupt a rally in support of President Donald Trump at the Minnesota State Capitol, according to police spokesman Steve Linders.

Less than two months before his son was arrested after the anti-Trump and anti-free speech riot, Kaine said on MSNBC that progressives must “fight in the streets” after Trump’s election.


Think this through. Tim Kaine was a radical in his youth and not any different as a grown man.  This shows a bit of an unstable personality.  His son learned from his father’s behavior and is being told, along with thousands of others, to “fight in the streets” to stop a sitting President of the United States. This war is promoted- instead of debating the ideas and policies like grown men.

Ramsey County Sheriff's Office

Hey Dad, did I do good?!

And this guy, Kaine, was going to be a VP… We got lucky.  Here’s his statement about his son’s arrest. (PS. If I did this, my dad’s total statement would be “Kid went bad, had to put him down.”

“What we’ve got to do is fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box, and now there’s the momentum to be able to do this,” Kaine told MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski on Jan. 31.

After his son’s arrest, Kaine issued a statement that did not appear to condemn his son’s alleged actions.

“We love that our three children have their own views and concerns about current political issues. They fully understand the responsibility to express those concerns peacefully,” Kaine said, as reported by Breitbart News.

Seriously, we got lucky.

Another PS.  Will Tim feel the same if Woody goes too far and hurts someone or a cop has to put him down like my dad would have done to me?  It’s all fun and games until someone take a rubber bullet to the noggin!


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