No wonder Trump was pissed. He knew they knew and were lying!

“They” meaning Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, CIA’s Morell, Obama, Rice, Clapper, Comey and Rogers.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has called out Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) over his public comments about the president being under investigation.

The problem, Grassley states, is that Schumer knew this was untrue because former FBI head James Comey had briefed not only the Senate Judiciary Committee but the Gang of Eight, including Schumer.  During that briefing in March of this year, Comey stated that the president was not under investigation.  This knowledge did not stop Schumer from, only weeks later, making public statements that he knew to be false.

The DC Caller reports:

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley called out Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Thursday for lying when the New York Democrat claimed that President Donald Trump was under investigation and Schumer knew otherwise.

Grassley stated that in March, then-FBI Director James Comey briefed ranking member Dianne Feinstein and him on the Russia probe.

“This included telling us who was, and who was not, under investigation,” Grassley stated on the floor of the Senate.

. . . .  Grassley then turned his attack toward Democrats who he said knew that Trump was never under investigation but proceeded to tell the public otherwise—particularly Democratic members of the “gang of eight,” which are all the top leaders of both parties in Congress and the top leaders in both parties on the intelligence committees in both chambers.

“I have to note something else here. Mr. Comey didn’t just tell the president Senator Feinstein and me that the president was not under investigation. He had also told the gang of eight. Of course, the gang of eight includes Senate Minority Leader Senator Schumer. But even after Mr. Comey told the gang of eight that the president was not under investigation, the minority leader told the media that the president was under investigation and of course that further help feed media storm– Hysteria.”

Grassley provides a specific example of Schumer’s knowingly untrue public statements about the president being under investigation.

As we speak, we hear the sound of wheels coming off the bus, the lug nuts initially loosened by Comey’s testimony.  Now the Washington Post (of all places) begins to put the bodies under the bus- one of which is Obama.

The primary takeaways from the article, based on progressive responses:

  1. Obama was too moderate and cautious, just like he always was as president, and Russia won’t suffer proportional consequences for its heinous crime.

  2. President Obama “approved a previously undisclosed covert measure that authorized planting cyber weapons in Russia’s infrastructure, the digital equivalent of bombs that could be detonated.” Liberal journalists are impressed, but they worry Trump will back off from using Obama’s “cyber weapon.”

  3. Sen. Mitch McConnell did not buy the intelligence suggesting that Russia was trying to undermine the U.S. election and dragged his feet on making a public statement as the campaign got into gears last September. The rabid left has been calling McConnell a “traitor” because of this. Yet the piece elsewhere admits that “some of the most critical technical intelligence on Russia came from another country,” making the NSA “reluctant to view it with high confidence.”

There a plenty of articles out there detailing how Obama was indecisive because he didn’t want to screw up the Iranian deal or upset the Syrian peace process (funny right?)  and blah- blah- blah.  Truth is, Obama has been weak since the beginning, partially because he’s a wimp and partially because he hates America so he does not feel the need to defend any abuse to her.

Plus, it ain’t like he and Hillary didn’t do it to others!

But the real crime here is that Comey told the gang of eight in 2016 that Trump was not a target or involved in any “collusion”, yet they went out and again and again lied to the American people.  All Trump wanted was Comey to come out and tell the American people what he told Congress and the President.   Comey refused, citing some dumb moves HE MADE in 2016.

That, of course, is bullshit. Comey was trying to please the deep state establishment and at the same time keep his job.  Under GWB, that would have worked. Under Trump it got him a —

Image result for trump you're fired

However, since Comey admitted in his May testimony that he did tell Trump three times he was not a target, and that there was no evidence of collusion ANYWHERE to be found, suddenly we start seeing the rats jumping off the sinking ship. They know the truth is leaking out. Among the rats is this guy, Morell, former head of the CIA.

Former CIA deputy director Mike Morell hit the Obama admin based on the Washington Post story this week that they did so little to strike back at Putin for meddling in our election.

He said he “failed miserably” in his response.

It’s really interesting when you think about it – for eight years we called him a wimp and the ditherer-in-chief, and in the end, that’s what screwed him over. He didn’t have the guts to stand up to Putin, and gave him a slap on the wrist. He didn’t tell the American people it was happening because he didn’t want to rock the boat. “No drama Obama” thought Hillary had it in the bag, and because of that, he doomed her candidacy, and his legacy.

Comey was at the NY Times the other day. I’m sure there will be another “I hate, HATE Trump” story with him as the source.  But what he did- or what Trump made him do by warning him about tapes- was to start the official unraveling of the “Trump colluded with Russia” lie.  Now that it will start fall apart, it will be rats leaving the sinking ship moment.  They all lied. Soon we’ll know they all lied.  How they justify those lies will be the stories we’ll read in the coming months.

By not bailing out, Trump has forced those in the “deep state” to crumble.  Good for him.  I hate liars.


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