Cowardly Republicans, bad history and the ignorance of social media.

First of all, Trump is his own worst enemy. Not because he is constantly wrong, but that he cannot let a fight go until he wins it, even when pitted against insurmountable opposition.  This opposition is a lying media, insane democrats, and cowardly Republicans.

In the Charlottesville riots, we are now learning- (slowly, because it isn’t Katrina and GWB!)- that the governor, Terry McAuliffe- and the mayor of Charlottesville screwed the pooch that day.  Some argue the new way cities handle riots is suicidal, others argue it is intentional because out of chaos comes opportunity.

I say that McAuliffe’s plan was to let the armed wing of the Democrat party, the Antifa, beat on the white supremacists for video and political advantage.  When then bad guy drove into the crowd, it changed the dynamic.  This is where Trump made a mistake.  He should have made his second statement and then said nothing outside sympathy for the family of the injured and dead.  It not being enough to satisfy the media is a given.

Instead, he wanted to win the factual point with people who are not interested in telling the truth.

My son sent me a picture with a quote from Mark Twain, it literally makes the point Trump should learn quickly.

who said "never argue with stupid people..." - Google Search

This literally describes CNN, et. al.

As I said before, Trump should wait  a few days then announce that his DOJ is going to investigate all groups involved in using violence at protests to see if they are being funded and organized, and under RICO and other federal statutes, the DOJ will prosecute the leaders and financiers to the fullest extent of the law. No more violence.  He should target both white supremacy groups and Antifa.   Let the Left argue their people should be exempt.

Trump’s other problem is his Republican establishment cowards like McCain and Graham and Rubio.  McCain apparently went full monty on the issue of whether or not Antifa is a bad group. Somebody should pull him aside and show him the Seattle videos, the attacks at Trump’s rallies by the Antifa and the injuries caused.  Or not, he’s on his way out, so who cares.   But Rubio and Graham? Come on guys.

What those idiots are practicing is what I call the “eat me last” technique.  We see it all over Washington as Trump, who is a bomb thrower, is ripping the facade off the game that DC insiders play.  Rubio is the guy in the zombie movie who locks everybody else outside so he can survive just a little longer.  Only to find he locked himself IN with the biters.

As James Bond’s nemesis Auric Goldfinger famously observed, “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence. The third time is enemy action.” On Tuesday evening, three prominent Republicans — Senator John McCain, Senator Marco Rubio, and 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney — endorsed the left-wing media’s preferred narrative and embraced the masked thugs of Antifa as heroes.

McCain and Romney used almost identical language, bending their knees to the media narrative that only two factions were present in Charlottesville during the awful events of last weekend: white supremacist Nazis and “Americans standing up to defy hate and bigotry.”

Neither of these gentlemen can claim ignorance of Antifa; the reason both of them piped up is that President Donald Trump mentioned them in his Tuesday press conference. Left-wing politicians and media personalities responded by thundering “there is only one side” for all right-thinking Americans to be on, because there was only one squad of villains on the ground in Charlottesville.

McCain and Romney obediently bent the knee to this narrative. At the very least, they’re agreeing Antifa should be invisible, accepting the incredibly stupid idea that calling out their violence somehow dilutes criticism of the Tiki Torch Terror. Mentioning Antifa is damned under the left’s new doctrine of “Whataboutism,” which originally held that history began with the inauguration of President Trump and all prior Democrat sins were absolved, but has mutated into an unlimited free pass for the #Resistance to do whatever it takes to bring down the Trump administration without a peep of protest from tame Republicans.

Senator Marco Rubio went much, much further. He launched a brief tweetstorm that completely absolved Antifa of all responsibility for its actions in Charlottesville, blaming all violence “one hundred percent” on those who organized the events leading to the “Charlottesville terrorist attack” (the vehicular homicide perpetrated by James Alex Fields Jr.)

Most astoundingly, Rubio embraced the Crybully Creed, the left-wing fascist idea that hate speech justifies a violent response. Your speech is violence; their violence is speech. Yes, Rubio used exactly those words in his third tweet.

Further, as we wean people off of historical facts, we get this kind of stupid crap.

This had the caption- “Also confronted the Nazis without a permit:”








Apparently twitter is all ablaze with ignorant memes comparing D-Day assaults with the Antifa.  I will give Antifa credit, it was a great PR move to name yourself the good guys so that everybody you communists beat up- like Trump supporters- are automatically the bad guys.

But to compare WW2 D-Day soldiers to Antifa is just too stupid.

This is far more accurate. A response, allowed for now on the Internet, exposing an accurate truth.







Let’s help out the ignorant about the US Military in 1944.  First, it was segregated by Woodrow Wilson, who was a democrat and a raging racist.  He also did that in the federal government in general. Second, in 1944 there was no discussion of women in combat, that was a silly idea back then.  They also opened doors and took care of their wives. Third, most of the men in that era had no problem with this arrangement- it was the culture of day. Lastly, which means “white supremacy” wasn’t even discussed. The Americans were fighting Fascists.  The same Fascists that birthed the current Antifa organization.  I’ll slow down so McCain can get it.  Antifa and its ilk are communists and anarchists who want to burn it all down- including the sweet deal McCain, Rubio and Graham have in D.C.  You’d think they would be on Trump’s side…but.

It is really that simple, and the Left throwing around these memes and John McCain spewing is PC foolishness will not change it.







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