The two Americas in photos and tweets.

Folks, anyone who spent time studying history and the end of nations will tell you once the nation is weakened it doesn’t take much to pull it down.  In 1918 two empires fell to communists and socialists- Russia and Germany.  Out of both rose the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.  So taking down even imperfect nations usually works out worse for the world- including the insane Antifa crew.  (Hey guys, study what happened to Hitler’s SA AFTER he gained power. Hint- they did not get to go on vacation or have a place in his new government. Same with the “intellectuals” he duped.)

The big difference between 1918 Germany and today’s America is that we are a HUGE nation consisting of separate states that have their own governments. A brilliant design by those dastardly slave owning white supremacists like Jefferson and Washington and Adams. So the impact of a sweeping change to our society can be blunted partially by individual states consisting of individual cultures that reject the idiocy.

So who is America today? I say it is two nations, competing for the future.  One nation is represented by the Antifa crew and its large support group consisting of the Soros/media/democrat- establishment cowards.  The other side, a larger side, is the rest of us who think this madness must stop and think common sense and decency override political correctness.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas we witnessed the difference between the two sides, and it is a distinct difference. Photos and videos are now coming in.  In them it is important to see what is there, and what is NOT there.  Then you can decide which side you want to be on.

One of the best examples is the now viral and I argue iconic photograph of a white male carrying an Asian woman and her child to safety.  Here it is.

People, it does not get better than this.  Breitbart has great coverage of the hurricane and the recovery.  But Twitchy has the best response to this photo ever!  And clear opportunity for women (and men) to realize there are two Americas.  One that steps up and saves the world, and one that is trying to burn it down.

I copied and pasted my favorite part-

17 hours ago

IDK about you all, but toxic masculinity looks pretty sexy to me.

it looks like he went back for their pets

Ovaries across America just exploded. 😍

so funny. that one pic went viral and every woman in my thread instantly went into overdrive. an actual white knight (the good kind)

Ovaries exploded…  hilarious.  But true. There are women out there saying “I’ll take two, don’t worry about wrapping them. I’ll be taking them home like that!”

On the other side is this, a group using violence to target innocent people, silence their voice and  overthrow a nation and getting help doing it.

SICK! Antifa Beat and Pour Urine on Trump Supporter at Berkeley Protest (VIDEO)


The media, the establishment and the Antifas have all called Trump and his supporters “fascists” in manner and training of Alinsky.  Fix, focus and name your enemy.  Trump is not a fascist or a racists.  Hardly, but that doesn’t matter because it gives these guys license to do harm to Trump supporters and find backing from even the more intelligent members of our Congress and elites.

So let me dumb it down for people who are not paying attention to details.  On one side you see this;

Loved and supported by this guy and people like him;

Image result for trump in rally

On the other side we have this;

In Historic Move WaPo Reports Truth on Alt-Left Protest Violence — Check Out This Tweet Before It Is Deleted

Supported by these political people:

Image result for Paul ryan and mcconnell

Image result for gary cohn threatened to resign

Image result for nancy pelosi crazy

And this media:

Image result for cnn news lemon

Image result for cnn news seltzer

Image result for chuck todd pic

Image result for Joe and Mika

According to the Left and establishment politicians, this eighty-five year old man is a threat and needs to go to jail.

Image result for joe arpaio

But these guys are just fighting for freedom and should be allowed to beat, burn and destroy….

Image result for ANTIFA

Image result for ANTIFA attacking trump supporters

Image result for ANTIFA attacking trump supporters

Image result for ANTIFA beating people

Again, this guy and his supporters are violent thugs according to CNN, MSNBC, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and John McCain, et. al.

Image result for trump rally huntington wv

Plus, this guy represents a racist organization bent on killing black people.

And this guy is a hero because he ambushed and killed five Dallas police officers who were protecting a black lives matter march…

Dallas Police Release Additional Details About Cop Shooter Micah Johnson

Which led to this memorial

Image result for dallas officers memorial ambush

While the assassin was lionized by these people.

Image result for BLM protestors riot

Many of whom are financially supported by this veteran of destroying nations

Image result for George Soros

His philosophy? Out of chaos comes opportunity.

This antifa wanted her service dog “you fucking pigs!”

Image result for antifa arrested service dog youtube

While these people are driving on their own dime to Texas to rescue stranded strangers.

Image result for cajun navy texas

Are you getting it yet? A clear line being drawn here.  Good guys vs bad guys.

Which side are you on?

It is really that simple.





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