The NFL has no idea how bad it screwed up. A personal story

That will explain it all.

I have a friend who loves the Dallas Cowboys.  He was born in NYC, joined the Army and was stationed in Texas for awhile.  During that time he fell in love with the Cowboys.  That love affair led to generations of friendly and some not so friendly rivalry with his family in New York!  He is such a fan he had signed memorabilia from players all the way back to the days of the “Manster”.

Image result for autograph pic of the Dallas Cowboy Randy White

His prized possession!

When he divorced he wanted three things; custody of his son (which he got), the big screen TV and his Cowboy gear.  We snuck his TV out, he won in court and he got most of his gear.  The ex did manage to throw out a few things, which led to when mentioning her name he did it with the ring of a Gypsy curse and the mandatory spitting in the dirt!

Even when he couldn’t rub two nickels together he bought the NFL package so he would not miss his beloved Cowboys.  Thick or thin, win or lose, he was faithful.  Even when they lost a playoff game or had a horrible season, the second the game was over he would turn to me and say “Next Year Baby!”

Until now.   When Jerry Jones knelt along with his players I sent him a text telling him.  He responded he knew and this- “Cancelled my NFL ticket, I’m done.”

This would be akin to a mother giving up on her child.  Your dog suddenly thinking you aren’t all that.  God rescinding his offer of forgiveness to mankind!  I mean epic world ending stuff!

My son texted me when he heard “Did anyone check to see if Hell is frozen?”

We all know why the black culture is in free fall. They know it too. But so many generations of us giving them another go at it has finally tired the nation out. This act has sheered the sheep too close and killed it. So instead of the expected “ahhh, it isn’t REALLY your fault.” They got a collective nationwide raspberry. And they are crazy mad about it.

The players never EVER knelt against black gang crime or the deaths in Chicago or the unwed mothers suffering or fatherless children.  (Many created unwed mothers so… not a big issue for them?) Or the drugs, or the violence, or the poor education foisted on them by their “get rich on  the back of others” democrats in cities like Baltimore.  THAT should be the offense.  The lie of Ferguson and bigger lie that  the police are wantonly  killing unarmed blacks should not be what drives them, but…

As for the NFL owners, a bunch of rich men and women who play with the teams like toys.  I think they succumbed to the fact 77% of their players are from those affected neighborhoods and many are just fast, uneducated thugs.  Which is why I stopped watching years ago.  I missed Paul Warfield or Mark Clayton or Jerry Rice. Today, nothing is appealing when I see a wide receiver pout if he didn’t get the ball or show off it he scores.

I missed the professionalism of a player who when he tackled someone he just got up and walked back to the huddle like he had done it before, not dance and prance and make silly moves.  Especially when that was one of a few tackles the guy made and his team was getting smoked.  I have no idea why, which is why I stopped watching.

I also don’t watch Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy or any show that elevates criminal/ anti-social behavior to a moral high ground.

Anyway, my point is if you lost my friend, you are right at the edge of chaos.

Or as the Ghostbusters put it-




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