They were all in on it! Boy was I wrong. The Russian/FBI/DOJ/HRC/DNC real collusion.

This is now getting play.  Trump stayed on long enough to force the unwinding of the scandal that will make all other scandals pale in comparison. GOOD FOR HIM!

There is dirty politics, and then there is the criminal act of allowing the police to chase an innocent man for your lies.  That is what happened…and they all knew it.

Where I made a mistake was believing that Comey was trying to do the right thing last summer by giving America the “wink, wink, nod, nod, say no more” heads up that electing Hillary would be a HUGE mistake.  Now, it seems he was more trying protect his own self made persona as being “up it all” while doing the bidding of Hillary and Obama. I could see her keeping him on as a reward for being so independent, when all the while he’s just another water boy like his mentor – Mueller.

Mueller was the head of the FBI during the time the Obama/HRC administration (and do not think it was any other way) was engaged in trying to make nice with the Russians.  Part of that was the sale of our uranium, through a cut out Canadian company owned by a friend of Bill Clinton, Frank Giustra, who gave millions to Bill and the Foundation. Then the Russians, who wanted Giustra’s company, gave Bill and the Foundations more millions.

The REAL collusion. They all knew.

You have to suspend your belief that the Clintons have a redeemable character.  They do not, and never have, since their early days in Arkansas when Hillary figured out she could be filthy rich if she traded power and access for cash.  This is just the first swipe at cash for power in the rich (pun intended) Clinton history.  As she said, she wanted a “nest egg” for the future.

I remember running into a couple from Arkansas around the time Bill won the election in the nineties. They were laughing out loud at America. Their knew the Clintons and the Arkansas machine and knew it was coming to America.  Their quote to me was “America has NO IDEA what it just did to itself.”  I kid you not.

Background and Clinton’s trading

Clinton had no experience in such financial instruments.[2] Bill Clinton‘s salary as Arkansas Attorney General and then Governor of Arkansas was modest and Clinton later said she had been interested in building a financial cushion for the future.[3][4] The Clintons’ combined income in 1978 from the governorship and Rose Law Firm amounted to $51,173,[5] equivalent to $187,900 in 2016. James Blair was a friend, lawyer, outside counsel to Tyson Foods, Arkansas’ largest employer, and had been doing so well trading commodities futures that he encouraged friends and family to enter the market too.[6][3][4] Blair in turn traded through, and relied upon cattle markets expertise from, broker Robert L. “Red” Bone of Refco, a former Tyson executive and professional poker player who was a World Series of Poker semifinalist.[4][7] In October 1978, when Bill Clinton was Attorney General and on the verge of being elected Governor,[1] Clinton opened a trading account, although Blair made most of the trades.

By January 1979, Clinton was up $26,000;[4] but later, she would lose $16,000 in a single trade.[4] At one point she owed in excess of $100,000 to Refco as part of covering losses, but no margin calls were made by Refco against her.[4] Near the end of the trading, Blair correctly sold short and gave her a $40,000 gain in one afternoon.[4] In July 1979,[1] once she became pregnant with Chelsea Clinton, “I lost my nerve for gambling [and] walked away from the table $100,000 ahead.”[3] She briefly traded sugar futures contracts and other non-cattle commodities in October 1979, but more conservatively, through Stephens Inc.[4][8] During this period she made about $6,500 in gains (which she failed to pay taxes on at the time, consequently later paying some $14,600 in federal and state tax penalties in the 1990s).[8][9] Once her daughter was born in February 1980, she moved all her commodities gains into U.S. Treasury Bonds.[4]

Media scrutiny

The profits made during the cattle trading first came to public light in a March 18, 1994 report by The New York Times, which had been reviewing the Clintons’ financial records for two months.[7] It coincided with the beginning of congressional hearings over the Whitewater controversy.[10] Clinton initially told aides that she had made the futures gains by studying the financial news and placing trades herself, but later acknowledged the help of Blair. Media pressure continued to build, and on April 22, 1994, she gave an unusual press conference under a portrait of Abraham Lincoln in the State Dining Room of the White House, to address questions on both matters; it was broadcast live by CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN.[11] In it she said she had done the trading, but often relying upon the advice of Blair, and having him place orders for her; she said she did not believe she had received preferential treatment in the process.[11] She also downplayed the dangers of such trading: “I didn’t think it was that big a risk. [Blair] and the people he was talking with knew what they were doing.”[6]

Likelihood of results

Various publications sought to analyze the likelihood of Clinton’s successful results. Clinton made her money by betting on the short side at a time when cattle prices doubled.[12] The editor of the Journal of Futures Markets said in April 1994, “This is like buying ice skates one day and entering the Olympics a day later. She took some extraordinary risks.”[2] Her activities involved exposure to losses that potentially could have been greater than her family’s net worth if the market had turned sharply against her.[13] The former head of the IRS chief counsel’s Commodities Industry Specialization Team expressed skepticism that a novice trader could make such a return.[14] One analysis performed by Auburn University and published in the Journal of Economics and Finance claimed to find that the odds of a return that large during the period in question were about one in 31 trillion.[15][16][17]

Sure she got lucky..or someone was just using this system to pay off Hillary, who was recognized as the one really running Arkansas.  I think the latter is the truth.  Why didn’t someone come forward and say so?  James and his wife Susan McDougal knew the truth, they were part of this whole mess in Arkansas.  Even though he became a “cooperating witness” it wasn’t without serious pressure and I’m sure he didn’t tell the counsel everything he knew.  Being afraid of the Clintons power structure is a wise thing.  Here is a bit from history. CNN’s story, before CNN went left, lays out just one part of the Clinton corruption.

Payoffs to the governor?

McDougal alleged that in the 1980s, he and a longtime businessman at McDougal’s S&L, Henry Hamilton, “developed a system to pass money to Clinton,” then governor of Arkansas. “I considered it just another way of helping to take care of Bill.

“A contractor agreed to pad my monthly construction bill by $2,000,” McDougal wrote. “The contractor put the figure on his invoice as a cost for gravel or culvert work. After I paid the full amount … the contractor reimbursed me the $2,000. I turned the money over to Henry to give to Clinton.”

Hamilton is dead.

“Once, after I handed Henry his latest consignment of 20 hundred-dollar bills to relay to the governor’s office, he turned the bills over and over in one hand, like a magician,” McDougal said. “Henry grinned. `You know,’ he said, `Caesar had his Brutus, Charles the First had Cromwell. Clinton could profit from these examples if he crosses us.'”

The alleged $2,000-a-month cash payment and other accusations “are simply made up out of whole cloth,” Kendall declared.

McDougal wrote that Hamilton “insisted that under-the-table payments would solidify our connections in state government.” He said Clinton appointed his recommended candidates to state jobs, including state securities commissioner.

Looking out for lover’s interests?

Kendall pointed out that a previous McDougal accusation that turns up again in the book — that Clinton urged Whitewater figure David Hale to make a fraudulent $300,000 loan — was contradicted by McDougal’s own testimony at his 1996 criminal trial.

In the book, McDougal said one of Ms. McDougal’s brothers, Jim Henley, witnessed a meeting in which Clinton allegedly urged Hale to make the fraudulent loan.

McDougal said Clinton appeared unexpectedly at the end of a meeting where the loan was discussed and asked, “Did you discuss Susan’s loan?”

“How did Bill know about Susan’s loan?” McDougal wrote. “Why did he care about the loan?” McDougal said he concluded that Clinton and Ms. McDougal had resumed an affair “and she had asked him to make it clear to David Hale, the man he had appointed judge, that the governor was interested in Susan’s loan application.”

Trust me, this was nothing.  What HRC and Bill did when they won the Presidency in the nineties was bring the Arkansas corruption to a national level. Much like Obama brought “the Chicago way” of political corruption to DC. (Look at the history of Travelgate and Rose law firm investigations to get a feel for what that is. And just how money grubbing Hillary is. She can never have enough.)

The great talent Hillary has is the ability to corrupt everything and everyone around her. It is really something.  If you will note in the articles written today we now know Obama/Holder/Lynch/Comey/Mueller/McCabe/Rosenstein were all neck deep in the cover up of the Russian spy efforts and the Uranium One deal.  That means the people looking into the Russian collusion case against Trump were actually involved in a Russian collusion coverup themselves. All because Obama wanted to “reset” with the Russians, and Hillary wanted to make cash.  Strange bedfellows.

At  this point Mueller has to resign.  He knew and he didn’t say anything, just did the dance because HE would be dirtied up if he told the truth.

His whole unit has to be disbanded and we’ll start over, this time pointed in the right direction, and led by some FBI agent and a career prosecutor with NO ties to DC.  None, nada.  And Congress has to keep an eye on it all.

I cannot understand how people like this sleep at night. Except maybe in an expensive bed in a big house in an exclusive gated community that the rest of America will never experience.

Shame on them.




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