My hunch was right. It was a forgery and Allred blows up the GOP’s Roy Moore destruction effort.

There are a lot of moving parts here.  One of which is comparing Alabama’s 1979 culture to today’s 2017 PC feminist culture.  Another is the obvious attempt by the GOP not to seat a firebrand like Moore because of his past positions that rub against the establishment standards. Things like God first, ten commandments should be in public places, abortion is a crime, transgenders do not have special rights, etc.  Moore is definitely out on the one side of many arguments that the secularists felt they had managed to win. So letting him anywhere near a Senatorial microphone was scaring them all to death.

Worse for them, Moore would be the guy who will get inside their corrupt playhouse and burn it to the ground for funsies. Imagine him in the well of the Senate lambasting them for their corrupt little deals; like the Senate ethics committee, which never expels anyone, or the secret slush fund of taxpayer money that pays off dozens of sexual complaints for over fifteen million dollars. (Hang on, that’s going to be fun!)

During this coming out of unverifiable complaints of Moore’s sexual assault on a fourteen year old or a sixteen year old waitress conflated along with his attempt at dating younger women (a cultural thing back in 1979 Alabama), Gloria Allred decided to get involved and promptly screwed Mitch McConnell’s pooch.  She trotted out a woman who claimed that she was assaulted in a parking lot by Moore back in 1977.  To prove that she knew Moore, she pulled out a yearbook with is comment about how beautiful she was and then a signed signature by Moore that was dated and had a location.

Immediately two camps were created. The “See See! Moore’s a perv!” camp, occupied by old dog Republicans like McConnell and McCain, liberals and feminists and the media.  And the second camp who believed if Allred was involved something stinky was up.  I’m going to use Breitbart as the sources only because CNN and the Times are refusing to do their work- again- and check out the stories.  They hate Moore as much as McConnell does.

Immediately people who doubted the story found the signature weird. First, no one signs a yearbook with a date and a place where the girl claimed she worked in 1977.  Second, no signature is the same over forty years, it looked fake. Third, the signature was in two colors of ink. Fourth, and something Moore pointed out, he was not the District Attorney, but a deputy DA, so the “DA” next to the signature was not that reference.

I also threw the bullshit flag immediately.  This was far too convenient.  The next day or so, it was reported that Moore recognized the “DA” as that of his assistant’s initials while he was a judge.  It was her habit to initial his STAMPED signature on court filings.  Then it was revealed that the “victim”, Beverly Nelson, had appeared before him in court on a divorce in 1991. Which meant that she had a copy of his signature AND the “DA” on the right side- which is exactly what appeared in the yearbook.  Moore screamed fake!

In our interview, Moore spotlighted the initials “D.A.,” linking it to a signature on Nelson’s 1999 divorce document over two decades later. That signature was followed by the initials of his former assistant, Delbra Adams, who only started working for him in 1987.

At the press conference with Allred, Nelson failed to mention the divorce case entirely and that Moore was the judge whose stamped signature appears on her 1999 divorce document. And alongside Moore’s signature are the initials “D.A.” for Delbra Adams, Roy Moore’s former longtime secretary and judicial assistant.

Breitbart News caught up with Adams yesterday, and she confirmed in an interview that the initials on Nelson’s divorce document were indeed hers. Adams explained it is normal procedure for a clerk or assistant to initial a stamped signature on a legal document to verify that the stamp is authentic.

“In their press statement they said that this Nelson woman had no contact with me” since 1977, Moore said in our radio interview. “But in actuality, we found that she had a divorce case. I signed the document. My secretary stamped the document and then put her initials out on the end of the line.”

Moore continued: “When they forged the name onto this manual, they also included the initials of my receptionist, my secretary. Which were D.A. Delbra Adams. And certainly they forged it and this is a complete fabrication. I did not know Nelson and had never met her and still do not know her.”

Allred and Nelson have claimed that the “D.A.” at the end of the yearbook signature stand for “district attorney” even though at the time Moore was a deputy district attorney.

On Wednesday, an attorney for Moore sent an official letter giving Allred forty-eight hours to release the yearbook to an independent examiner and to take steps to ensure the “immediate and professional preservation of the yearbook.”

Allred has done a series of news media interviews in which she has made clear her refusal to release the yearbook to any entity other than a Senate committee. This even though Moore is not yet a senator, so such an ethics committee cannot be formed. And despite the yearbook inscription playing a central role in the campaign for a U.S. senate seat.

Allred has further admitted that she had not asked Nelson whether she actually saw Moore sign her yearbook.

Allred is already on the hook for some misdeeds as an attorney and has a habit of trotting out offended women to harass men and threatening lawsuits.

This is the yearbook signature.  Look at the similarities.

Where this gets interesting is the fact that the New York/California/DC culture is at war with the places like Alabama and its more rural and genteel manner. I said in many posts there is no way some haughty DC reporter is going to show up in Alabama and find four separate women claiming Moore dated them in the seventies.  First of all, they won’t talk to the reporter UNLESS cash is involved.  Second, only one, prior to the fake complaint by Allred, claimed assault, the rest said they had a kiss and a handshake date and he moved on.  Back then, an older man looking to start a family would be stuck with dating women younger than him. The tradition was that when a girl graduated high school she either went to college or got married. There were no millennials hanging around the house until they were thirty!  It was “Love you girl, but you gotta get out of the nest and make your own way. Find a good man, start a family, come by at Christmas!”

By today’s standards that almost sounds abusive.  But that was Alabama back then.  Moore was just in the middle of it and yes it was a little creepy to see him chasing teenagers.  But any older women were married or divorced and had baggage.  Moore eventually married, at thirty-eight years of age, a woman who was twenty-three. That woman was already a widow and had a child.  Think about that, twenty-three and a widow with child. They are still together and have a huge family- which the Left and McConnell are trying to destroy just to keep the man out of national politics.

Does McConnell care?  Nope.  The feminists? Nope.  The Left in general? Nope.  So things are looking pretty bleak, except that the Democrat candidate is the textbook pro partial birth abortion, free stuff, anti-church liberal.  And in Alabama, that just doesn’t play.  I read a number of posts where the people were saying, “Look that was a long time ago in a different era and maybe Moore did some things that were wrong, but he doesn’t support killing babies today, sooo….”  Or the “Listen, my grandpappy married grandma when she was fourteen. They stayed together for sixty years. So what is the big deal here? You making fun of us?”

But let’s get back to Allred, who is now just a freaking  train wreck of a human.  She has suddenly started playing the part of an incompetent attorney.  She now says she never ASKED her client if she saw him sign it or if it was a forgery!!!!  Why? Because when the lawsuit falls on both of them, she can skate out from under by playing dumb, leaving that stupid, greedy, lying (according to her step-son) woman holding the bag.  Plus she says there has to be a Senate hearing where she can turn over the book.  Now, EVERYBODY with a brain knows the Senate has no jurisdiction over a candidate running for the office. There will be no hearing.  So, again, liar.


So what is this all about?  The Senate uni-party, under McConnell, tried to seat a “good ol’ boy” corrupt politician in Strange.  Alabama, like most of America, is now onto the game and refused, sending Moore to the general.  McConnell and the rest started undermining Moore in a scripted play.  Accusations were discovered that no Washington Post reporter could find.  So they had inside help either by the Strange campaign or by the Dems.  Either way, Moore is accused, McConnell (et al) are horrified and pulled their support and money.  Fake polls are created by the REPUBLICANS to dissuade Moore from staying in the race and all things were going well UNTIL Allred showed up and screwed McConnell’s pooch.

Of course it hasn’t helped that Al Franken is photographed feeling up a beautiful woman while she slept, along with a number of other outlandish actions.  (Speaking of not being of character to be in the Senate!)

And it didn’t help that during this feminist purge of all things offensive done by men to women, somebody pointed out the seventeen million dollar slush fund that Congress has in order to settle sexual harassment complaints- in secret.

Suddenly, Moore’s not the issue anymore. It’s far bigger and McConnell has learned the lesson everyone who owns a rabid dog learns.  Once off the leash there is no guarantee it isn’t going to turn and bite you.

Don’t get me wrong. McConnell and the Left would be more than willing to sacrifice one Al Franken and an old Clinton for one Moore and a Trump.  But will it stop there?


Image result for Man getting dog bit

McConnell’s dilemma. Does he take the bite or call it off?

Oh, by the way, Judicial Watch is sending over a FOIA to get the names and details on those Congressmen.

As Scobby Do said, “Rut Ro!”











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