Democrats are being exposed by their own lack of standards. Progressive activist says Franken should stay.

Only because she believes the Republicans won’t throw any of their guys out.

Kate Harding makes the argument that the Republicans will not throw out their abusers, even though there is a long history of democrats not throwing their guys out and Republicans actually doing it.

We have now reached the point where the progressives, democrats and Hillary have basically lost their sense of reality. Plus, she is right, the new generation of Republicans do not want to play by the old rules, but are adopting the rules the democrats have been using for generations.   That scares her and her little cheating friends.

So the justification for NOT dumping Franken is that someday the Republicans may not dump one of their guys…  Which means she, and her friends, were never serious, it was just politics.  This is my shocked face.

And as she does this, another democrat comes out and basically says don’t worry about doing opposition research on me, I’m a dog.

Image result for Democrat Bill O’Neill

A judge and a dog.

An Ohio Supreme Court justice who recently declared his intention to run for governor faced widespread condemnation — and even some calls to resign — after he boasted about his sexual history while defending “heterosexual males.”

Justice William O’Neill posted a statement Friday morning on Facebook about what he described as the “national feeding frenzy about sexual indiscretions,” and in doing so disclosed details about his sexual history.

“As a candidate for Governor let me save my opponents some research time,” O’Neill wrote. “In the last fifty years I was sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females. It ranged from a gorgeous blonde who was my first true love and we made passionate love in the hayloft of her parents barn and ended with a drop dead gorgeous red head from Cleveland.

“Now can we get back to discussing legalizing marijuana and opening the state hospital network to combat the opioid crisis.”

Amid a storm of bipartisan condemnation from Ohio politicians and the chief justice of the state’s supreme court, the post was deleted Friday afternoon.


Shortly before 6 p.m., O’Neill posted new comments on Facebook.

“As an aside for all you sanctimonious judges who are demanding my resignation, hear this. I was a civil right lawyer actively prosecuting sexual harassment cases on behalf of the Attorney General’s Office before Anita Hill and before you were born,” O’Neill wrote.

I actually get where he is coming from. His problem of course will be that some of the women he slept with over the years are going to be subordinates.  That is prima facie evidence of sexual harassment- even if it wasn’t.  He can’t win in this environment and he knows it. So he just stuck his heterosexual finger in the eye of this maddening purge.

Good for him.

But of course he’s out. Because that is what this is all about.  Women are going to be jumping on this opportunity to “fix” past real and imagined offenses.  The ultimate goal for them is to take out Trump while crushing abuse of women forever.  What they do not get is he’s already been vetted and the people voted for him anyway. Which means as they are throwing these grenades of outrage, he’s the only guy wearing a ballistic vest. And the crushing, like all purges, will go too far and hurt decent people of all types.

But what O’Neill is complaining about is legit.  Women and their blind supporters are being used to punish all kinds of offenders, good and bad, legitimate and maybe not so.  It doesn’t matter now because the blood is in the water.  Judge O’Neill thought he could be a good solid liberal and run for governor.  Now he knows that there is a new 2017 angry woman standard and he won’t clear the bar.

In fact, if people take a moment to think very few people will clear the bar because the new way of dealing with people of the opposite sex was not “normal” even ten years ago.  Worse, the fear of losing your job because your bosses are threatened with loss of business until they off load you is stifling and freezes men in place. Women may think that is a good thing, but they will soon realize what they think will happen will not be what will happen.

Over at PJMedia one wife and mother voices her very real fears.  She has some good points.

…It should disquiet you that this tenet of our belief system is being overwhelmed by Gloria Allred and her gaggle of female accusers that she drags out every election cycle. We’ve all heard the term “trial by public opinion,” but until now that still didn’t trump the actual trial in a courtroom. What’s happening to Roy Moore is now becoming commonplace in American politics. A man is being destroyed based on rumors and accusations. There is no judge, no jury, and no justice.

How many husbands out there have had “closed door meetings” with women they work with because of sensitive topics like performance reviews or otherwise? If any one of those women decides she doesn’t like the notes on her job performance, what’s stopping them from leveling accusations against him that can’t be proven, like Moore’s accusers? What will stop them from destroying your family next? We used to be a country that demanded proof. Hearsay is not proof. …

The message is clear. Your husbands and sons are not safe from Gloria Allred and her attack squads should they rise too high. She can and will destroy them with a bevy of trailer park hounds just looking for their next payday. No one cares about the men involved or what the accusations will do to their families and lives as long as Gloria Allred and the Democrats come out on top. Is this really the future we want for the men in our lives? If not, it’s time to insist that we revert to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law. If Moore accusers want justice, then they should press charges and go to court. I would support them 100 percent in that effort. But accusing people on camera with no legal recourse for the accused ought to be illegal. ..

Another female author said the real tragedy here is that men are becoming isolated from touch.  Men are humans, humans need physical contact to feel connected.  But a lot of today’s men refuse to hug or touch or do anything to a woman for fear of being destroyed and hesitate touching or hugging their own kids for fear of being thought a molester.  (How many times have we seen that with families who are just being close. Social media is a monster!)  On the other hand, after watching a Joe Biden clip of his “hands on” approach they may be onto something!  Eeecckk!

What women don’t get is nothing is worse than a man who has no sense of intimacy or connection.  If they cannot relate to human interaction they will be bad at it, and the cycle of misdeeds and mistrust will only escalate.  One has to only look into some subcultures in this country and in the world where men are separated from women, have a lack empathy and intimacy for women, and how those women suffer for it.

There is a moment in a society where men are stripped of their masculinity.  When you see that happen, like certain nations in Europe, you can be guaranteed that disaster will follow.  Women do not understand that evil and violence do not respect PC or feminism or  this current purge of sexual harassment.

As we see in Europe the “woke” men stand aside as the lesser males from less “woke” cultures attack, rape and kill their women.  And when men do stand up, they are ridiculed and forced to stand down. They called anti-immigrant and called Nazis or white supremacists (which could have some truth to it) because they demand the retention of their established culture- which by the way- protects women. But as screwed up as they are, it appears their goal is to retake the ground lost by effeminate PC following eunuchs who seem hellbent on killing off their world.

Image result for jeremy corbyn pro immigration

This being one of the suicidal eunuchs.

Worse, men need to have a purpose to offload their instinctive aggressiveness. There is a hundred thousand years of genetic imprinting that make men who they are.  Fifty  years of Gloria Steinmen types isn’t going to unwind that.

Here is an example of what a conflict between three cultures looks like. The first culture is the dismissive of women black thug culture. The second is the woman’s “I have a right to my space, damn the reality of the situation!” culture. And lastly, the man culture.

Note the one culture demeaned the other and beat it. The beaten culture had to have the man culture, the culture the woman despises, come to her rescue.  Also notice the eunuch culture, which I’m sure was on the train to, was nowhere to be seen. By the way, the woman continued to mouth the thug AFTER the big man showed up.  The ” My boyfriend’s here! Oh you are gonna get it now buddy! ” moment.   In truth, no man shows up, that black thug was getting himself worked up and justified to beat her some more.

Here is another video. Note the eunuch reporter saying the passengers who beat a man who tracked down and attacked a mother in front of her kids “went too far.”  Please explain how?  Even after the police showed up the man was still fighting. If he is fighting, he gets beat.

The bottom line is men need to feel wanted and have a purpose.  Alienate them from either and you end up with third world type behavior. More ISIS than John Wayne, if you will.

Like I said, as this purge works it way out, some of it much needed, the risk of allowing the truly vengeful and angry feminists to drive it too far is real. And the outcome is just as bad.

Imagine a world where thugs who don’t respect women just attack them and the good men just stand by because they were told they weren’t needed anymore  because they are too rough  and infected with toxic masculinity.   Or just look at Europe..









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