Democrats are discovering a “sliding scale” of sexual harassment when it’s THEIR guy who gets bit.

Franken is gone.  He had to go when Roy Moore lost because that was his “Well if he stays I stay!” moment, and it’s gone.  The rest, like Florida Representative Hastings, will simply refuse to go and dare anyone to make them.  Why? Because they are realizing the rabid dog they let off the lease to bite Trump has turned and bit them.   Suddenly, more democrats seem to be on the chopping block than Republicans.  That is because the Republicans have, by and large, been destroyed already but the Democrats were comfortable being ass grabbers because they thought they could trade PC positions for bad behavior, you know a couple of pro abortion statements for a butt squeeze.

Some will trade on their race as Hastings is doing. He’s a scumbag, a federal judge run off the bench for bribery. Now he’s a politician, so being accused of bad behavior doesn’t affect him like normal people.  Apparently,  that is okay with the MSM outlets.

CNN, The Washington Post and The New York Times have ignored sexual harassment allegations against Democratic Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings, whose alleged sexual harassment of a staffer resulted in a $220,000 taxpayer-funded settlement in 2014.

The three outlets have yet to report on the massive settlement to Hastings’ accuser, former committee staffer Winsome Packer, which Roll Call firstrevealed a week ago on December 8. Packer accused Hastings of making sexual advances, touching her legs and threatening her job. The former staffer said she was “blackballed” for speaking out.

Hastings claimed that he was unaware of the settlement and called the sexual harassment allegations “ludicrous” on Friday.

Two Florida Democrats, Rep. Frederica Wilson and Rep. Lois Frankel, have said they are standing by Hastings, who was cleared by an ethics committee investigation in 2014. Democratic New York Rep. Kathleen Rice previouslysaid that ethics committee investigations are not “real” accountability.

No kidding Ms.Rice,no kidding.

The democrats screwed up thinking they could unleash the rabid dog of angry feminism and sic it on Trump.  But the dog isn’t interested in just Trump, it wants to bite ALL MEN.  Too late the democrats realized they are as hated as the rest.  The political maneuver is of “taking the high moral ground” will fall apart.  It has started already with Mika on MSNBC musing about how maybe there should be scale. That’s not the first time. Other writers on the Left are suddenly saying harassment is a matter of degree and intent. And of course democrats get extra points as does the status of race.   So the Republicans will once again start out at a disadvantage.

Well good luck on that, because while the goal of the liberals was to get rid of Trump, the goal of the feminists is to rid them of men.  When the list of offenders is released, and Judicial Watch is submitting a FOIA as we speak, that will really light the fire.

Get some popcorn, it’s going to get fun.


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