The IG probe at the FBI is starting to look like an IAB investigation. Charges and demotions may be in the offing.

The FBI has been overtly politizied by a small group of senior leaders including but not limited to  James Comey, Andrew “Andy” McCabe, Bruce Ohr, James Baker, Peter Strzok and a few others.  We now know that the Hillary email scandal was intentionally pulled into a small circle of FBI and DOJ personnel in order to protect her and her crew from criminal charges.  That alone is a firing/demotion offense.

But now people who know are now saying that the second and more dangerous to America scandal is the intentional creation of the “Russian collusion” lie that may have been totally created by a DNC financed opposition company – Fusion GPS- with the help of people INSIDE the FBI as a direct attempt to subvert a lawful Presidential election.  That my friends is a treasonous act.  And IF the Congress and the new DOJ/FBI/IG crew is serious- people are going to go to jail.

However, as we know, the last ditch excuse for NOT holding the deep state accountable for their criminal actions is it would harm the “greater good” of the nation.  So they may just let some people go and demote some and then move on.  WHICH WOULD SERIOUS PISS OFF HALF OF AMERICA!

It is not like the old days where on three networks controlled the news. There are thousands of serious websites where information is gathered and disseminated.  If they try to cover this up and make it go away, EVERYBODY will know!

Over at the conservative treehouse, which is one of those sites, they compiled a visual I’ll borrow.

You have to understand that this may go all the way to the top and Obama knew about the plan.  We can be assured Lynch knew. The feds do not try to do anything big without letting their boss know and often their boss’s boss know.

If a police department at a local level tried to overthrow a mayor’s race and the Chief, Assistant Chief, watch commanders and detectives were all in on it, they would all be fired and possibly go to jail.  The people who would help that happen would be the FBI.  Yet, we worry if the FBI can police their own and do the hard but right thing and jail some of their fellow agents.  It has to happen, because if they do not, NOBODY will ever listen to them again.

I fell for the Comey act when he came out and warned the American people how bad Hillary was.  But what I thought was a brave act was more a desperate attempt to soften a problem so outlandish that even the softening of the acts sounded horrible.  It would be like trying to explain away Hannibal Lector by saying that he didn’t actually EAT the liver so killing the guy wasn’t so bad.  There is just no good spin Comey could have come up with- so he lied.  And now it seems he was part of the larger conspiracy to save Hillary and undermine Trump.  If he’s not careful he will be texting religious memes from federal prison.  And again, MORE than half the nation would be ecstatic!

Doug Ross has a timeline that shows the impact and actions from the HRC email scandal to the current even bigger scandal that borders on treason.

As you study it, you realize there is a small cabal of agents, lawyers and supervisors who intentionally pulled into headquarters the  Hillary’s investigation to make sure only a few people would handle it and make sure all the statements, evidence and proof would be groomed to fit the already written narrative that there was no crime here.

Folks, this has NEVER happened in the modern history of America and it was done by DEMOCRATS!  So expect the staggering democrat party to fight tooth and nail to stop the truth from coming out. If the democrats take the House and Senate next year, the investigations will stop.  That’s a crime in of itself, putting politics over the country.   But until then people like Jim Jordan will be on the case.  Here is a great video about that.

Here is Trey Gowdy.



The bottom line is that the FBI went after Donald Trump before and after the election.  Worse, it wasn’t just a couple of low level agents, it was the LEADERSHIP of the FBI!!

You can’t abide that and to save the FBI from itself, people need to get fired and some need to go to jail.

At this point it appears Sessions has been playing possum and letting the Investigative General of the FBI to do the legwork in getting evidence concerning the plot, and trust me, this is a plot.  When the evidence gets collected Jordan’s theory may be proven.  A smart prosecutor will take that evidence and build a perjury trap for people like Strzok, McCabe, Weissman and maybe Comey.  If they lie, they get suspended and fired. If they lawyer up, they get suspended and fired.  If they confess, they may just end up in jail.

In a RICO/conspiracy type investigation, the key is to find someone who knows who did what and then flip them. That person is probably going to be Ohr and or his wife.  He can’t go to jail and he certainly won’t let his wife go to jail.  And she’s neck deep in the Fusion GPS aspect of the dossier.  So maybe he flips, outlines who was in charge and who committed the crimes and the rest will start to fall.

Right now, it can be a sure bet they are dirtying up Strzok, much to his surprise I’m sure, to be the first one taken down.  Already “Super spy” comments are being thrown around to demean him.  He had an affair on his wife, which makes him a bad guy.  He was the “mikey” of the case, doing anything anyone higher up wanted him too.  Hopefully, as he was doing all the dirty work, he was smart enough to keep records just in case.  Because you can bet as this goes up the chain of command and loops over to the DOJ those like Lynch will suddenly get amnesia and not even know him.

Will the federal government follow through on punishing the prior leadership of the FBI?  They protect their own, so I won’t hold my breath. The only difference is Trump is not part of the establishment. He could care less.  And there is the fact they went after his KIDS!  Trump’s a vengeful man anyway. Going after him is bad enough, but trying to punish his sons and daughter?  I’m sure he’ll want someone to pay.

Unfortunately for McCabe, Comey and crew, Hillary did not win.  Which means they could not cover up their treason forever.  Maybe McCabe and Strzok and Ohr should have taken heed of the warning offered by Ralph Waldo Emerson,

“When you strike at a king, you must kill him.”


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