Diane Feinstein breaks the law to protect the bad guys. She should be removed immediately.

“It’s good to be King!”   I think of that line from the classic Mel Brooks Movie “History of the World Part One”.   In the movie Brooks plays the part of a French King, who abuses everything and everyone around him, then just shrugs it off with that line.  A master of the subtle- and not so subtle- dig at the way things are, Brooks was taking his shot at the upper crust in America- including  people  the likes of Feinstein.

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It’s good to be King!

Diane Feinstein is privileged and is intent of protecting others like her.  In this case, that means Hillary and all the bureaucrats who faithfully serve Hillary and Diane’s way of life.  The same way of life Trump and the “deplorables” are going to try and break down.

To protect her way of life and the scumbag Glenn Simpson, Diane Feinstein broke the rules and could arguably be guilty of obstruction of Congress. The committee was in the middle of compiling evidence of a very SERIOUS treasonous act by members inside the FBI.  That “small group” as it is referred to, had decided to use the power of the FBI to ILLEGALLY undermine the ongoing lawful Presidential election because they didn’t want Trump to win.   Think about that. They, the members of the FBI, used their powers to break the law, in order to undermine your vote and prevent Trump from winning.

And Feinstein has no problem with that…at all.  In fact, she just jumped into the conspiracy with both old wrinkled feet! And the other politicians are “disappointed.”

By releasing the transcript, Feinstein has allowed future witnesses to modify their testimony to match Simpson’s.  That is a HUGE deal! Since they are all LYING!!!

Further, the Senate committee is serious. They have already sent one criminal referral over to the DOJ for obstruction.  They can easily send more over on Simpson based on the cursory review of the testimony journalists have already done.  Simpson LIED about Nellie Ohr.   He has said he had no Russian speaking experts on his staff. Nellie Ohr, the wife of the FBI supervisor Bruce Ohr and a Russian expert, was hired by Fusion GPS during the time the fake dossier was being created and pushed around by Simpson (with payments to willing journalists).  Bruce Ohr, a FBI supervisor over the counter-espionage division of the FBI,  was talking with Simpson, his wife was WORKING for Simpson and all of this was funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign!

If you think by now maybe NONE of this was real and it was all made up by Glenn Simpson, using Steele as a cover, you would not be the only one thinking it! Add that the wife of a FBI supervisor may have helped and things are just way too far out of control- and somebody has to go to jail!


And yet, Feinstein’s reaction to this outrage was to improperly (and illegally) release testimony to undermine the efforts of the Senate in oversight of the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world.

And she will get away with it.

Like Mel said,

“It’s good to be king.”

Shame on her.

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I’m privileged, eighty-five and quitting. Watcha’ gonna do to me?



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