Walls are crumbling. The IG just shared the data with Congress. Nunez saw the FISA application.

Fox news reports the IG is sharing 1.2 million pieces of information from his investigation into the FBI and DOJ with the Republican Congress. Already leaking out is the abuse of power a number of FBI supervisors and agents committed in their attempt to undermine a legal and lawful election.  Yes folks, it’s a crime.  No, they can’t hide behind the fake dossier and their “justification” for spying on the Trump campaign because they seriously thought the Russians were involved.  They will try to make that argument and the CNN types will accept it rather than face the truth, that this is the biggest scandal in the history of the nation- and their buddies did it. Worse, they may have committed crimes in the process and allowed outside people to have access to NSA level data.

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes told Republican colleagues in two closed-door meetings this week he has seen evidence that shows clear “abuse” of government surveillance programs by FBI and Justice Department officials, according to three sources familiar with the conversations, raising more questions about whether the controversial anti-Trump dossier was used by the Obama administration to authorize surveillance of advisers to President Trump.

Nunez is going to read in all members of Congress. When he does, CNN and the New York Times et. al. will have to face the fact their buddies did some very, very bad things.  Will they report it?  Who knows at this point.  But it will be out there for history sake, and hopefully criminal charges and trials will be in the future so EVERYONE knows the truth.

The rumor is that contractors were allowed access to the FBI files, contractors including Fusion GPS- which is a bunch of people who traffic in disinformation and lies to promote agendas including those of the Russians.  Yes, the FBI let GPS into their classified files while aware GPS was in the employ of Russian agents.   Whoever signed off on that is a cooked goose.  My suspicions are that Bruce Ohr and his wife are involved in this. She had clearance, he had the authority to allow her to look, and she worked with Fusion.   I still feel you can flip those two the quickest. Is he going to let her go to jail? He’s been demoted twice and I read put in an office that other FBI agents refer to as not even having a phone. So “sitting on the bench” is accurate.  He’s waiting to be punished.

Hannity has another revelation, 1.2 million pieces of data is being sent to Congress by the IG.  The IG itself cannot arrest people.  It can, and apparently has, collected data, interviewed witnesses and assembled evidence.  It will do the report and hand it over to the DOJ.  So far the guy in charge seems to be a straight arrow.  Of course I’m afraid he’ll do a Comey and say as much as they did wrong, NONE of it is a prosecutable offense.  There are many criminal acts here, but time will tell.  He was blocked in this effort by the last administration through the efforts of Sally Yates. The same Yates who refused to enforce Trump’s original travel ban. Look hard, you’ll find her fingerprints on this conspiracy too.

Sally Yates, who was the Number Two person at DOJ,  blocked Mr. Horowitz from oversight of the National Security Division of the Department of Justice.  Notably, that is the division that worked with the FBI on the Steele dossier and the FISA “warrant” to create the “Russia collusion” pack of lies—and who knows what else.

Since President Trump’s inauguration, however, Mr. Horowitz has been somewhat more successful in obtaining information.  For almost a year, he has been investigating how Mr. Comey, the FBI and Department of Justice handled the issue of Mrs. Clinton’s emails and matters that may be related to that.

Meanwhile, within the intelligence community, Admiral Mike Rogers, director of the National Security Agency [NSA], discovered so many violations of the surveillance program that he had to make significant changes and report the problems to Congress.  Mr. Horowitz has been following up on those, and he may very well report pervasive and systematic abuses of that extraordinary power by the elite of the Obama FBI and DOJ.

Mr. Horowitz discovered the 10,000 text messages between now infamous FBI operatives Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  Ms. Page was an FBI/DOJ attorney serving as a special assistant to Deputy FBI Director Andrew “Memory-Impaired” McCabe, as well as mistress to Counter-Intelligence Agent Peter Strzok. Many of these players—Page, Strzok, McCabe, FBI General Counsel Baker and Mary Jacoby, the wife of Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson—visited the White House throughout the time they were cooking up the “Russia-collusion” concoction.

Mr. Strzok was at the epicenter of the farce of an “investigation” of Mrs. Clinton for her blatant obstruction of justice and violations of 18 U.S.C. Section 793 in her transmission of classified information through her unsecured server with President Obama’s blessing. Mr. Strzok rewrote Director Comey’s remarks to remove language that effectively indicted Mrs. Clinton under that very statute.  Mr. Strzok ambush-interviewed General Michael Flynn shortly after the Inauguration, and Mr. Mueller conveniently chose Mr. Strzok to lead his investigators.

The few text messages revealed to the public so far make clear not only Strzok’s and Page’s vile disdain for candidate Donald Trump, but evidence their outright conspiracy to leak information to the press to foster the Russia collusion narrative, concoct the Steele dossier, obtain the FISA “warrant,” and create the stench of an investigation—all to impede Donald Trump’s election.  If we ever get all of the evidence and truth, it will probably reveal that their “insurance policy”—if Mr. Trump was elected—began with the “collusion” concoction and built the groundwork for the appointment of a special prosecutor if Mr. Comey were to be fired.

Mr. Horowitz’s discovery of the Strzok-Page message-menage-a-trois so far has resulted in the secret removal of Agent Strzok from Mr. Mueller’s task force and now his reassignment within the FBI.  The shocking disclosures have also prompted Ms. Page’s return to DOJ, FBI Deputy Director McCabe’s decision to retire in March, and longtime James Comey friend and colleague FBI General Counsel James Baker’s reassignment.

We should also thank Mr. Horowitz for the demotion of Department of Justice Deputy Assistant Attorney General Bruce Ohr, whose wife Nellie worked on the Steele dossier with Fusion GPS.  Mr. Ohr met secretly with them, and his “fingerprints” are likely all over the FISA applications to conduct surveillance on the Trump campaign based on contrived “evidence”.

Here’s the key.  The FBI is going to try and be cute. By compartmentalizing the actions of the agents and DOJ officials, they can point to any ONE act and say with seriousness “This is not illegal.”  But if you put several actions together with the conspirators knowledge being shared as a “insurance plan” then everyone involved is a criminal.  The way you do that is target the weakest- but most knowledgeable- suspect and turn him (or her) into a guide.

Of course, the key to compartmentalization is to make sure no one act is criminal.  For example, is it “criminal” to let a former spy create a dossier and not check it for validity?  Fusion GPS knows the lines not to cross but they did, thinking HRC would win and hide it all.  Here are some of the maneuvers.

That inquiry ended in the spring 2016 but then another client engaged Fusion to conduct research on Trump. Levy told the committee Simpson would decline to give any information on this client. Simpson would not answer whether payment came through an intermediary and did not agree that Fusion GPS was a Democrat-linked firm.

“We don’t hire people who have strong partisan affiliations,” Simpson said. “We prefer journalists who don’t see things through ideological prisms.”

The committee wanted to know why Fusion engaged Christopher Steele in May-June 2016. Simpson said “Chris” Steele was a leading Russia investigator at MI6, and a friend who could “share interests on Russian kleptocracy and organized crime issues.” Simpson said he had worked with Steele since 2009 and he is “basically a Boy Scout.”

“It was opaque what Donald Trump had been doing on those business trips to Russia,” Simpson said. “So we gave Chris a sort of assignment which would be typical for us which was pretty open-ended.” Did the clients know Fusion had hired Steele? Simpson could not answer that one.

Steele created 16 “memos” before the 2016 election and one after, but did Simpson take steps to verify the information? “We assessed it for credibility,” he said. “Chris has a sterling reputation as a person who does not exaggerate, does not make things up, doesn’t sell baloney.”

Sure he does, he’s a spy!  But by claiming Steele did it, Fusion skates the more serious accusations.  However, Steele, now being sued for defamation, is saying Fusion had more of a hand in the creation that first thought.   So it’s “he said, he said” sort of.

Then there is Bruce Ohr, who knew Steele, so he could tell his people to trust the information, then claim he was hornswaggled by Steele and Simpson.  BUT his people are off the hook because they can use the good faith exception in police work where you trusting a fellow officer’s word excludes you from being held responsible.  Plus, Ohr has the power to let his wife into the secret NSA/FBI files.  With her history, there was no reason for her to be there, other than being a conduit and maybe help create the dossier.   He’s a bad guy that looks like a dork.

And of course, the FISA court can skate because they must believe the FBI affiant isn’t a lying scumbag.   And on and on.

The trouble is someone will crack and not want to go to jail.  That person will provide evidence and testimony that everyone knew what everyone else was doing.  When that happens the criminal aspect will be so obvious no one, including Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper, will be able to look away.

Peter Strzok is done.  He’s was the set up man, the “Mikey” who did everything. If the DOJ under Sessions goes criminal then he’s the easiest target.  I’m waiting for the Washington Post to start writing stories about how he went “rogue” and Comey/McCabe/Ohr/Lynch had no idea what was going on. By now Strzok, who was pussy blind, has figured out he’s in trouble.  The question is, will he flip too?

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What does Peter know? And who knows what he knows?

The DOJ has to go criminal on this, and I’m hoping that is soon.  First the IG report, then the Congressional report, then the criminal indictments, THEN the perp walk.  They have to be punished so no one in the future thinks it is a good idea to commit such a crime.

On a side note, Trump should tell Mueller to go and pound sand.  His investigation was based on illegal actions by the FBI.   Trump should just wait until the walls close in completely. Then thumb his nose.





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