Clearing the fog around the FBI misuse of power. Do not listen to the MSM- it’s a crime.

Let’s cut through the bull.  The memo is not an indictment and evidence. It is simply an opening statement by a prosecutor at the BEGINNING of a trial.  It outlines the crime, who did the crime, the method of the crime and then if it were in the courtroom would end with “And the State will prove to the jury during this trial that…”

The evidence coming will be the IG report.  The IG has been sharing their documents, 1.2 million of them, with the committees.  And people inside the cabal are cooperating. I saw the memo mentioned Bruce Ohr’s testimony, but he didn’t talk to the committees, which means he is talking to the IG. Bruce doesn’t want to go to jail. He doesn’t want his wife to go to jail.  He will talk.

The MSM will do its  “nothing to see here” move and that “Trump is a Russian troll” dance. They will be joined by McCain and the NeverTrumper crew.  But it won’t matter.  The genie is out of the box. After the IG report, which will be damning (it caused Wray to jettison that arrogant and corrupted McCabe like shit from a goose!), the DOJ under Sessions will have no choice but to assign a special prosecutor and grand jury to the case.  If Sessions is smart- and that may be a question only the future will answer- he will go outside DC to get the prosecutor.  I would ask Trey Gowdy if he knows someone from South Carolina he trusts to get the job done right.

The liberals will scream nothing to see here.  They are wrong. Simply put the Obama FBI/DOJ decided to save Hillary and destroy Trump using the powers granted them by the people.  It is illegal and they have to go to jail.

From a good article in the USA Today.

The American people are being forced to confront a fundamental political question that was first asked centuries ago by the Roman satirist Juvenal: Who shall guard the guardians? What to do when the tools meant to protect the people are used to harm them? The memo released today by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is the first step in answering that question.

The memo’s central indictment is that top Obama administration officials knowingly and willfully used unverified information paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign, some of which came from Russian intelligence, in a secret court document to justify a counter-intelligence investigation of the Donald Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election. This corrupt process was later the basis for a campaign to sabotage the incoming Trump administration and to fuel a witch hunt against the president.

According to the memo, high ranking FBI officials repeatedly sought, received and renewed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants to engage in surveillance of members of the Trump campaign during the election. These officials, including then-Director James Comey and recently removed Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, justified the warrant requests before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), in part, with information generated by Christopher Steele, who was working on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the firm Fusion GPS. Steele’s main contact at the Justice Department was Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, whose wife was also employed by Fusion GPS as a Russia expert working on anti-Trump opposition research.

Mr. Ohr was well aware of Steele’s anti-Trump purpose and the unreliability of the evidence, but the court was told none of this. And, according to the memo, McCabe testified to the committee that without the Steele dossier no FISA “surveillance warrant would have been sought.”

Other critical background information was revealed in text messages between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress FBI Attorney Lisa Page, who discussed with McCabe the now infamous “insurance policy” against President Trump. The texts reveal a disturbing climate of anti-Trump bias among the investigators themselves that might never have been known since, as the Roman Juvenal also said, “thecommon crime keeps its silence.” But that was before texting.

The Nunes FISA memo gives insight into a systematic abuse of power that started at the highest levels of the Obama administration. The memo does not endanger national security but rather exposes a national security threat, since the only proven Russian collusion that resulted in government action is that between the named FBI officials, the Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS, and Russian intelligence.

The argument that the memo exposes classified information is specious, since nothing in the memo is classified. No sources and methods are exposed that are not already publicly known. And all these types of arguments distract from the central point of the abuse of power. This is hardly the only recent misuse of the FISA process.

The memo has troubling implications for Robert Mueller’s inquiry. We now see that a network of conspirators abused government power seeking to undermine the electoral process and, failing that, to sabotage a president in a process that is still ongoing. The Mueller probe to the extent it was based on such an effort is fruit of the poison tree and should be suspended immediately.

Let me get back to the Mueller issue in a moment.

The way the FBI/DOJ will argue they were afraid that Trump was compromised, so they did what they had to do to “For the greater good.”  That will be the same argument every bad actor throughout history has used when killing off their own people or destroying their own country.  It is the authoritarian rationalization used for bad acts forever.  It should not be accepted by anyone as a justification.  However, the Left, which is usually the culprit in history (socialists, communists, fascists, etc), will jump all over this because it meets THEIR goals.  And you can see it already in the reaction to the memo.  “Nothingburger” one called it.  Gregg Jarrett from Fox will disagree.

In local police work you always have the State watching you. If the State fails, the feds watch the State AND you.  That’s not a bad thing!  But who watches the Feds if they screw up?

The answer is nobody- except Congress.  Which brings us to the Nunez committee memo.

Remember, the IG for the DOJ/FBI has been digging for a year.  He has stuff he shared with the committee.  I’m betting he has stuff he hasn’t shared that is far more damning.  It was his report that forced Wray to remove McCabe.  McCabe allegedly screamed if they tried to take his pension he would take the whole FBI down!  If that is true, then it is a good question to ask “What does he have that would do that?” Thus the special counsel…

I know cops and how they think. These guys are not cops but political appointees who hitched their wagons to Hillary. She wins, they all get rewarded- as it is done on the Left and especially with HRC.  She lost. Now they are scrambling and the democrats and media are creating cover.   However, cops know what they can and cannot do.  They know people are watching them. But given the chance of no supervision they can and often do push their authority too far. (See the Baltimore case ongoing now)  These guys are much worse.  They have the power of police and the cover of being federal employees and in the right party.  They are DANGEROUS AND OUT OF CONTROL!!!  Which is why they need to be arrested and held accountable.  They believed they are above the law.  For our form of government to survive we need to make sure they are all wrong.

Now back to why I think this is a big deal beyond the back and forth politics. Not for something done, but something not done.   A few days ago a website noted that Mueller and Flynn’s attorneys agreed to delay his sentencing on his single charge of lying to the FBI.   That is strange.  Mueller was so proud of nailing Flynn.  It was rumored Weinstein threatened Flynn’s son to get Flynn to agree to the plea. That’s a lot of work to get something and suddenly have a delay in sentencing that is quietly agreed upon.  Is Flynn cooperating or is something else going on?

Flynn could be sentenced to federal prison for up to five years for making false statements to the FBI.

“It’s a routine play that federal sentencing gets put off until you’re done cooperating,” Trusty said, adding that this does not give any insight into the “pace” of Mueller’s probe, but rather the “existence of it.”

“They are basically saying ‘we may use Flynn for more information,’ but who knows where they think he fits in the grand scheme of the investigation,” Trusty said. “They obviously think he still has some potential, affirmative work to do.”

But another former U.S. official told Fox News the decision to delay Flynn’s sentencing could be related to the judge presiding over the case.

U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Rudolph Contreras took Flynn’s guilty plea on Dec. 1, 2017 – but just days later, Contreras recused himself from the case.

A court spokesperson told Fox News that the courts do not disclose grounds for recusal.

“It may very well be that the guilty plea cannot stand because of all of this,” former federal prosecutor Joseph diGenova told Fox News Thursday, noting that Contreras also is a judge on the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

It could be either, but I’m leaning into the fact Mueller now realizes his whole case just took a crap.  Why?  Remember, Wray got a heads up on the IG report and removed McCabe, the “Andy” in the meeting referenced by Strzok and his lover, Lisa Page, talking about the “insurance policy”.  It is reported the IG investigation discovered that McCabe, who’s wife took nearly 700k from a friend of Clinton’s for a campaign that was never going to succeed (we call that a payoff in the cop world), was asking agents to change their official records.

McCabe’s number two and the guy who has his fingerprints all over the Clinton scandal, the “opening of a counter intelligence investigation” of the Trump campaign, the FISA warrant and the Flynn interview is Peter Strzok.  You have to put yourself in Robert Mueller’s shoes.  He has a sterling reputation that is probably as fake as Comey’s BUT it is his reputation.  He is old, makes millions pedaling his lawyer skills in and around D.C.. He doesn’t need to get jammed up when it is found out that Strzok lied to frame Flynn or lied to get a warrant in order to illegally spy on Trump and his people in a convoluted reverse targeting scheme. Reverse targeting lead to the unmasking of dozens of Trump campaign people by Obama administration employees like Farkas and Rice. (another pending investigation)

If Mueller has figured this out or got a call from someone giving him a heads up and he continues to abuse Michael Flynn by sentencing him, then Mueller exposes himself to professional misconduct and abuse of power.  You remember what happened to the prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse case?  Mueller does and he wants no part of the threat of the loss of his license and serious civil liability. So he called a pause on his case to see what shakes out.

The reason I fall on this side is that right after the memo came out Michael Flynn’s son let it loose

Flynn Jr.’s initial reaction to the memo: WOW👀👀WOW #MemoDay

“Sooooo this is beginning to make a lot more sense…”

Flynn Jr.’s reaction to the bombshell news that McCabe said under oath the FBI would never have sought a FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s camp but not for the Russia dossier.


There’s no way Hillary and Obama didn’t know about the dossier being used to obtain a FISA warrant which ultimately sparked the Russia invesigation.

Flynn Jr. hammered John McCain!

Flynn Jr. reacted to a reporter who said, “we still havent found the person who leaked the Flynn-Kislyak call contents to the press, which is a felony.
But I think we are getting closer today, some names to check out.”

“Thank you for bringing this to light,” Flynn Jr. tweeted.

A few days before the memo was released, Michael Flynn Jr stuck up for his father.

“I’m going to state the obvious….my father is a patriot who decided to help a candidate get elected He always said the 2016 election was about the “heart and soul” of this country.” 

I’m going to state the obvious….my father @GenFlynn is a patriot who decided to help a candidate get elected @POTUS

He always said the 2016 election was about the “heart and soul” of this country.

On December 1st it was reported General Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI deep state operatives in the ongoing Trump witch hunt.

On Wednesday Special counsel Robert Mueller requested the postponement of former National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn’s sentencing.

General Flynn should be pardoned and reimbursed for all of his legal fees.

Here’s the deal. If Michael Flynn was cooperating with Mueller, his son- who is also a target by the over eager Weinstein – would not tweet his butt off calling bullshit on the whole deal.  In addition, Gowdy says he trusts Mueller to do the right thing. I call it self preservation.

But why chase down and jail the leaders and crew of this attempted soft coup?  It’s not about Trump.  If they did it in 2008, thinking Obama was a communist plant, I would say the same thing.  We as Americans get to make good choices and bad choices when picking our politicians.  If the established federal bureaucracy decided THEY are the final arbiter of who is good or bad, then nothing resembling America is left.  That can’t happen.  Can you imagine the howling by the Left and Media when a conservative bureaucracy started removing the likes of Schumer (liar and corrupt), Waters and Jackson (dumb and dangerous), Pelosi (insane) and Clinton (a criminal)? Yet, they are okay having the same crew going after Trump.

So the bigger picture here is you have to punish the bad actors inside the permanent bureaucracy and remove them by grabbing them by the roots and pulling hard! The government MUST prove to the people that no one is above the law!  To do that the government has to appoint a special counsel from outside DC and use the IG report as a guide to find and prosecute those who lied to the court, helped that lie continue, lied on documents and conspired to commit a felony.  You cannot let them go. You cannot let them retire like we did Lois Lerner.  Not just for them, but for the next generation of federal employees who think they can do bad acts and get away with them.  You want the next generation to look at this moment, realize Comey isn’t up for parole for another five and then say to their buddy.  “Sounds like a good idea, but I don’t want to end up sharing a cell with him.”

Then we win.  Anything less and we lose.

Trump is the perfect vehicle for this. He gets mad when you make fun of his hair. Can you imagine how pissed he is over this???!!  They went after his campaign, then him, then HIS KIDS!!!!

If I were there, I would advise him to burn it down.  Rip out the roots and burn it down. Make sure the lesson is learned.  Start with McCabe. See if he wants to help take it apart for a reduced sentence.









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